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Old Hong Kong Photos and The Tales They Tell, Volume 3

Book - front cover of Volume 3.

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More information

The book is a 112-page paperback, with a page size of 152 x 229 mm / 6 x 9 inches.

ISBN: 9789887827627

To take a closer look, please click here to download a PDF sample of photos and stories from the book.

From the back cover:

Not your typical photo book!

Grab your flippers, mask, and magnifying glass – Volume 3 is full of old photos of people in, on, under, and around Hong Kong’s famous harbour. Many of the photos are published for the first time, and although they’re old, they are sharp and packed with detail. So join David in uncovering the photos’ secrets, deciphering their stories, and meeting the people of old Hong Kong.

David runs the award-winning local history website Gwulo, home to over 20,000 photos of old Hong Kong.



Spend an hour in David’s company, and you’ll look at old photos with new eyes. His engaging description of a photo’s details sharpens how you yourself look at it, and what was just an old picture becomes an engrossing story.

Hurrah for Volume 3 … and let’s hope for 4, 5 and more!

Stephen Davies,
University of Hong Kong



When David Bellis examines historical photographs of old Hong Kong, he sees things that the rest of us miss. In this new volume of never-before-seen images, accompanied by an informed and lively commentary, the creator of Gwulo.com brings us yet more fascinating stories from Hong Kong’s past.

Peter Cunich (author of Old Hong Kong),
Department of History, University of Hong Kong



Gwulo book - Volume 3 - back cover


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