Hong Kong's Cinemas

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Cinemas in Hong Kong come and go to keep pace with the ever changing urban landscape, viewer choice and technology. Some operated for decades, while others for a few years or only a few months, some demolished and new one built, some with dozen seats while some have 2,000 seats, some renovated and re-named. Everyone of them generated warm memories to be cherished by their patrons.

This list of retired cinemas is compiled by interested Gwulo readers using the internet as their main source. For more information about a theatre, either click its name in the list, or click its marker on the map.

You are welcome to add another cinema (or theatre) - just remember to give it the tag cinema so that it shows up on the list and map below. As always we welcome readers who want to share their knowledge and memories of the cinemas they have attended.

Place name Sort descending Author
"The Astra" cinema, RAF Little Sai Wan [1958-????] David
ABC Cathay Theatre / 國泰戲院 ABC [1986-1997] OldTimer
Aberdeen~UA Aberdeen Theatre / 香港仔戲院~UA香港仔 [1982-2003] OldTimer
Ace Theatre / 帝國戲院 [1975-1995] OldTimer
Acme (Shatin) / 雅都戲院 (沙田) [1985-1999] OldTimer
Alexandra Cinematograph / 亞歷山德拉電影放映機 [1908-1909] OldTimer
Alhambra Theatre [1934-1958] philk
AMC Festival Walk Cinema / AMC 又一城戲院 [1998-2016] OldTimer
Amoy~Broadway (Kowloon Bay) / 淘大戲院~百老滙 (九龍灣) [1987-1995] OldTimer
Apollo Theatre / 新舞台戲院 [1953-1977] OldTimer
Asia Theatre / 亞洲戲院 [1967-1982] OldTimer
Astor Classics Cinema / 普慶戲院 [1990-2000] OldTimer
Astor Theatre / 普慶戲院, Nathan Road [1957-1987] David
August Moon Theatre / 蘭宮戲院 [1963-1992] OldTimer
Bijou~Coronet Theatre / 比照戲院 [1910-1925] OldTimer
BM-Causeway Bay Cinema / 銅鑼灣戲院 BM [1997-2000] OldTimer
Bonds~UA Bonds Theatre / 寶聲~UA 寶聲戲院 [1965-2002] OldTimer
Brightly Star Cinema (Cheung Sha Wan) / 星輝戲院 [1992-2008] OldTimer
Brightly Star Cinema (Tai Po) / 星輝戲院 (大埔) [1992-1999] OldTimer
Broadway Cinema, corner of Nathan Road & Argyle Street [1949-1966] David
Broadway Theatre (Kowloon Bay) / 百老滙戲院 [1996-2009] OldTimer
Capital Theatre (Sham Shui Po) / 京華戲院 [1982-1996] OldTimer
Capitol Theatre [1952-1977] David
Cathay Theatre / 國泰戲院 [1939-1984] David
Central Cinema (Victoria) [????-????] OldTimer
Central Theatre / 中央戲院 [1930-1971] David
Century Theatre / 影都戲院 [1974-2010] OldTimer
Chai Wan Theatre / 柴灣戲院 [1970-1993] OldTimer
Cheong Lok Theatre / 長樂戲院 [1924-1969] OldTimer
Cheung Chau Cinema [1931- ] tngan
Chicago Theatre (Yuen Long) / 芝加哥戲院 [1990-1998] OldTimer
