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Tai Po Theatre / 大埔戲院 [????-1958]

Current condition: 
Demolished / No longer exists
Date Place demolished: 

Sitting capacity: unknown

The address given by Cinema Treasures is Tai Po Market, Tai Po, Hong Kong, with corresponding street photo and location marker.  However, on the discussion page, one reader recalled "The site of the theatre was at the corner of Sui On Street and Hey Yuen Street (Hey Yuen = Cantonese for theatre) The site is now a block of apartments named Moon House. The property developers were actually family relations and I remember it was built around 1964".  This latter information is used to place the marker on the map.  Please read about his interesting recollection of a water well inside the theatre, and access his link to the aerial photo of the theatre.  The source in the Wikipedia's list also mentions the Moon House - "大埔戲院 1964年前已拆卸(在大埔 戲院街,改建為明月樓)"

Tai Po Theatre opened to business prior to WWII but its exact opening date is unknown.  During the war years, only films censored by the Japanese Armies could be shown in the theatre.  There were some suspensions in operation during the war and normal operation resumed after the war.  It was  closed in either 1957 or 1958.


Photo at Flickr.com - https://www.flickr.com/photos/31063481@N03/2970915368/in/photostream/


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