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1915 Public Works Department's report

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20. Sites for Booths at the Race Course. - A sum of $10,507 was realized by the letting of sites for the erection of booths and stands at Happy Valley during the Race Meeting.


B. O. Work. — Q 20 —

A sum of $1,851.00 was derived from fees paid in connection with the issue of licences. This includes the following cases in which the nominal fee of $1.00 was sanctioned by the Governor in Council:—the Union Church Hall; the playground of St. Paul’s College; Queen’s College Hall; the Catholic Union Hall and the compound of the Roman Catholic Cathedral. The foregoing places are in addition to those mentioned in preceding Reports.

44. Fires.—The following buildings were seriously injured by fire, some of them being damaged to such an extent as to require reconstruction :—

180 Des Voeux Road Central.
111 and 113 Jervois Street.
2 and 4 Tsz Mi Alley.
2 and 4 Tsui Lung Lane.
24-30 (even numbers) Tai Ping Shan Street.
158 Queen’s Road East.
8-11 Star Street.
62-72 (even numbers) Main Street, Shaukiwan East.
37-39 Main Street, Aberdeen.
Glass factory, Tai Wan, N.K.I.L. 53.
Sugar factory, Canton Road, K.M.L. 56.
79 Sai Kok.

In addition to the above, a timber-yard and sheds on I.L. 954, Kennedy Town, were destroyed by fire.

In the case of the fire at 2 and 4 Tsui Lung Lane, 5 persons met their death.

45. Reclamations.— The following is a statement of the private reclamations which were in progress during the year:—

                                 Area in Sq. Ft.
Shaukiwan Inland Lot 433,             11,268
Marine Lot 321, North Point,         125,000
The Old Police Basin, Kowloon Point,* 22,615

The areas stated are those of the lots, which extend further inland than old high water mark and are therefore not exclusively reclaimed from the sea.

* In accordance with the arrangements made with the Hongkong and Kowloon Wharf and Godown Co. in 1912, the Police Basin was handed over to them in exchange for certain land required for the terminal station of the kowloon-Canton Railway.

46. Principal Works of a Private Nature. The erection of one block of students’ quarters and of 5 houses for the staff of the Hongkong University on Inland Lot 1877 was completed and considerable progress was made with the erection of a second block of students’ quarters. An engineering workshop and a gas-producer house on Inland Lot 1853 were completed and the construction of a carpenters’ workshop, an extension to the Hydraulic Laboratory and of two buildings to serve as quarters for coolies and watchmen in connection with the University was commenced.

The University Recreation Ground (Inland Lot 1949), Pokfulam Road, was turfed and fenced in and the construction of a pavilion was commenced.

The new and extensive premises for the Sincere Company in Wing Wo Street were completed.

Considerable progress was made with the erection of the ‘Helena May’ Institute on Inland Lot 2083, Garden Road.

The development of Inland Lot 1947, on the ridge east of Happy Valley was proceeded with, 6 European residences being completed. The erection of one other residence was still in progress.

The Maternity Wards in connection with the Matilda Hospital on Mount Kellett Road were completed, though not certified before the end of the year.

Two blocks of flats on Inland Lot 1929, May Road were completed.

Progress was made with the erection of some new oil tanks at Lai Chi Kok for the Standard Oil Co.

A new station on the Peak Tramway was constructed adjoining May Road.

The reclamation of a new site for the works of the Hongkong Electric Co., (Marine Lot 321), at North Point, was commenced and was well advanced by the close of the year.

The buildings formerly occupied by the Hongkong Cotton Spinning and Weaving Co. on Inland Lot 1018, Causeway Bay, were acquired by the French Convent for occupation as a Hospital, Orphanage, School, Sisters’ Quarters, &c. This has necessitated considerable alterations to the buildings, of which only the Orphanage was completed by the end of the year.

Amongst other works which have been commenced or completed during the year, the following may be mentioned : —

Works  commenced.

9 Chinese houses, S.I.L.’s 420, 421 and 422, Sai Wan Hu.

6    „    „    I.L. 2086 Whitfeild.

3    ,,    ,,    I.L. 2084, Tunglowan.

3    „    ,,    I.L. 1970, Whitfeild.

2    „    ,,    I.L. 1723, Whitfeild.

2    ,,    ,,    I.L. 2093, Ship Street.

20    ,,    ,,    I.L. 1296, Kennedy Town.

2    ,,    „    I.L. 2119, Star Street.

7    ,,    „    I.L. 210, Hollywood Road.

8    ,,    ,,    K.I.L. 1262, Argyle Street.