China Fleet Club Theatre / 中國艦隊會所 [1933-1992] OldTimer
Chinachem Golden Plaza Cinema / 華懋廣場戲院 [1988-2013] OldTimer
China~Rialto Theatre / 中華~麗都 戲院 [1948-1977] OldTimer
Chinese YMCA Assembly Hall / 大會堂 YMCA [1926-1995] OldTimer
Cine-Art House (Wan Chai) / 影藝戲院 [1988-2006] OldTimer
Cineplex Theatre (Sham Shui Po) / 新樂戲院 [1980-1996] OldTimer
Columbia Classics Cinema (Wan Chai) / 新華戲院 [1985-1997] OldTimer
Cosmo Theatre / 宇宙戲院 [1981-1998] OldTimer
Dragon Gate~Golden Dragon Theatre (Cheung Chau) / 金門~金龍戲院 [1957-1980] OldTimer
Dragon Palace (Tsing Yi) / 龍都戲院 [1989-????] OldTimer
Drive-In / 維港巨幕 [2007-2007] OldTimer
Dynasty Theatre / 豪華戲院 [1991-2019] Wombatt
East Town Theatre / 東城戲院 [1964-1974] OldTimer
Eastern District Theatre / 東區遊樂場戲院 [1940-1953] OldTimer
Eastern Theatre [c.1910-1922] Klaus
Empire Cinematograph~Wo Ping Theatre / 奄派影畫戲院~和平戲院 [1903-1921] OldTimer
Empire~State Theatre / 璇宮~皇都戲院 [1952-1997] OldTimer
Empress Theatre / 凱聲戲院 [1970-1999] OldTimer
Fairview Theatre / 樂富戲院 [????-????] OldTimer
Fanling Theatre / 粉嶺戲院 [1959-2010] OldTimer
Fanling Town Centre Cinema / 粉嶺名都戲院 [1993-2006] OldTimer
Federal Theatre / 聯邦戲院 [1968-1977] OldTimer
Flower cinema / 杏花-蘭花戲院 [1989-1994] OldTimer
Fortuna ~ HK Opera House / 華富閣戲院 ~ 香江大舞台 [1979-2010] OldTimer
Fox Theatre / 福星戲院 [1972-1994] OldTimer
Full House (Formerly Mini 21 Shaukeiwan) / 新金明戲院 [1995-2002] OldTimer
Full House Theatre (Yau Tong) / 滿堂戲院 [1981-????] OldTimer
Full Moon Theatre / 明月戲院 [1972-1997] OldTimer
Gala 1 and 2 (Cityplaza) / 嘉年戲院 嘉華戲院 [1982-1994] OldTimer
Gala City Cinema / 嘉城戲院 [1990-1996] OldTimer
Gala Theatre [1959-1979] David
Garden Theatre / 樂園戲院 [1932-1932] Admin
Gay Theatre / 雙喜戲院 [1954-1975] OldTimer
Global Art Centre [2008-2010] OldTimer
Global Theatre (Kowloon Bay) / 環球戲院 [1981-1998] OldTimer
Globe Theatre (Wan Chai) / 環球戲院 [1950-1971] OldTimer
Golden City Theatre (Lam Tin) / 金城戲院 [1982-1993] OldTimer
Golden City Theatre (Wan Chai) / 金城戲院 [1951-1958] OldTimer
Golden Crown Cinema, formerly Paramount (Mong Kok) [1996-1996] OldTimer
Golden Crown Theatre (Tai Kok Tsui) / 金冠戲院 [1967-1988] OldTimer
Golden Dragon Theatre (Yuen Long) / 金龍戲院 [1984-1998] OldTimer
Golden Gate Theatre (To Kwa Wan) / 金門戲院 [1966-1996] OldTimer
Golden Gateway Multiplex / 嘉禾港威電影城 [1995-2016] OldTimer
Golden Harbour Theatre / 利港戲院 [1989-1996] OldTimer
Golden Harvest Lee Theatre [1995-2005] David
Golden Harvest Mong Kok Cinema / 嘉禾旺角電影城 [1997-2013] OldTimer
Golden Harvest~Newport Theatre (YauMaTei) / 嘉禾~新寶戲院 [1977-2000] OldTimer
Golden Hung Kai Theatre / 金鴻基戲院 [1986-1995] OldTimer
