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The Globe (Shek Kong Camp) [1952-1996]

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Address: Kam Tin Road, Shek Kong Camp, Shek Kong, Hong Kong

Cinema Treasures provided an interesting write-up about this remotely-located theatre, as follows: "The Globe was a neighbourhood cinema for the Royal Air Force and their families living in the Shek Kong Camp in the New Territories. The Shek Kong Camp with an airfield and barracks, etc., was built in the early-1950s and was the only (*see note below) air base of the Royal Air Force in the British Colony in Hong Kong before 1st July, 1997.....  The Shek Kong Camp formally closed in November 1996, and the theatre became a property of the People's Liberation Army stationed in Hong Kong SAR"

[Edit Feb 20, 2017: The seating capacity is estimated to be about 100.  Credit goes to David and Fred for the correct photo.]

[*Edit Feb 27, 2017:  Reader Tideswell27 has pointed out that the RAF also had a base at Kai Tak International Airport prior to 1997.]

For the purpose of this page, the operating period is estimated to be from 1952 to November 1996. 

Shek Kong Army Camp -

Source: Cinema Treasures:


Photos that show this place



Fred Evans was in this camp in the late 1950s and took this photo:

Cinema at Sek Kong Camp
Cinema at Sek Kong Camp, by Admin

I wrote to double-check this was a photo of the cinema, and Fred replied:

Yes, it was indeed our camp cinema. It was situated a few yards ( not metres!) from our main gate.A few yards further and the camp swimming pool, a very good one, and another few yards there was the Church of Scotland canteen/cafe with a relaxation room(s) and library... very pleasant.

I've moved the map marker to the entrance of the camp.

Greetings, and thanks David and Fred for the right marker.  The original marker was transferred from the source and I was wondering why the theatre was located more remote than the remote camp.  Now I wonder about the source photos.   Here, the front entrance is flushed with the ground and the front wall unlike the others showing several steps to the front door that was recessed from the front wall.  There was likely no economic incentive to beautify its facade so if any, it would be after the 1997 transfer.  Fred's photo shows a pitch roof and no sign of a second level.  The other photos show a second level walk-out from the side, and possibly a flat roof, indicating it was by design a residential building.  The cat - I should have checked with him first.  Regards,  Peter

The name on the photo looks more like "The Globe". That seemed likely, as it's a famous name for theatres.

I checked with Fred, and he replied:

I've realised that all army cinemas were named The Globe. My old pal Robbie Smith reminded me.

This page about the history of British military cinemas confirms:

The Army cinemas were always named The Globe while the RAF would have cinemas named Astra, there were a few exceptions to this rule.

(Was there any Astra cinema in Hong Kong?)

And to round off, here's a 1956 programme from "Globe Cinema, Sek Kong".

Hi Peter,

I guess the different appearance of the cinema between Fred's 1950s photo, and the recent photo on CinemaTreasures is because they're of different generations of buildings. The oldest photos of the camp show the men living in tents. By the time Fred was there they were in Nissen huts, and his cinema looks to be a similar type of pre-fabricated building, quick to install. Better, concrete buildings likely replaced the Nissen huts over time.

Regards, David

Sorry, but it is not strictly true that Sek Kong was the only RAF air base in the British colony of Hong Kong before 1July 1997.

The RAF had a "base" at Kai Tak International Airport close to 1997, although perhaps not helicopters of 28 (AC) Squadron close to that date.

The aircraft had most definitely been moved to Sek Kong before 1997, but I can recall that the RAF  had a presence at Kai Tak Airport in 1993 when I was the number 3 policeman working there.

Greetings, and thanks Tideswell27 for the correction.  I have placed an edit on the main page to make sure readers catch this fact.  Regards, Peter

The address given above is inaccurate, assuming that it was at about the spot of the marker on the accompanying map.  That spot (which is around the entrance to the former Borneo Lines) is in Kam Tin Road, not Route Twisk, as is apparent from the map.

Incidentally, there is a disused military cinema still standing next to the lower levels of Route Twisk, on the right as you ascend towards Tsuen Wan.  It looks similar to the structure in the photo, though smaller.


Thank you Malcolm for the correction.  No excuse, my apology for the oversight.  Regards, Peter

Of course there was a cinema in Sek Kong Village . Opposite the school playing field (called the Globe) but after it burned down it was rebuilt and called the Phoenix. The school used it for shows when the audience wouldnt fit in the Hall. I taught at the school from 1978 till 1997, when the British Army left me. I am still here, in Kowloon Tong, but had a happy time at Sek Kong School. Love to all ex staff and pupils. Sara

I have a 1957 Globe Cinema programme for Fan Gardens in Fanling. It appears that the programme was shared, as it lists four cinemas. They are Fan Gardens, Dill's Corner, Sek Kong, and Sek Kong Village, each cinema showed the film for two or three days then passed it on in the order I have listed them. I think I must have aquired the programme from Fan Gardens, during the time we were guarding the empty camp at Queens Hill, Fanling in 1957. 

Globe Fan Gardens front page
Globe Fan Gardens front page, by Brian Clift


Globe Fan Gardens film review 02
Globe Fan Gardens film review 02, by Brian Clift

Not sure where this Globe Cinema was located.

1960s The Globe Cinema
1960s The Globe Cinema, by Moddsey