1908 Public Works Report

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— P 9 —

  1. The Mount Caroline Cemetery, I.L. 393.
  2. The Mount Davis Cemetery (closed).
  3. The Kai Lung Wan Cemetery, lying between Pokfulam Road and the sea,
  (Extension gazetted in Government Notification No. 692 of 1906).
* 3a. Kai Lung Wan East Cemetery, I.L. 1766 (proclaimed Government Cemetery
  for Chinese, Notification 752 of 1907, Gazette 15.11.07).
  4. The Aberdeen Cemetery.
  5. The Shek O Cemetery.
  6. The Stanley Cemetery.
* 6a. The Military Cemetery at Stanley (closed).
  7. The Chai Wan Cemetery.
  8. The Ma Tau Wai Cemetery.
* 8a. The Ma Tau Wai Cemetery (West) K.I.L. 1164.
  9. The Sai Yu Shek Cemetery (Chinese).
 10. The Sam Shui Po Cemetery.
 11. The Chinese Christian Cemetery, Sai Yu Shek, N.K.I.L. 5.
12. The Colonial Cemetery, (a portion of this has been set aside
    for the burial of Japanese only),     Happy Valley.
13. The Roman Catholic Cemetery, .........     do.
14. The Mahommedan Cemetery, .............     do.
15. The Hindoo Cemetery, I.L. 1625, G.L. 27,    do.
16. The Zoroastrian Cemetery, I.L. 364,        do.
17. The Jewish Cemetery, I.L.’s 581 and 1717,. do.
18. The Eurasian Cemetery, Mount Davis, I.L. 1415.
19. The Cemetery of the French Mission, Pok-fu-lam.
20. The Hindoo Cemetery, Kowloon.
21. The Infectious Diseases Cemetery, Kennedy Town.
22. The Infections Diseases Cemetery, Cheung Sha Wan.
* These are not in list but have been entered here as they are in some respect extensions of the preceding numbers.
Of this list, Mount Davis has since been closed (Government Notification No. 691 of 1906) also Kennedy Town Infectious Diseases Cemetery, and Cheung Sha Wan is closed as a Plague Cemetery from the beginning of the year 1909 by resolution of the Sanitary Board at a meeting held on September 15th, 1908. The Military Cemetery at Stanley is also closed.
The following Cemeteries are not included in this list:—
23. Cheung Loong Tin (proclaimed Government Cemetery for Chinese, Notification
       3/1907 Gazette 4th January, 1907).
24. Chinese Christian Cemetery, Pokfulam I.L. 899.
25. Kau Lung Tong Cemetery (Government Cemetery for Chinese, known as
       N.K.I.L. 38).
26. Christian Chinese Cemetery, Kau Lung Tong N.K.I.L. 16.
27. Po King Po Cemetery (closed—Government Notification No. 338 of 1903).
28. Cheung Chau Cemetery (Government Notification No. 337 of 1908).
35. Principal Works by Private Firms.—Messrs. Butterfield & Swire’s new dock was used for the first time on the 1st October, when a vessel was admitted for repairs. No vessel had been docked in the Admiralty Dock up to the close of the year. Both the Quarry Bay and Naval Yard Extension establishments were to a large extent in working order.
The large blocks of godowns on K.M.L. 88 for the Ocean Steamship Co. and the piers in connection with same were ready for the commencement of business but no steamer had been berthed alongside up to the close of the year.
The Standard Oil Company’s works at Lai Chi Kok (N.K.M.L. 2) were still incomplete though in such a state as to be available tor use. Great delay in their completion was caused by the slip of the sea-wall mentioned in the report for 1906.
The Brewery on N.K.M.L. 3, Lai Chi Kok, was completed.
A Cigar Factory on K.I.L. 1203, Yaumati, was completed.


- P 10 - 


The excavation for the extension of the Dock Company’s No. 1 Dock at Hunghom was in progress throughout the year as was also the construction of Messrs. Jardine, Matheson

and Company’s Ofiice.


The reconstruction of the southern, or old, portion of the Hongkong Hotel was begun, the demolition of the old buildings being completed and foundations for the new building, which is to he of steel-frame construction, begun.


