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PS 'Gwu lo' is roughly how '古老' sounds in Cantonese. It means 'ancient' or 'old-fashioned'.

Photo (19): Telephone House 

The fourth and final extract from the new Gwulo book introduces Kowloon's first skyscraper.




This photo looks south along Nathan Road from near the junction with Kimberley Road. It was taken in the 1950s, and captures

Photo (16): Queen Victoria’s statue

Simmering cauldrons, steam cranes, and a disappointing statue all make appearances in this third extract from the new Gwulo book.




Hurley stuck with the patriotic theme, choosing a photo of ‘The Queen Victoria Jubilee Monument’ that was taken from Prince’s Building. Queen Victoria had died the previous year, ending a 63-year reign that began just a few years before Hong Kong became a British colony.

The monument, shown in the left foreground, was built to celebrate the Queen’s Golden Jubilee of 1887. It consisted of a stone shelter, housing a ‘disappointing’ statue of a seated Queen Victoria. The disappointment was due to a

Photo (10): Pedder Street

Four buildings, a uniform, and a 'traffic stave' will pin down the date of the photo in this second extract from the new Gwulo book.




This time we’re looking along Pedder Street in the opposite direction, across Des Voeux Road towards Queen’s Road. That means the Hong Kong Hotel is on the left, where The Landmark stands today.

We’re obviously several years later than the previous photo as

Photo (4): Hilltop houses

The first extract from the new Gwulo book discovers that although this photo might look dull, its story has hidden treasure - literally!




Our last photo from the album shows these two buildings on a hilltop. The site also has a grim story attached, but our album owner couldn’t have known that as the events didn’t take place until the 1940s.

Back to 1929, and where was this taken? We’ve obviously left mid-levels behind as we’re at the top of a hill. I drew a blank, and asked readers on the Gwulo website for their help. Regular contributor Moddsey pointed me to the

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