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St John's Cathedral Records

The Cathedral library has copies of their 'Review' magazine from 1929 onwards. Each month's issue had details of weddings and baptisms. I've compiled a sample list for 1929 - you can click on it below.

The library is upstairs in the administration building, which is just downhill from the Cathedral on Garden Road. You'll need to visit the cathedral office to get the key for the library door.

The Public Records Office has a larger collection of Cathedral archives. Their fact sheet says:

Private Archives: Several private institutions have
transferred their records to the PRO custody, the most
significant of these, from a research point of view, being
the archives of St. John’s Cathedral and Minutes of
Meeting (1861-1970) of the Hong Kong General Chamber
of Commerce.

Has anyone used them? What sort of information is contained there?


The actual baptismal records are in the PRO.  Since these can be used as proof of identity, you need the permission of St. John's Cathedral to look at the documents.

The also have the pre-decessor of the St. John's Review -

the "Cathedral Notes" from 12.1896 - 12.1928

"The publication comprising this series includes the monthly church calendar, appeals for funds and lists of subscribers, arrangements for special services, statements of accounts, details fo baptisms, burials and marriages, lists of seatholders and letters. The Cathedral staff and members of the Church Body are listed at the beignning of each issue."

The PRO online catalogue gives a good description of the material held.


Enter St John's Cathedral in the search box labelled Creating Agency Search.


I'm trying to find the page for 1928, as I think Veronica Joyce Walker should appear as a baptism sometime that year (she was born on the 30th of October 1927). Has that year been transcribed? If not, I can transcribe if I could see the original image.



I don't know why it doesn't look like the 1929 one though?

Hi Douglas,

I believe the one you've shown us is what Annelise calls "The actual baptism records" above:

1928 (Sept. 1927-March 1928) Baptisms - St John's Cathedral

It's the first time I've seen them, so thanks for posting. They show a lot of useful information.

The 1929 records were copied from the cathedral's magazine, so just show the date and name:

1929 Baptisms - St John's Cathedral

Regards, David