Golden Palace Theatre (Sai Wan) / 金陵戲院 [1994-2004] OldTimer
Golden Palace Theatre (Tai Po) / 金都戲院 [1957-????] OldTimer
Golden Palace ~ Kwai Chun Theatre (Tsuen Wan) / 金都~葵涌戲院 [????-????] OldTimer
Golden Star Theatre (Shau Kei Wan) / 金星戲院 [1954-1972] OldTimer
Golden Theatre / 黃金戲院 [1962-1991] OldTimer
Golden Valley Theatre / 金茂坪戲院 [1978-1992] OldTimer
Good Luck Theatre / 好運戲院 [1984-1995] OldTimer
Good View Theatre / 好景戲院 [1964-1993] OldTimer
Good World Theatre / 好世界戲院 [1940-1972] OldTimer
Grand Theatre (first generation)/香港大戲院 [1923-1956] Klaus
Grand Theatre (Tsuen Wan) / 大光明戲院 [1950-1999] OldTimer
Great Wall Movie Enterprises, Ltd / 長城電影製片有限公司 [1948-1982] OldTimer
Great Wall Theatre (Tuen Mun) / 長城戲院 [1962-1980] OldTimer
Great World Theatre / 大世界戲院 [1952-1972] OldTimer
Green View Theatre / 龍都戲院 [1989-1997] OldTimer
GV Hollywood (Diamond Hill) / GV 荷里活 (鑽石山) [1997-2011] OldTimer
Happy Theatre / 新同樂戲院 [1990-1995] OldTimer
Harbour City Theatre / 海城戲院 [1984-1994] OldTimer
Hei Loi Garden / 喜來園 [1900-1904] OldTimer
Heung To (Island) Theatre / 香島戲院 [????-????] OldTimer
Hilton Plaza Cinema / 希爾頓戲院 [1996-2006] OldTimer
Hollywood Theatre (Mong Kok) / 荷李活戲院 [1964-1980] OldTimer
Hollywood Theatre (Yuen Long) / 荷李活戲院 [1987-2000] OldTimer
Hong Kong Grand Theatre (Wan Chai) / 香港大舞台 [1958-1976] OldTimer
Hong Kong Theatre [1916-1922] David
Hoover Theatre [1954-1981] Admin
Hung Hom Theatre / 紅磡戲院 [1978-1991] OldTimer
Hung Kai Theatre / 鴻基戲院 [1986-1995] OldTimer
Hung Shui Kiu Theatre / 洪水橋戲院 [1966-1978] OldTimer
Hung Sing Theatre / 鴻聲戲院 [1986-1992] OldTimer
Imperial Cinema / 京都戲院 [1969-2004] OldTimer
International Theatre, Kowloon City [1948-1995] David
Isis Theatre / 新都戲院 [1966-1999] OldTimer
Jade Theatre and Pearl Theatre / 翡翠戲院 明珠戲院 [1969-1998] OldTimer
Jumbo Theatre / 珍寶戲院 [1965-1982] OldTimer
Kam Kwok Theatre / 金國戲院 [1966-1971] OldTimer
Kam Ling Theatre (Queen's Rd West) / 金陵戲院 [2001-2001] OldTimer
Kam Ling Theatre (Woo Hop St) / 金陵戲院 [1951-1973] OldTimer
Kam Ming Theatre (formerly Tai On Theatre) / 金明戲院 [1968-1995] OldTimer
Kam Sing~New Port Theatre / 金聲~新寶戲院 [1984-2004] OldTimer
Kam Tin Theatre / 錦田戲院 [1966-1970] OldTimer
Kam Wah Theatre / 金華戲院 [1954-1970] OldTimer
Kau Yu Fong Theatre / 九如坊戲院 [1911-1949] OldTimer
King's Theatre (1st generation) / 娛樂戲院 [1931-c.1962] Admin
King's Theatre (2nd generation) / 娛樂戲院 [1964-1990] OldTimer
Ko Shing Theatre (1st generation) [c.1875-1927] Klaus
Ko Shing Theatre (2nd generation) [1928-1972] David
Kok Sun Garden / 高陞戲院 [1902-????] OldTimer
Koon Chung Theatre [c.1931-1939] simtang
Kornhill Theatre / 康城戲院 [1987-1994] OldTimer
