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Capitol Theatre [1952-1977]

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Demolished / No longer exists
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I think this is the right location, as the current building is called Capitol Centre. Can anyone confirm?


Photos that show this place


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Right on.  That was the site of the former Capital Theatre. 

The only old theatre building in the area still standing is the President Theatre located in Jaffe Road and King Lung Street, very close to the Sogo Department Store.  It had been converted to Mini Theatres.  The rest of the venue was once a shopping centre and a restaurant.  It's vacant now, I think.

There is another old theathre in Causeway Bay.  It used to be called the Isis Theatre (新都) however it folded at least a decade ago and is not the site of a christian church.  It's just off Morton Terrace, opposite to the Central Library.

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According to Cinema Treasures, the Capitol Theatre opened in 1952 and closed down in 1977.

A photo of the theatre can be viewed here:

It is the building with the tower on the right of photo.

Thanks gentlemen, dates & photos updated.

More info at Cinema Treasures.