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A Cuckoo in the Nest 1929

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Advert in the

Jordon Rd at Canton (1937)

Kwun Chung Theatre / 官涌戲院 pre-WWII  (1931-1939) 

For information on another theatre with the same Chinese name, please visit: Kwun Chung Theatre / 官涌戲院 [1993-2011] - https://gwulo.com/node/36463/ 

The information and this pre-war photo are from Cinema Treasures - Period of operation 1931-1939.  Location at junction of Jordan Road and Canton Road, and photo taken in 1937 -    http://cinematreasures.org/theaters/24591  

Lai Sun Cinemas / 麗新戲院

Lai Sun Cinemas / 麗新戲院

Source: TalkCinema - https://talkcinema.wordpress.com/category/香港戲院%ef%bc%8f九龍/ 

Po Hing Theatre (first generation) [c.1904-c.1926]

Date Place completed: 
c.1904-01-01 (Year, Month, Day are approximate)
Date Place demolished: 
c.1926-01-01 (Year, Month, Day are approximate)

The Public Works Report for 1905 states:


Kwong Chee Theatre 廣智戲院 (1968)

Kwong Chee Theatre (1968).  This photo was taken likely in late spring or early fall given the clothings people were wearing.  Movie ads are no longer posted, but it is good to see the original street corner and its both front and side (hence this photo added) views.  The cart load of wicker baskets are heading north on Temple Street. 

Photo source: Flickr.com - https://www.flickr.com/photos/eatsee14/3515236783/sizes/l/in/photostream/

"The Astra" cinema, RAF Little Sai Wan [1958-????]

Date Place completed: 
c.1958-07-01 (Month, Day are approximate)

The cinema run for the RAF men stationed here.

Andrew Suddaby notes that it opened in the summer of 1958.

Position of marker is approximate.


Palace Theatre Building

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Great World and Royal Theatre (1965)

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Great World Theatre on Lai Chi Kok Road, and Royal Theatre on Nathan Road.

Source: uwants.com - post#4788 by user 4rex - http://www.uwants.com/viewthread.php?tid=14833421&page=320#pid231635146

Lai Yuen (Lai Chi Kok Amusement Park) Cinemas 1-5 / 荔園劇場 [1950-1997]

Date Place completed: 
Date Place demolished: 

Location: Lai Yuen, also known as Lai Chi Kok Amusement Park, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Seating capacity: unknown, estimated in the low hundreds for each, and one up to 1,000

1870's Sheung Wan

Text on Flickr:

簡述 : Sheung Wan/Hong Kong Island

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