Kowloon City Theatre / 九龍城戲院 [1993-2006] OldTimer
Kowloon Theatre (Tsim Sha Tsui) / 九龍戲院 [1921-1923] OldTimer
Kwai Fong Theatre / 葵芳戲院 [1985-1996] OldTimer
Kwong Chee Theatre / 廣智戲院 [1919-1968] OldTimer
Kwong Ming Theatre / 光明影戲院 [1932-1964] OldTimer
Kwong Wah Theatre / 光華戲院 [1950-1991] OldTimer
Kwun Chung Theatre / 官涌戲院 [1993-2011] OldTimer
Lai Sun Theatre / 麗新戲院 [1988-1997] OldTimer
Lai Yuen (Lai Chi Kok Amusement Park) Cinemas 1-5 / 荔園劇場 [1950-1997] OldTimer
Lee Theatre / 利舞台戲院 [1927-1991] OldTimer
Liberty Theatre [1949-1997] David
Life Theatre / 富都戲院 Formerly Kwun Tong / 觀塘戲院 [1970-2004] OldTimer
London Classic Cinema/倫敦戲院 [1990-1999] David
London Theatre/倫敦大戲院 [1962-1988] OldTimer
Loong Shing Theatre / 龍城戲院 [1952-1973] OldTimer
Luen Wo Theatre - Fanling Theatre / 聯和戲院 - 粉嶺戲院 [1953-2010] OldTimer
Luna Park Cinema / 月園戲院 [1950-1954] OldTimer
Lung Wah Theatre / 龍華戲院 [1962-1996] OldTimer
M2 Theatre~Majestic Cinema / 新大華戲院 [1978-2000] OldTimer
Majestic Theatre / 大華戲院 [1928-1988] Admin
Man Ming Theatre / 文明戲院 [1937-1941] OldTimer
Mandarin Theatre / 國華戲院 [1965-1980] OldTimer
Manning Theatre / 萬年戲院 [1973-1994] OldTimer
May Wah Theatre / 美華戲院 [1969-????] OldTimer
Mayfair Theatre / 麗華戲院 [1966-1990] OldTimer
MCL 4D Extreme Screen (Airport) / 機場UA IMAX影院 [2007-2012] OldTimer
MCL JP Cinema / MCL 銅鑼灣戲院 [1999-2017] OldTimer
MCL Silvercord Cinema / MCL 新港戲院 [1993-2006] OldTimer
Mei Chiu Theatre / 美照戲院. [1924-1935] OldTimer
Merryland Theatre / 美都戲院 [1984-2002] OldTimer
Metro Theatre / 美麗宮戲院 [1963-1974] OldTimer
Metropole Theatre (Kowloon) / 國寶戲院 [1965-1982] OldTimer
Metropole Theatre (North Point) / 都城戲院 [1954-1963] OldTimer
Ming Sing Theatre / 明聲戲院 [1927-1971] OldTimer
Miramar Theatre / 美麗華戲院 [1993-2003] OldTimer
Mongkok Theatre / 旺角戲院 [1931-1949] OldTimer
Moonlight Movies / 月下戲院 [2007-2009] OldTimer
Nam Cheong Theatre / 南昌戲院 [1975-2000] OldTimer
Nanyang Theatre / 南洋戲院 [1966-1990] David
Nathan Theatre / 彌敦戲院 [1938-1948] OldTimer
National Theatre at Marsh & Lockhart [1940-1973] tngan
New Imperial Theatre / 新京都戲院 [1992-2004] OldTimer
New Kowloon Cinema Theatre / 新九龍映戲院 [1926-1941] OldTimer
New Town Theatre / 新城戲院 [1985-2005] OldTimer
New Universal Cinema / 新民樂戲院 [1993-1995] OldTimer
New York Cinema (Causeway Bay Plaza) / 紐約戲院 [1992-2006] OldTimer
New York Theatre [1955-1983] Admin
Ocean Theatre~Grand Ocean Cinema / 海城~海運戲院 [1969-2000] OldTimer
Odeon Theatre (North Point) / 國賓戲院 (北角) [1963-1981] OldTimer
Odeon Theatre (Shatin) / 新藝戲院 (沙田) [1988-1998] OldTimer
Olympia Theatre / 國都戲院 [1965-1995] OldTimer
