M2 Theatre~Majestic Cinema / 新大華戲院 [1978-2000] | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

M2 Theatre~Majestic Cinema / 新大華戲院 [1978-2000]

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Demolished / No longer exists
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Date Place demolished: 

M2 Theatre seating capacity: 1 screen, 624 + 560 upper level = 1,184 total

Majestic Cinema seating capacity: 2 screens, total 827

Address: 10 Saigon Street, Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon, Hong Kong.  The Wikipedia source lists its succesor-occupant as 諾富特酒店 placing it at the current Novotel on the northeast side of Nathan Road - Saigoon Street intersection.

The name M2 (新大華戲院), discussed in some internet sites, was the successor to the original Majestic Theatre (大華戲院) which was located around the corner on Nathan Road.  And since their periods of operation overlapped somewhat, there is a risk of confusion.  The Gwulo page for the original Majestic Theatre is at:  https://gwulo.com/node/2887

M2 Theatre operated in the (then Majestic Hotel and currently Novotel Hotel) during the period October 28, 1978 - December 1, 1988.  On April 15, 1992, the two-screen Majestic Cinema (大華戲院) opened to business until its closure on February 26, 2000.  For simplicity and to avoid having separate pages that may cause confusion, the operating period for the M2 and Majestic Cinema combined is considered to be October 28, 1978 - February 26, 2000.