Among other works of less magnitude which have been commenced or completed during the year the following may be mentioned :--


Work's commenced.-


12 houses on M.L. 29, Queen's Road East.

5 European houses on Shaukiwan l.L. 409 in connection with Quarry Bay Shipyard.

6 houses on Shaukiwan l.L. 1780.

3 houses on Shaukiwan l.L.  414.


Works Completed


Club House for the Royal Hongkong Yacht Club.

Club House for Victoria Recreation Club.

Godowns and tenement houses (16 houses) on P.R.M.L. 57.

10 houses on K.M.L. 29, Yaumati.

3 houses on K.M.L. 30, Yaumati.

13 houses on K.l.L. 1076, Mongkoktsui.

8 houses on N.K.I.L. 21, Sham Shui Po.

Godown on Shaukiwan I L. 1580.

4 houses on M.L.s 78, 79, 80 and 206, Western District of City.




- P 21 -

of partitions in the living-rooms was subsequently ordered, but had not been completed at the close of the year.
1908. Estimates,  $12,000.00 | Total Estimates,  $30,000.00
1908. Expenditure, 11,996.19 | Expenditure to 31/12/08,
76. New Roads in Kowloon.—The following were the works executed under this vote of $30,000 :—
(i.) Extension of Robinson Road (re-named Nathan Road) from Market Street to Waterloo Road. This work was completed at a cost of $13,581.70, the expenditure during 1908 amounting to $4,351.94.
(ii.) Continuation of same from Waterloo Road to K.F.L. No. 2. This work became necessary on account of the erection of the Cigar Factory on K.I.L. 1203. It was incomplete at the close of the year, the expenditure on it amounting to $8,514.36.
(iii.) Road from Ma Tau Kok to Tai Shek Ku (incomplete). The principal object of this road was to shorten the distance from the Slaughter Houses to Yaumati but it will be found very useful in other ways. The expenditure amounted to $3,096.15.
1908. Estimates, $30,000.00
1908. Expenditure, 15,962.45
77. New Roads in New Territories.—The extension of the Kowloon City Road from its point of intersection with the Military roads to its point of bifurcation to Customs Pass and Chin Lan Chu Village was completed at a cost of $6,352.98, the Military Authorities contributing a sum of $3,176.58. There is nothing special to record about it. The gradient varies from 1 in 14 to 1 in 8.
Contracts were let towards the close of the year for :—
(a.) A road, 6 feet in width, from Castle Peak Bay to Ping Shan Village.
(6.) A road, 7 feet in width, from near Kowloon City to Shatin Pass.
The amount expended on item (a) was $2,590 for land resumptions and $1,250.97 for surveying, defining areas to be resumed, etc., or a total of $3,750.97.
In the case of item (b), the Military Authorities are to bear the principal part of the cost, the Government taking over and maintaining the road after its completion. The expenditure amounted to $1,594.68 for land resumption.
1908. Estimates, $15,000.00
1908. Expenditure, 8,524.23
78. Forming and Kerbing Streets.—The following is a statement of the works executed under this heading, except those of a trifling nature. The sum stated is in some cases only a part of the cost owing to the work extending into more than one year :—
(i.) Improving Shaukiwan Road from S.M.L. 1 to a point midway
  between S. L.s 395 and 397 : Resumptions or
  compensation for removal of buildings to new sites -                   
Pulling down old buildings,                    300
Diverting and kerbing and channelling road, 3,961
Reconstructing No. 8 Bridge and forming road to eastward
  of same                                     963
Diverting nullah adjoining S.l.L. 414, 342
Diverting tramway,                          2,539
Widening road opposite S.M.L. 1 to admit of diversion of
  tramway,  791
(ii.) Improving Shaukiwan Road below Quarry Bay Dam No. 4, .$7,754
(iii.) Improvement of Kennedy Road West of Public Laundries
and extension of Stone Nullah Lane to Kennedy Road, 3,282
(iv.) Excavating hill, removing slips and forming Forbes and
Cadogan Streets, Kennedy Town, 3,000
(v ) Forming and kerbing streets intersecting S.M.L.s 2-10, 2,373
(vi.) Forming and kerbing Praya West between Sand Street and
Smithfield, 715


- P 25 -

The nullah is constructed of concrete (partly cement and partly lime), the side-walls being faced with rubble masonry; the egg-shaped and circular culverts are composed of cement concrete, the former being supported on piles.

