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Garden Theatre / 樂園戲院 [1932-1932]

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Demolished / No longer exists
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Edmond writes:

The cinema opened on 6 July 1932. 

Raymond Lo adds:

A short history of the Garden Theatre with ammendment in the comment section.


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Thank you for posting the open-air "Garden Theatre".  It is nice to read Raymond's additional comments.  My search revealed that Garden Theatre was still in business as on Nov 4, 1932 as an advertisement also appeared on China Mail on that day.  It said that it would be the last two shows.  There was no more subsequent advertisement on Nov 5, 1932 and thereafter.  One can assume it closed down on Nov 5.  Please help me delete the closing date as of "early September".  Thank you.

regards, Edmond

Hi Edmond,

I've updated the page as requested.

I recommend you make a "Place" page ( if you're gathering information about a building. It gathers all the information together on one page, instead of having it spread across multiple photos. It also lets us record the location, so we can use it on maps like this map of cinemas in Hong Kong:

Keep up the good work of adding interesting photos & stories,

Regards, David

HKGRO April 1933

Appears the Company went into bankruptcy. The Garden Theatre was also known as the Lok Yuen Open Air Cinema Theatre.

Garden Theatre = 樂園戲院

(Edit, February 2, 2018) The above Chinese name was taken from the Wikipedia source.  A comment in the Cinema Treasures site dated December 17, 2017 called it 樂園露天電影院.  Regards,  Peter