Lee Theatre / 利舞台戲院 [1927-1991]

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Seating capacity: 3 levels regular 891, first class 166, very special 210, total 1,267.

Address: 99 Percival Street, Causeway Bay Hong Kong.  Lee Theatre Plaza is the current occupant at the site.

Lee Theatre 利舞台戲院 was among the few theatres which successfully operated for many years in spite of the ever-changing urban environment.  A fairly detailed discussion on the history of this once grand and majestic theatre, its interior and 360-degree stage rotation capability, can be found in the Cinema Treasures site (English) and the blog.yam site (Chinese) listed below.  This boy growing up in Hong Kong often heard from adults talking about it.

Lee Theatre operated during the period February 10, 1927 - August 18, 1991.

Several years later, a new theatre called Golden Harvest Lee Theatre was built on the fifth floor with a seating capacity of 410.  It operated during the period March 17, 1995 - May 29, 2005.  https://gwulo.com/node/37794


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