Yee Lok Theatre / 余樂戲院 [1952-1952] | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Yee Lok Theatre / 余樂戲院 [1952-1952]

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Demolished / No longer exists
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Date Place demolished: 

Please ignore the location marker shown on this map.

The official, or even the non-offical English name of the theatre is not avaiable, nor its operating period.  The existence of the theatre came to light following an article in a local Chineser Kung Sheung Daily News in 1952.

Only the English name is available from the source Cinema Treasures which explains it corresponding to the Cantonese pronunciation of the theatre's name.  My reverse-translation arrived at  余樂戲院.

There is a reason why the absence of information.  Cinema Treasures points out it was an illegal theatre, and the newspaper reported its manager was fined for illegal operation and not paying entertainment tax to the government.

Following what they used to say in those old black and white TV crime series, I have altered the location marker to protect the innocent.