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New on Gwulo: 2020, week 03

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Jan 1942 - L T Ride's escape from Japanese-held Hong Kong

78 years ago, four escapees from the Sham Shui Po Prisoner-Of-War camp were cautiously making their way north through the New Territories, hoping to get through Japanese lines to reach Free China. The group was led by Lieut-Colonel L. T. RIDE, and this is his report of the escape.





  • L. T. RIDE,          Lieut-Colonel,   C.O. H.K. Field Ambulance
  • D. W. MORLEY,  Lieut (E),           H.K.R.N.V.R.
  • D. F. DAVIES,     Sub-Lieut,         H.K.R.N.V.R.
  • Y. P. LEE,            L/Cpl.,               H.K.V.D.C. Field Ambulance



No advantage of escaping was taken of the chaos which existed immediately after the surrender, for it was hoped that in my capacity as OC Field Ambulance I would obtain permission from the Japanese to search the hills for the wounded which we knew must still be lying there in numbers.

On the 28th December after three days of futile endeavour, I was given the final official reply:

New on Gwulo: 2020, week 01

Happy New Year! I hope you've enjoyed the recent holidays.

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Photo (22): Farewell!

The final extract from the new Gwulo book ...


For our last photo, we’ve come full circle and returned to passengers on a liner. We’re on the RMS Empress of Russia in 1928, preparing to leave Hong Kong. In the earlier photos we imagined the tourist’s view from a liner in the harbour, but here we’re clearly

Photo (21): Kowloon City Pier

We re-join the new Gwulo book at the next-to-last photo ...


One of these happy chaps kindly wrote this note on the back of the photo:


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