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Old Hong Kong Photos and The Tales They Tell, Volume 2

Gwulo book - Volume 2 - Front cover

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More information

The book is a 112-page paperback, with a page size of 152 x 229 mm / 6 x 9 inches.

ISBN: 9789887827610

To take a closer look, please click here to download a PDF sample of photos and stories from the book.

From the back cover:

Not your typical photo book!

David puts more of his favourite old Hong Kong photos under the magnifying glass, revealing the photos’ secrets, and uncovering their hidden stories. Flying Italian miners, and the most beautiful woman you’ll never see are just two of the surprises in store for you.

David runs the popular local history website Gwulo, home to over 15,000 photographs of old Hong Kong.

Reviews of Volume 1

Wonderful memories of my childhood were refreshed as the photos and stories brought to mind similar events. (Robert, Goodreads)

Eye for detail marks out Bellis’s book from the pack. (Adam Wright, SCMP)

Bellis gives us “old” Hong Kong as it actually was, and reveals more hidden stories in the collection than just the rat-bins. (John Butler, Asian Review of Books)

This is an example of Bellis’s deft way of story-telling. (May Holdsworth, Journal of the HK Branch of the RAS)



Gwulo book - Volume 2 - Back cover


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