Olympian City / 奧海城戲院 [2001-2013] OldTimer
Opal Theatre / 翠鳳戲院 [1985-1998] OldTimer
Oriental Theatre [1932-1981] David
Oscar Theatre / 奧斯卡戲院 [1987-1997] OldTimer
Palace Theatre (Causeway Bay) / 碧麗宮戲院 [1975-1994] OldTimer
Palace Theatre (Sham Shui Po) / 皇宮戲院 [1953-1972] OldTimer
Paladium Theatre / 百麗殿舞台 [1983-1994] OldTimer
Palisade [1916-1916] OldTimer
Paramount Cinema (north Mong Kok) / 百樂門戲院 [????-????] OldTimer
Paramount Theatre (Shan Tung Street) / 百樂門戲院 [1954-1972] OldTimer
Paris Theatre / 麗宮戲院 [1966-1992] OldTimer
Park Theatre / 百樂戲院 [1970-1997] OldTimer
Pearl Theatre (Aberdeen) / 明珠戲院 [1953-1970] OldTimer
Pei Ho Theatre / 北河戲院 [1934-1977] OldTimer
Peng Chau Theatre / 坪洲戲院 [1978-1988] OldTimer
Po Hing Theatre (2nd generation) / 普慶戲院 [1928-1955] David
Po Hing Theatre (first generation) [c.1904-c.1926] Klaus
Po Hing Theatre (Sheung Wan) / 普慶戲院 [1890-????] OldTimer
Po Wah Theatre (Tai Po) / 寶華戲院 [1967-1995] OldTimer
Portland~Victory~New East Asia / 砵崙~勝利~新東亞 [1931-1952] OldTimer
President Theatre / 總統戲院 [1966-2002] OldTimer
Prince Theatre / 華聲戲院 [1975-1998] OldTimer
Prince's Theatre / 柬樂戲院 [1931-1970] OldTimer
Princess Theatre / 樂聲戲院 [1975-2004] OldTimer
Princess Theatre, Nathan Road [1952-1973] Admin
Queen's Theatre (1st generation) / 皇后戲院 [1924-1958] David
Queen's Theatre - 2nd generation [1959-2007] annelisec
Rainbow Theatre / 彩鳳戲院 [1985-1998] OldTimer
Ray Theatre / 真光戲院 [1951-1971] OldTimer
Rex Theatre / 文華戲院 [1969-1996] OldTimer
Ritz Theatre / 麗斯戲院 [1953-1972] Admin
Riviera Theatre (Tsuen Wan) / 海濱戲院 [1991-2011] OldTimer
Roxy Theatre / 樂聲戲院 [1949-1974] David
Royal Cinema (Mong Kok) / 太子戲院 [1992-2007] OldTimer
Royal Theatre [1960-1990] David
Ruby Palace Theatre / 寶麗宮戲院 [1983-1994] OldTimer
Ruby Theatre / 珠江戲院 [1964-1994] OldTimer
Sai Kung Theatre / 西貢戲院 [1958-1979] OldTimer
Sai Yuen Theatre / 西園戲院 [1924-1954] OldTimer
Salon-Cinema Theatre / 沙龍影院劇院 [1909-1910] OldTimer
Sands Theatre, TST [1963-1980] Admin
Scala Theatre / 帝后戲院 [1975-1991] OldTimer
Sham Shui Po Theatre / 深水埗戲院 [1941-1941] OldTimer
Shanghai Theatre / 上海戲院 [1994-1998] OldTimer
Shatin Theatre / 沙田戲院 [1955-1975] OldTimer
Shaukewan Theatre / 筲箕灣戲院 [1924-1970] OldTimer
Shek Wu ~ Hang Lok Theatre / 石湖 ~ 行樂戲院 [1957-1997] OldTimer
Sheung Shui Town Centre Cinema / 上水名都戲院 [1992-2000] OldTimer
Shun Lee Theatre / 順利戲院 [1981-1996] OldTimer
Silver Star Cinema / 銀星戲院 [1985-1999] OldTimer
Silver Theatre / 銀都戲院 [1963-2009] OldTimer
Sky Theatre / 樂都戲院 [1961-1973] OldTimer
Smiling Cinema / 天悅戲院 [1993-1996] OldTimer
South China Theatre / 南華戲院 [1966-2005] OldTimer
