Nanyang Theatre / 南洋戲院 [1966-1990] | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong
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Nanyang Theatre / 南洋戲院 [1966-1990]

Current condition: 
Demolished / No longer exists
Date Place completed: 
Date Place demolished: 

This used to stand on the corner of Morrison Hill Rd and Sharp Street West.

There's a hotel there now.

Does anyone know which years it opened & closed?



Hi there,

There is a Wiki entry saying the theatre opened on 1st April 1966.  The South Pacific took its place some time in 1993 with two mini theatres of the same name running for a few years before making way for the Hotel's own restaurants/function room.

I guess it would be safe to state the old theatre was demolished around 1990. 

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Nanyang Theatre via Cinema Treasures written by Raymond Lo.

no link with 'Nanyang" on the site above

Nam Yang Theatre.

Hi Raymond,

When you link to the Cinema Treasures website, I recommend you use the link that takes us straight to the relevant cinema. eg for this cinema the link is:

It will make it easier for other readers to find your summaries.

Regards, David

Nanyang Theatre = 南洋戲院

Its successor "South Pacific" with the same Chinese name is discussed at this page: