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Peng Chau Theatre / 坪洲戲院 [1978-1988]

Current condition: 
Demolished / No longer exists
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Date Place demolished: 

Capacity: about 500

Two different addresses appear in the sources - 圍仔街15號 and 坪洲永安街415地段, and the latter does not match the true location of the theatre when the number 415 is used as street number. The building is a short distace east of the junction of Chi Yan Street and Shing Ka Road, Peng Chau, Hong Kong.  Google  street view photos show the building's exterior has been revitalized sometime between 2014 and 2016.

A short discussion of the history of Peng Chau and origin of the theatre can be found in the discussion paper listed below as one of the sources.   

Peng Chau Theatre operated during the period February 6, 1978 - late 1980s.  For the purpose of this page, the closing date is estimated to be January 1988.  After it was closed, the building was turned into partly a warehouse, a karaoke bar and several residential flats.  As noted above, the exterior of the building has been revitalized recently though it is not clear if there would be changes to the current types of use.



Photos that show this place


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I believe the site was developed by Deacon Chiu as it was right next to the Far East Consortium Peng Chau Building, the only residential high-rise on the island back then.  The whole site was cladded in blue mosaic.  Local just call the residential block the Cinema building.

Chiu owned quite a few cinemas back then, especially those in the New Territories.


Greetings tngan, and all the best to all Dear Gwulo readers in the year of the rooster.  You are correct, Deacon Chiu's name appears on the opening page (Page 4) in the discussion paper source.  Regards, Peter

Happy CNY. Suggest some differentiation be made to the title as the island to the northeast of Hong Kong is also called Ping Chau. Suggest Peng Chau to conform with the map name of the island. Cheers.

Many thanks moddsey, you beat me by a dozen seconds.  I noted tngan used Peng which got me into research mode.  The Hong Kong Theatres Association Ltd is my working template and it spells with Ping.  And Peng it will be.  Regards, Peter