Item (ix). This work was rendered necessary on account of the insanitary condition of the locality, caused by the discharge of foul water into the open nullahs in Soy and Nullah Streets.

It comprises the construction of a system of pipe sewers varying in diameter from 6" to 15", connected with an existing outfall at Dundas Street, and various connections from private properties and street gullies. The 15" pipe sewer in Macdonnell Road is supported on a concrete and piled foundation.

Item (x). This extension was stipulated for in an agreement with the late lessee of Kowloon Inland Lot 1133, whereby a readjustment of the boundaries of his lots was made to admit of the construction of main throughfares.

It comprises the laying of a pipe sewer, 6” to 9" in diameter, extending from the junction of Fifth and Kennedy Streets to Kowloon Inland Lot 1133.

84.    Extensions of Lighting.—The following lamps were erected or fitted with lanterns and burners :—


  • Kennedy Road, .             2
  • Kennedy Town Pier,          1
  • Government House (lantern, &c. only),     1
  • Algar Court (paid for by owner),     1
  • Lamont’s Lane (    do.    )     1
  • Mount Kellett Road, The Peak,     1
  • Hau Fung Lane (provided by owner),     1


Deduct lamps removed from Blake Pier,...         4

Total 4

As regards the lamp in Hau Fung Lane, the lighting was taken over by Government in consequence of the surrender by the owner of Inland Lots Nos. 260 and 1731 of the scavenging lane and right-of-way pertaining to these lots.


  • Nullah Street, Mongkoktsui     1
  • Macdonnell Road (re-named Canton Road), Yaumati,      2
  • Reclamation Streer, Yaumati,     1
  • —    _4_

1908. Estimates,    $2,500.00

1908. Expenditure,      527.50

85.    Permanent Marks for Traverse Survey Points in New Territories.—Owing to insufficiency of staff in the first instance and pressure of important work subsequently, it was not found possible to proceed with this work.

1908. Estimates,    $3,000.00    Total Estimates,     $11,000.00

1908. Expenditure,      ... Expenditure to 31/12/08,    314.65

86.    Reinforced Concrete Piers.—A wrought iron shed with matting roof was erected in the yard at Wanchai referred to in last year’s report anti the yard itself was surfaced with lime and cement concrete. The necessary moulds were then prepared and 27 reinforced concrete piles were made for the Kowloon City Pier which was to be put in hand in priority to the Green Island and Harbour Office Piers, but it was not possible to do any work on these last named up to the end of the year owing to the want of a Crane Barge.

1908. Estimates,    $19,000.00     Total Estimates,    $54,300.00

1908. Expenditure,      4,230.53     Expenditure to 31/12/08,    11,574.60

87.    Blake Pier Shelter.—A contract was let to Messrs. Sang Lee & Co. in March for the manufacture of the granolithic slabs and rolls, with which it was decided to cover the roof, and the whole of these were completed in August. The columns, steel trusses, etc.,


This work was finally completed in August, continued bad weather and sickness among the workmen having impeded its progress. The building was however sufficiently advanced to admit of the two northern rooms being occupied by the Assistant Land Officer in the beginning of June, and the remaining two rooms by the

end of June.


The building contains four rooms, the dimensions of which vary from 26’ x 17' to 17' x 17' with verandahs on the east and west fronts 10' 0" and 8' 6" wide respectively and a corridor 8' 0" wide. The walls are of Canton red brick built in lime mortar, pointed externally and plastered internally. A granite string course with blocking course terminates the east verandah. The roofs of the verandahs are of cement concrete 6” thick supported on 3" x 3" steel angles and finished with granolithic 1” thick, and those of the rest of the building are of double pan and roll tiling supported on hardwood purlins and principals. The floors of the rooms are of hardwood, 1&¼” thick, secured to hardwood fillets bedded in cement concrete 6” thick and those of the corridor and verandahs are of cement concrete 4” thick, the corridor being finished with 4” x 4” red tiles and the verandahs with granolithic 1" thick. A small brick latrine with double pan and roll tiled roof was erected near the Land Ofice.


