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Star Theatre, TST [1922-1961]

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Demolished / No longer exists
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The Star Theatre opened to business on 1st June, 1922, and closed on 1st December, 1961.

The theatre had a stage, and in the 1920's, it was a venue for stage performances in the Kowloon Peninsula.

After the end of World War II, the theatre was expropriated by the British Armed Forces, and programmes were arranged by the Combined Services Entertainment.

The theatre was returned to its owner in August 1947.

The Sands Theatre was built on the site of the Star Theatre.

After the Sands theatre was demolished, a commercial building was built on the site.

And so were most theatres that existed in the 60's-70's. Movie business weren't money maker when comparing to the profit landowners can get from redeveloping the sites.

The Star Theatre at the junction of Peking and Hankow Roads.

1920s Star Theatre

Thanks Raymond, I've added your dates above. It almost made it to its 40th birthday - that must be one of the longer-lived cinemas in Hong Kong?

i'm pretty sure that the sands theatre was on the corner of peking and ashley roads - went many times - although i cant find any address for it.  there is a building there called sands building which could have been its replacement?

Hi Vanessa,

In mid-thread, a 'view of TST from the HKPL' archive circa 1963 in

will help to identify the location of the Sands Theatre.

I have the impression that it was at the corner of Peking and Hankow Roads. In the same corner today stands the Sands Building. Cheers!

Star Theatre (TST) = 景星戲院

1928 Star Theatre
1928 Star Theatre, by Eternal1966