Po Wah Theatre (Tai Po) / 寶華戲院 [1967-1995] | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Po Wah Theatre (Tai Po) / 寶華戲院 [1967-1995]

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Demolished / No longer exists
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There were two theatres in Tai Po with the same name - Po Wah Theatres 寶華戲院 -  operating in different periods and locations. Information on both theatres is limited, however, this page attempts to summarize what is available.

The first Po Wah Theatre opened for business on February 1, 1967, but its closing date is unknown and so too is its seating capacity.  It was located on Nam Shing Street 大埔墟南盛街街口 at the corner with either On Fu Road or Po Heung Street.

The second Po Wah Theatre, its marker shown on this map, was located at 15-19 Tai Wing Lane, Tai Po, about one city block east of the former Po Wah Theatre.   It had a sitting capacity of 471, and operated from February 28, 1981 until sometime in the 1990s.  For the purpose of this page, the operating period is considered from February 1, 1967 to the estimated date of January 1995.



Photos that show this place


This one has since been turned into a Pricerite store. The auditorium is now the upstairs furniture dept.

The seating capacity of the first Po Wah Theatre is 1,380. And the width of its screen is 52 feet.