The cost of the building including formation of site, paths, wall, etc., was $16,167.98 and

furniture for the otfices was supplied at a cost of $515.80-—~total $16,683.78.


1908. Estimates, .... ........$15,000.00 | Total Estimates,............$18,000.00

1908. Expenditure,......... 13,753.62 l Expenditure to 31/12/08, 16,687.94


This market, known as the Sai Wan Ho Market, was described in last year’s report. It was completed in January at a total cost of $9,235.52.


1908. Estimates,  .... .. 4,000.00     Total Estimates, .........$ll,000.00

1908. Expenditure,  3,660.25     Expenditure to 31/12/08, 9,235.52


This work was finally completed in November at a total cost of $66,889.91, towards which a sum of $18,000 was contributed from Railway Funds as mentioned in para. 93 of last year’s report, where a general description of the work is given. ln addition to the buildings there mentioned, an isolation shed, 60’ x 12’, has been erected.


The buildings were occupied by the Sanitary Department in March, the delay in completion being due to the difliculty of deciding upon a site for the isolation shed.


1908. Estimates, .......... ..$52,000.00 l Total Estimates, .......... $70,000.00

1908. Expenditure,... .... .. 48,889.91 | Expenditure to 31/1210-8, 48,889.91


69. Extension of old Stables to provide additional office accommodation required for Public Works Department.—The old stable building was extended and the walls were raised so as to provide a second storey throughout the full length of the building. The work was well advanced at the end of the year.


1908. Estimates,............ $10,000.00 [ Total Estimates,...... .... $12,000.00

1908. Expenditure,......... 6,851.77 | Expenditure to 31/12/08,... 6,851.77


After some negotiation, an agreement was come to with the owners of Marine Lot 29 (now sub-divided into Marine Lots 295 and 296) and Inland Lots 1797-1800) whereby a public street, 30 feet in width, will be constructed from Queen’s Road East to Praya East about midway between Arsenal and Ship Streets. The sum to be paid by Government for the land required for the road amounts to $15,812.


The scheme for raising the levels of certain areas in Kowloon has received careful attention, a number of houses in the Yaamati District having been rebuilt at a higher level, thus rendering it possible to raise a considerable length of Reclamation Street to the level decided upon.


A large amount of damage to private property was attributable to both causes owing to the heavy rainstorms of the 18th-24th July, when 15.88 inches of rain fell, and the severe typhoon of the 27th~28th July. The following is a brief statement of the damage done :——






No. 26 Leighton Hill Road (verandah collapsed).

Beaconsfield (retaining wall on east side collapsed endangering tower at north-east

angle of building).

Nos. 72 and 74 Bonham Strand West (kitchens collapsed).

No. 87 Stone Nullah Lane (portion of end wall and roof collapsed).

Abertholwyn, Peak Road (retaining walls in front and in rear gave way and serious landslips occurred).





Kingsclere (heavy chimney stack collapsed and carried away portion of roof).

King’s Buildings (chimney fell carrying with it a considerable portion of roof and of all floors).

Nos. 15-17 Connaught Road Central (large pediment collapsed causing damage to roof and walls).

No. 73 Queen’s Road Central (verandah and roof collapsed).

No. 941 Des Voeux Road Central (roof and floors of verandah collapsed).

No. 52 Connaught Road West (one bay of verandah collapsed on all floors).

Nos. 163 and 164 Connaught Road West (godowns), (partial collapse).

Nos. 23-25 Praya, Kennedy Town (godowns), (upper floor collapsed).

N0. 136 Praya East (roof and portion of wall collapsed).

No. 29 Morrison Hill Road (north wall partially collapsed).




Workshops, Quarry Bay Shipyard (several steel~framed structures in course of

erection entirely demolished).

Two houses on M. L. 10, Shaukiwan (portion of flank walls and roof collapsed).

