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PS 'Gwu lo' is roughly how '古老' sounds in Cantonese. It means 'ancient' or 'old-fashioned'.

Gwulo in 2021

It's time for the annual round up of what happened on the Gwulo website in 2020, and a look ahead to some big changes planned for 2021.



2020 Review

1. How did the website grow in 2020?

I'm happy to see there was steady growth throughout the year, plus occasional bursts of new visitors from events like the Apple Daily interview.

In more detail...


1.1 Contributors

A strong community of contributors is essental for a site like to Gwulo to thrive.

Looking at the number of people posting comments to Gwulo, it increased from 413 people in 2019 to 549 in 2020. That's a good sign, showing new contributors joining us to record Hong Kong's history.

Here are the most active commenters in 2020:

New on Gwulo: 2021, week 6

A look at what's new on the Gwulo website...






Kung Hei Fat Choy!

Cow and people on street


A curious scene

This is the only photo I have in my collection with a 'Year Of The Ox' theme. I'm still trying to work out what was happening when the photographer took it.

Obviously there's a cow walking across the scene, but how do the two men with the shoulder pole and basket fit into the story?

Are they part of the

1919 88th Coy R.G.A. Junior N.C.O.'s

1919 88th Coy R.G.A. Junior N.C.O.'s


Who: These formal photos of groups of soldiers usually help us out by having a sign explaining who they are.

88th Coy sign


So we're looking at the Junior Non-Commissioned Officers from the 88th Company of the Royal Garrison Artillery.

The Royal Garrison Artillery (RGA) was the part of the British Army responsible for

New on Gwulo: 2021, week 4

A look at what's new on the Gwulo website...







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