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Book - front cover of Volume 3.

Old Hong Kong Photos
The Tales They Tell
Volume 3

David's third book uses rare photos to take us on a trip in, on, under, and around Hong Kong's famous harbour.



Gwulo book - Volume 2 - Front cover

Old Hong Kong Photos
The Tales They Tell
Volume 2

David presents a second set of his favourite photos, then takes you deeper, zooming in on the photos' hidden details to reveal their stories.



Gwulo book's front cover

Old Hong Kong Photos
The Tales They Tell
Volume 1

In this richly illustrated book, David shares some of his favourite photos, then puts them under the magnifying glass to uncover their hidden stories.



 Front cover of "Tin Hats and Rice"

Tin Hats
& Rice

Barbara's diary of her experiences in wartime Hong Kong, 1941-45.

Invaluable reading for anyone who had a family member imprisoned by the Japanese, or who wants to learn more about Hong Kong's wartime history.



Policing Hong Kong book cover

Policing Hong Kong
An Irish History

Patricia combines family history with meticulous research to investigate a group of men from a small town in Ireland who worked as policemen in Hong Kong. Her work spans the years from the 1860s till shortly after WW2.

You'll read about three areas of Hong Kong's history during that time: the development of the Police force, the Irish community, and life as a working class westerner.