South Pacific Theatre / 南洋戲院 [1992-1999] OldTimer
Star Cinematograph / 天星影畫戲院 [1909-????] OldTimer
Star Theatre, TST [1922-1961] Admin
Studio One - City Hall Theatre / 大會堂戲院 [1962-1995] OldTimer
Sun Sing Theatre (Shatin) / 新聲戲院 [1985-1999] OldTimer
Sun Wah Theatre [1940-c.1958] David
Tai Ping Theatre (1st generation) [1904-1930] David
Tai Ping Theatre (2nd generation) [1932-1981] David
Tai Po Theatre / 大埔戲院 [????-1958] OldTimer
Tai Yat Theatre / 第一戲院 [1926-1964] OldTimer
Taikoo Theatre / 太古戲院 [1950-1972] OldTimer
The Globe (Shek Kong Camp) [1952-1996] OldTimer
Tokyo Theatre / 東京戲院 [1993-1997] OldTimer
Tonnochy Theatre / 杜老誌戲院 [1993-1994] OldTimer
Triumph Theatre / 凱旋戲院 [1984-1996] OldTimer
Tsuen Wan Theatre / 荃灣大戲院 [1950-1972] OldTimer
Tuen Mun Theatre / 屯門戲院 [1988-2006] OldTimer
Tung Hing theatre [1867-1912] Herostratus
Tung Lok Theatre / 同樂戲院 [1943-1987] OldTimer
UA Cityplaza Cinema (Taikoo Shing) / UA 太古城 [1996-2017] OldTimer
UA Langham Place (Mong Kok) / UA 朗豪坊戲院 [2004-2014] OldTimer
UA Placific Place Cinemas / UA金鐘戲院 [1989-2006] OldTimer
UA Telford Theatre / UA 德福戲院 [1998-2007] OldTimer
UA Times Square Cinema / UA 時代廣場戲院 [1993-2012] OldTimer
UA Whampoa~Cinemetro Theatre / UA黃埔戲院 [1989-2009] OldTimer
UA-Citygate Cinema / UA 東薈城戲院 [2000-2016] OldTimer
Union Theatre / 聯華戲院 [1983-1995] OldTimer
United China Open-Air Cinema / 明園戲院 [1931-1931] OldTimer
Universal Theatre / 民樂戲院 [1967-1995] OldTimer
Victoria Cinematograph (Central) / 域多利影畫戲院 (中環) [1907-1910] OldTimer
Victoria Theatre (Mong Kok) / 域多利戲院 (旺角) [1950-1976] OldTimer
Victoria Theatre (Tuen Mun) / 域多利戲院 (屯門) [1978-1992] OldTimer
Victoria Theatre [1911-1920] David
Wah Lok Theatre / 華樂戲院 [1960-1972] OldTimer
Waldorf Theatre (Castle Peak Road) / 華都戲院 [1963-1986] OldTimer
Waldorf Theatre (Texaco Road) / 華都戲院 [1987-1996] OldTimer
Warwick Theatre / 華威戲院 [1987-1996] OldTimer
Washington~GH Washington Theatre / 華盛頓戲院 [1971-1993] OldTimer
Windsor Cinema / 皇室戲院 [1992-2015] OldTimer
Wing Lok Theatre / 永樂戲院 [1953-1970] OldTimer
Wing Wah Theatre (Chai Wan) / 榮華戲院 [1982-1994] OldTimer
Winner Theatre / 永華戲院 [1963-1977] OldTimer
World Theatre [1921-1981] annelisec
Yau Ma Tei Theatre [1930- ] David
Yee Lok Theatre / 余樂戲院 [1952-1952] OldTimer
Yik Chi Theatre / 益智戲院 [1968-1972] OldTimer
Ying King Theatre / 英京戲院 [1960-1977] OldTimer
Ying Wah~Ritz Theatre (San Po Kong) / 英華戲院~麗斯戲院 [1967-2005] OldTimer
Yiu Sing Theatre / 耀星戲院 [1972-1993] OldTimer
Yuen Long Cinema (元朗戲院) [????-2022] tngan
Yuen Long Palace Theatre / 元朗樂宮戲院 [1986-1999] OldTimer
Zenith Theatre / 仙樂戲院 [1951-1973] OldTimer

