National Theatre at Marsh & Lockhart [1940-1973]

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Might have to consult Mr Raymond Lo for the inauguration and demolision dates for these.  Cannot filter out the big chunk of Google results yet.

Photos that show this Place


Hong Kong Telegraph 22 December 1939

Wanchai now boasts of two modern cinemas, will shortly have another, although it is somewhat different from the others in that it is of one storey only.

The new theatre, which is situated at the junction of Marsh Road and Lockhart Road, near the Dreamland Dance Hall will be completed by the end of Chinese New Year. It is of comparatively small size but will have accommodation for 1000 persons.

Mr. K. P. Kwan is the owner. It is understood the theatre will show principally Chinese pictures.

(As mentioned here, another level was added after completion. The other two better known cinemas in Wanchai at the time were the Grand Theatre (first generation) and Cathay Theatre