No. 17 Sui Wan Ho (total collapse).

No. 20 Shaukiwan West (front wall on 1st floor collapsed).

Nos. 21-29 (odd numbers). Shaukiwan West (major portion of rear walls collapsed and fell on four old two-storied houses causing them to collapse).

N0. 36 Shaukiwan West (front wall on 1st floor collapsed).

N0. 84 Shaukiwan West (front imil flank walls and roof collapsed).

House at Shaukiwan West (total collapse).

No. 28 Praya, Shaukiwan (roof collapsed).

Factory on S. I. L. 22 (partial collapse).

Soy Factory ..S. l. L. 104 (partial collapse).

Nos. 1 and 2 Mission Street, Shaukiwan (total collapse of one house; partial collapse of other).

Smiths Villas, Magazine Gap (rendered dangerous).

Brickworks, Aberdeen, Coolie Quarters (total collapse).




No. 55 Temple Street, Yaumati, (total collapse).

No. 117 Temple Street, Yaumati (flank wall and roof collapsed).

No. 24 Temple Street, North Yaumati. (rendered dangerous).

No. 62 Temple Street, North Yaumati (total collapse)

No. 67 Kennedy Street, Yaumati (flank walls. portions of other walls and roof collapsed).

No. 1-S Fook Shing Lane, Yaumati (practically total collapse of 8 houses).

Nos. 36-40 (even numbers) Portland Street, Mongkok (flank and party walls and roofs collapsed).

Nos. 52-58 (even numbers) Station Street North, Yauinati (rear Walls collapsed).

No. 27 Ho Mun Tin, Dyeing Shed (total collapse).

Nos. 40 and 4:2 Market Street, Hung Hom (rear walls on 1st floor collapsed).

Nos. 62-66 (even numbers), Kowloon City Road (flank and party walls and roofs collapsed).


59 persons in all were killed bv the collapses enumerated above. Many other buildings throughout the Colony were partially unroofed or otherwise injured by the storm which was of exceptional violence.


Enquiries into the collapses of Nos. 36-40 Portland Street and Nos. 21-29 Shaukiwan West were held by the Coroner, the buildings in both cases being of recent construction. In the case of the former, the jury returned a verdict of manslaughter against the architect but the Attorney General entered it nolle prosequi. In the case of the latter, the jury returned a verdict of manslaughter against the contractor and, as the result of a trial before the supreme Court, he was sentenced to one day’s imprisonment. the Chief Justice expressing the view that the supervision exercised by the Government had been inadequate.


A contract was let in March and completed in August for extending this School so as to practically double its former accommodation, a portion of the new building being utilized for an assistant master’s room and ofiice. New and enlarged latrines and outbuildings were also constructed. The total cost of the work was $8,996.02


1908. Estimates, ............$9,000.00 | Total Estimates,............ $9,000.00

1908. Expenditure, . ...... 8,996.02 ] Expenditure to 31/12/08, 8,996.02 ‘


Additional Storey to Quarters.- In consequence of complaints regarding the unhealthiness of the :accommodation provided for the master of this school, an upper storey was added over the old quarters. This affords two rooms, a pantry and bathroom and there is also a verandah on the east side and a balcony on the west side. The rooms on the ground floor, formerly occupied by the master, were utilized as classrooms. The work was completed in July at it cost of $5,200.


All the walls except those of the verandahs were built to the level of the third floor. In the case of the verandah walls, all the granite arches on the second floor were turned and about half the cornice at the level of the third floor was set. The joists for the third floor and most of the door and window frames above this level were fixed. The concrete floors at this level were also laid except those of the verandahs, main staircase landing and north-west lavatory.

The dressed granite set in the work amounted to 19,059 c. ft., in addition to which 5,894 c. f. of rough granite were set. 920 granolithic balusters were moulded bringing the number up to 2,720. The average number of masons employed daily was 92.

A large proportion of the joiner work is ready for fixing.

1908. Estimates;               $140,000.00

Total Estimates,                           $930,000.00

1908. Expenditure,           $136,577.93

Expenditure to 31/12/08,           $520,296.41