You can also see a list of all cinemas on a single page.


Many thanks for compiling this list OldTimer, it must have taken a lot of time and effort!

How I miss the grandeur (but not the stench from cigarettes, sweat, spilt popcorn/soft drinks, snacks purchased from the hawkers outside the cinema) of those grand old cinemas in HK! 

Anyone else have fond memories of them?

Since I lived on the Island at the time (80s), I would mostly frequent the ones there, but would occassionally foray into Kowloon. 

Below are the ones I used to visit, with some additional comments from my memories:-

Cathay Theatre / 國泰戲院 [1939-1984] & ABC Cathay Theatre / 國泰戲院 ABC [1986-1997]

I remember the auditorium being rather small and the seats more packed as compared to other cinemas

Chinachem Golden Plaza Cinema / 華懋廣場戲院 [1988-2013]

I remember visiting at night when TST East was still a "complicated" place with triad/gangster elements, which I could definately feel here

Cine-Art House (Wan Chai) / 影藝戲院 [1988-2006]

As suggested by the name, I recall that Cine-Art mostly showed "artsy" films

Columbia Classics Cinema (Wan Chai) / 新華戲院 [1985-1997]   

Similar to Cine-Art, I recall Columbia they also showed "artsy" films, which got me into the mood, every time I went to that particular part of Wanchai near the pier

Empire~State Theatre / 璇宮~皇都戲院 [1952-1997]

Classy in a run down sort of way will always be my memories of it

Harbour City Theatre / 海城戲院 [1984-1994]

The smaller and less convenient sister to the Ocean Theatre~Grand Ocean Cinema is how I will always rememeber this one

Imperial Cinema / 京都戲院 [1969-2004]

A run down and slightly seedy cinema is how I will always remember this one

Isis Theatre / 新都戲院 [1966-1999]

The nearest cinema to where I lived at the time (just a bus ride away down the hill) is how I will always rememebr this one

Jade Theatre and Pearl Theatre / 翡翠戲院 明珠戲院 [1969-1998]

Always super crowded is how I will always remenber this pair of twins

Kornhill Theatre / 康城戲院 [1987-1994]

A bit off the beaten track (for me) is how I will always remember this one

Lee Theatre / 利舞台戲院 [1927-1991]

The grand old lady of HK cinemas of the bygone years is how I will always remember this one, I seem to remember attending a showing at night when the yellowish glow of the wire fillament light bulbs at the lobby entrance seemed to transport me back in time

London Theatre/倫敦大戲院 [1962-1988]

Narrow and small is how I remember this one, just a stone's throw away from the MTR station

Ocean Theatre~Grand Ocean Cinema / 海城~海運戲院 [1969-2000]

I seem to remember that this was larger and more spacious than most cinemas, and I liked to take the Star Ferry to and from, given the much longer walk to the MTR station

Olympia Theatre / 國都戲院 [1965-1995]

One of the first cinemas in HK I visited (without my parents) as a young teenager is how I will always remember this one, going up to the ticket booth, pointing to the seat I wanted, paying, having my seat number written in red (crayon?) on my ticket, which was then hastily ripped off and handed to me. I remeber watching Rambo First Blood here.

Palace Theatre (Causeway Bay) / 碧麗宮戲院 [1975-1994]

Coming here was a treat indeed, with the inclined seats upholstered in velour. Accordingly, it was more expensive than other cinemas. I always came here to watch "lengthy" movies and distinctly remember watching the Last Emperor with my then girlfriend, with an intermission/toilet break in the middle. 

 Park Theatre / 百樂戲院 [1970-1997]

I don't rememeber much about this particular cinema (apart from watching the original Top Gun here), apart from the fact that there used to be many hawkers outside with their wooden carts selling all sort of tasty snacks. 

President Theatre / 總統戲院 [1966-2002]

Like the Park, I don't rememebr much about this particular cinema, apart from the fact that there used to also be many hawkers outside with their wooden carts selling all sort of tasty snacks.

Queen's Theatre - 2nd generation [1959-2007]

I don't remember much about this one, save that its location in the CBD was at the time quite alien to me, being a teenager. It would be another 10 years before I started working in the neighbourhood. 

Windsor Cinema / 皇室戲院 [1992-2015]

I seem to remember the Windsor being the first cinema in HK to offer "couple" or "dating" seats, where you could raise the armrest and cuddle. So at the time, if you asked a girl to go with you to the Windsor, you would have revealed your intentions beforehand!

Thank you Wombatt for your feedback.  It started with cinemas in my neighbourhood, then expanded thanks to the  internet.  Humbly, my work was neither original nor complete.  As I learned from working, once we set up a link, it needs to be "baby".  I hope readers will continue to share the memories of their cinemas especially post 1960s after I left Hong Kong.  Regards,  Peter