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1912 Public Works Department Annual Report

(The full document is available at HKGRO: http://sunzi.lib.hku.hk/hkgro/view/a1912/174.pdf)

45Principal Works of a Private Nature. - The Hongkong University buildings, including three residences for the Principal and Professors and an entrance lodge, were completed and the erection of a block of Students’ Quarters on I.L. 1877 was begun.

The Hostel known as St. John’s Hall, situated on I.L. 754, Bonham Road, belonging to the Church Missionary Society and intended for the accommodation of Students attending the University, was completed.

The erection of a somewhat similar Hostel on I.L. 1874, Hatton Road, belonging to the London Missionary Society was commenced.

A School of Anatomy in connection with the University, on I.L. 1859, Pokfulam Road, was commenced.

The erection of a large building for the Chinese branch of the Young Men’s Christian Association was begun on I.L. 1757, Tai Ping Shan.

Extensive additions to the Ellis Kadoorie Schools on I.L. 1244, Hospital Road, were being carried out during the year.

A large fat-boiling establishment with quarters, &c., was erected on M.L. 239, Belchers Street.

The Star Ferry Company’s Wharf opposite the end of Ice House Street was completed.

The Christian Science Church on I.L. 1855, Macdonnell Road, was completed.

Further additions were made to the Peak Hotel Annexe on R.B.L. 77, Chamberlain Road.

Additions were made to the premises of the Peak Club on R.B.L. 62, Plunketts Road.

Messrs. A. S. Watson & Co.’s new Aerated Water Factory on M.L. 293, North Point, was completed.

Some further additions, comprising an oil tank, a case oil godown and a fire wall, were made to the Standard Oil Co.’s premises at Lai Chi Kok.

The erection of the new Diocesan Girls’ School on K.I.L. 1281, Jordan Road, was commenced.

Some extensive works at Tai Wan, in connection with a proposed Glass Factory, were commenced. The premises include a factory, mixing house, offices, quarters, stores, &c. In connection with these works, the extension of an old quarry pier was completed.

A Knitting Factory on K.I.L. 1076. Reclamation Street, Mongkoktsui, was completed.

Work was continued on a large block of buildings on K.I.L. 574, Carnarvon and Mody Roads, Tsim Sha Tsui, comprising 18 flats. Six of these flats were completed and occupied during the year.

Amongst other works, which have been commenced or completed during the year, the following may be mentioned :—

Works commenced.

8    Chinese houses, I.L. 797, Pokfulam Road.

22    „    „    M.L.’s 266 and 267, Praya, Kennedy Town.

5    ,,    ,,    I.L. 800, Second Street.

12    „    ,,    I.L. 640, Eastern and Second Streets.

5    ,,    ,,    I.L. 38 and M.L. 185, Queen’s Road West.

11    „    ,,    I.L. 1272, Ki Lung Lane.

13    ,,    „    I.L. 700, Po Hing Fong.

8    „    ,,    I.L. 1901, Tank Lane and Rozario Street.

31    ,,    ,,    M.L.’s 31 and 36, Praya East.

14    „    „    I.L. 388, Tai Yuen and Cross Streets and Stone Nullah Lane.

8    ,,    ,,    S.I.L. 407, Shaukiwan.

12    ,,    ,,    K.I.L. 1076, Canton Road and Reclamation, Street.


8    European houses, I.L. 1095, Pokfulam Road.

9    „    „    I.L. 606, Hospital Road.

10    „    „    I.L. 605, Bonham Road.

8    ,,    ,,    I.L.’s 704 and 1661, Robinson Road.

12    ,,    „    I.L. 150, Caine Road.

1    „    „    (large) I.L. 1875, Kennedy Road.

4    „    „    I.L. 1909,

6    ,,    ,,    M.L.’s 122 and 123, Wanchai Road.

2    „    „    R.B.L. 50, Barker Road.

1    „    „    (large) R.B.L. 61, Peak Road.

9    „    „    K.I.L. 575, Mody Road.

20    „    ,,    K.I.L.’s 410 and 1215, Ashley and Hankow Roads.

9    „    „    K.I.L. 540, Kimberley Road.

6    „    „    K.I.L. 1172,

Club Pavilion, M.L. 239, Li Po Lung Path.

Nurses’ Home, I.L. 1897, Breezy Path.

Extensions to Electric Light Co.’s premises, I.L. 1210, Star Street. Crematorium and Chapel, I.L. 1879, Soo Kun Poo.

Block of 9 flats, I.L. 445, Wanchai Road & Heard Street.

Works completed.

6    Chinese houses, M.L. 299, Connaught and Des Voeux Roads C.

5    „    „    I.L. 1896, Shin Hing Street.

6    „    „    I.L. 1895, Shin Hing and Mee Lun Streets.

7    „    „    P.R. to M.L. 57 R.P., Connaught and Des Voeux Roads West.

5    „    „    M.L. 68, Queen’s Road West and Queen Street.

5    „    „    I.L.’s 102, 856, 857, 866 and 867, Jervois Street.

5    „    „    M.L.’s 153, 154, 155, 168 and 169, Bonham Strand.

5    „    „    M.L.’s 168 and 169 and I.L.’s 46, 47 and 1325, Wing Lok Street.

6    „    „    LL.’s 70, 166, 246 and 247, Lower Lascar Row.

