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Tai Ping Theatre (2nd generation) [1932-1981]

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Demolished / No longer exists
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Hong Kong Telegraph 16 August 1932

The Tai Ping Theatre under reconstruction with main entrance facing Des Voeux Road West on Whitty Street was one of the oldest theatrical institutions in Hong Kong before its demolition some 2 years ago (December 1930). The new theatre will have a seating capacity for 2100 patrons.

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Tai Ping 太平 1909 Interior.jpg
Tai Ping 太平 1909 Interior.jpg,  frist generation, source: Uwants.com
Tai Ping 太平 people on walkway.jpg
Tai Ping 太平 people on walkway.jpg, source: Uwants.com
Tai Ping  太平 Ad outside.jpg
Tai Ping 太平 Ad outside.jpg, Source: Uwants.com


The Hong Kong Film Archive has an exhibition and a series of talks about the Tai Ping Theatre: https://www.filmarchive.gov.hk/en_US/web/hkfa/pe-event-2021-e-tp.html