Imperial Cinema / 京都戲院 [1969-2004]

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Current condition
Demolished / No longer exists
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Date closed / demolished

Seating capacity:  Based on the information from the sources, the initial capacity was likely 1,261 consisting of 801 on the lower level and 460 on the upper level.  Later on, 28 more seats were added to the lower level.  Another redevelopment result in 3 screens having a total capacity of 1,119 (339, 320 and 460).

Address: 29 Burrows Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Imperial Cinema operated during the period February 15, 1969 - March 3, 2004.

Update December 10, 2017:  The interior space is now a Church as reported by readers.  It is interesting to note that a fast-food restaurant inside the building "Vincentre" managed to recycle the four-word Chinese name plate of the cinema and proudly displays it on their wall (see Vine Centre 2 Wan Chai Google photo sphere).  I hope this preservation continues today. 




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A floor was added above the former stalls section of the theatre. At the auditorium of the church, a stage was added, and the stalls section  between the stage and the  balcony was level with removable seats.Only half of the former balcony was reserved. As I visited the church as it opened to the public a few years ago, no projector for showing films was installed.