4    „    „    I.L.’s 246, 247 and 252, Upper Lascar Row.

26    „    „    Various lots, Tai Hang,

9    „    „    S.I.L.’s 418, 423, 428 and 429, Sai Wan Ho.

15    „    „    K.I.L.’s 964,1079 and 1169, Shanghai Street.

5    „    „    K.I.L.’s 1183, 1192,1198 and 1199, Portland Street.

6    „    „    K.I.L. 1269, Waterloo Road.

6    „    „ N.K.I.L. 39, Shamshuipo.


5    European houses, I.L. 767, High Street.

6    „    „    LL.’s 1878 and 1880, Prospect Place, Bonham Road.

11    „    „    I.L. 796, Pokfulam Road and Third Street.

6    „    „    I.L. 1892, Kui In Fong.

4    „    „  I.L. 757, Hing Hon Road.

2    „    „    I.L. 1881, Kennedy Road.

4    „    „    I.L. 591, Bonham Road.

4    „    „    I.L. 423, Caine Road.

8    „    „    I.L.’s 444, 446, 668 and 668a, Wood Road.

4    „    „    K.I.L.’s 547 and 549, Cameron Road.

Extension to Ice Factory, I.L.’s 524, 749 and 781, Pennington Street.

Dry cleaning works, I.L. 1891, Kennedy Town. —

Chapel and Caretaker’s Quarters, I.L. 1900, Causeway Bay.

Pavilion for the Chinese Recreation Club, Crown land, Causeway Bay.

Extensions to the Kwong Wah Hospital, K.I.L. 1213, Yaumati.

There were numerous other buildings besides those mentioned above, which were either commenced or completed during the year, but they were not of sufficient magnitude or importance to justify special mention.


46. Maintenance of Buildings:—The buildings upon which any considerable sum was expended were the following: —

Government Civil Hospital:—

“ A ” Block— General repairs and
painting throughout, - -$2,434

“ B ” Block—Reconstructing verandah floor in reinforced concrete and laying same with encaustic tiles, &c.,    - - -    863

Staff Quarters—General repairs
and painting throughout,- - 2,057

Quarters for Chinese Staff—General repairs and limewashing throughout, -    - -    -    228

Lunatic Asylum—Repairing Compound,- -------    438

Approach—Repairing Ramp from
Queen’s Road, -----    386

Various minor repairs to buildings
generally and maintenance of fans, lights, &c., - -    1,478


Central Police Station :—

Main Block—General repairs and colourwashing throughout, - 3,135

D.S.P.’s and Married Inspectors’

Quarters — General repairs and painting throughout, -    1,595

Special Repairs—Reinstating floor of Charge Room. Providing and fixing new lightning conductor. Reconstructing floor and stairs to balcony of Single Inspector's’ Quarters with reinforced concrete, - -    852

Various minor repairs, - - - -    77



- P57 -

Item (xvii). This work was necessitated by the insanitary con-dilion of old Kowloon City. The drainage from the village houses discharged either into very badly-constructed old rubble drains, or into earth channels passing under the houses and along the streets to the surrounding fields. The old rabble drains were properly inverted and repaired and the earth channels were filled in and replaced with properly-graded cement concrete channels, the sanitary condition of the district being greatly improved in this manner.

Item (xviii). This work was rendered necessary by the development of K.I.L.’s 574 and 575, in connection with which an old stormwater course was obstructed. It consisted of the laying of 15" and 18" earthenware pipes in Mody Road with necessary manholes and connections to gullies which intercept the water discharging from two new roads on the lots already mentioned.

Item (xix). A storm-water drain was extended from near H.H.I.L. 222 to Chatham Road near its junction with Cooke Street. The work consisted of the laying of a 15" earthenware pipe drain and the construction of two double and seven single new-type gullies in Chatham Road. Some additional gullies near Austin Road remained to be done at the end of the year.

Item (xx). Owing to the general raising of the level of the ground on F.L.’s 4 and 5 to the east of Portland Street, Mongkoktsui, swampy places were formed on adjoining areas. To drain such areas, a line of 12" earthenware pipes was laid along Nelson Street from Portland Street, where it joins a nullah, for a distance of 84 yards eastwards. This drain will hereafter be utilized in connection with the sewerage system of this district. As the ground was very soft, the pipes were supported on piles and cement concrete.

Item (xxi). This work consisted of the laving of 6" earthenware pipes from near the Steam Laundry (K.I.L. 1157) to take the drainage from houses newly erected on K.I.L. 1269.

Item (xxii). This work consisted of the laying of a 6" earthenware  pipe sewer in Kansu Street to take the drainage from the Yaumati Theatre (K.I.L. 1011).

Item (xxiii). This work consisted of the laying of a 9" earthenware pipe sewer in Pitt Street and Waterloo Road from opposite the Yaumati Disinfecting Station to take the drainage from the new' Sanitary Department Stables.

Item (xxiv). Five double new-type gullies were constructed in place of five old-type gullies in Kowloon City Road, Hok Un, opposite the Cement Works. These gullies required altering owing to the raising of the road levels.

Item (xxv). As the outfall of the 12” pipe sewer in Newchwang Street, Fuk Tsun Heung, was liable to stoppage through silting, it was diverted to a new point and extended along a rubble stone pier. The work consisted of the laying of 12" earthenware pipes on a cement concrete foundation.