11 European houses, I.L.’s 1923 and 1945, Kennedy Road

2    ,,    ,,    I.L. 1910, Kennedy Road.

2    I.L.’s 1931 and 1938, Kennedy Road.

2    ,,    ,, I.L.’s 2080 and 2090, Mount Davis.

2    ,,    ,,    I.L. 711, Conduit Road.

2    „    R.B.L.’s 2 and 138, Peak.

4    ,,    ,,    K.I.L. 576, Chatham Road.

2    ,,    ,,    K.I.L. 1171, Austin Avenue.

5    ,,    ,,    K.I.L. 1293, Nathan Road.

2 blocks of European flats, K.I.L. 1292, Jordan Road.

Indian School, I.L. 2121, Sookunpo.

Godown, 94 Praya East.

Mosque, I.L 268, Shelley Street.

New School, I.L. 833, Battery Road.

Additions to the China Light, and Power Co.’s Station, H.H.I.L. 225, Chatham Road.

Temple, N.K.I.L. 67, Shamshuipo.

Temple, Lot 1656, Ngau Shi Wan.

Dispensary, K.I.L. 1296, Kansu Street.

Wharf opposite, K.M.L. 91, Canton Road.

Godown and wharf, K.M.L. 88, Salisbury Road.

Forming sites for building operations : — I.L. 2070, Ship Street; I.L.’s 1923, 1944, 1945, 2072 and 2074, Kennedy Road ; R.B.L. 138, Lugard Road ; I.L. 2053, Babington Path; N.K.I.L. 63, Ngau Tau Kok; K.M.L. 87, Reclamation Street; and K.F.L. 3, Waterloo Road.

Works completed.

15 Chinese houses, M.L. 64a, Praya East and Tai Wong  Lane.

8    „    „    M.L. 64, Praya East.

48    ,,    ,,    M.L. 40, Praya East, Amoy Street and Swatow Street.

*26    „    ,,    M.L. 110, Praya East, Burrows Street, Mallory Street and Wanchai Road.

3    „    „    I.L. 1943, Whitfeild.

6    „        „    I.L. 834. Hill Road.

7    ,,    ,,    I.L 798, Third Street.

5    „    „    I.L. 2040, Tai Hang. I.L. 2085, Tai Hang.

3    ,,    ,,    I.L.’s 1036, 1037 and 1038, Whitfeild.

8    ,,    ,,    I.L. 472, Percival Street.

6    ,,    ,,    M.L.’s 18 and 53a, I.L.’s 1959 and    2000, Des Voeux Road Central.

7    ,,    ,,    I.L. 798, Queen’s Road West.

12    „    „    IL. 2087, Tai Hang.

3    ,,    ,,    S.I.L's 434 and 435, Shaukiwan.

8    ,,    ,,    S I.L.’s 63 and 64. Shaukiwan.

+27    ,,    ,,    K.I.L. 571 R.P., Nathan Road, Saigon Street and Cheung Lok Street.

18    ,,    ,,    K.I.L. 1286, Reclamation Street and Kansu Street.

3    ,,    ,,    K.I.L. 1282, Portland Street.

4    ,,    ,,    K.I.L.’s 1223 and 1292, Kowloon City    Road.

§ 8    ,,    ,,    N.K.I.L. 46, Shamshuipo.

12 European houses, I.L’s 690 and 691, Bonham Road.

12    „    „    IL. 729, Leighton Hill Road.

6    „    „    I.L. 124, Old Bailey. 

++4    ,,    ,,    I.L.’s 1934 and 1941, Kennedy Road.

1    ,,    ,,    I.L. 1940, Kennedy Road.

11    ,,    ,,    I L. 2039, Broadwood Road and Broadwood Terrace.

|| 3    ,,    ,,    I.L 1926, Wongneichong.

**2    „    „    RBL. 1, Peak.

4    ,,    ,,    K.I.L. 414, Middle Road.

Silencers and coolers for Hongkong Electric Co.’s Power Station, I.L. 1210, Star Street.

Cinema Theatre, I.L. 834, Hill Road.

Acetylene Gas Factory and Godown, I.L. 2082, Kennedy Town.


  • * 6 of these houses were not certified as the new private street, known as Mallory Street, was not completed.
  • + In addition to the 20 houses appearing in last years Report under “Works commenced", 7 others were begun in 1915.
  • § These were grouped in last year's Report with 7 houses on N.K.I.L. 41 which have not been completed.
  • ++ In addition to the 2 houses appearing in last year's Report under “Works commenced", 2 others were begun in 1915.
  • || Of the 10 houses mentioned in last year's Report, 7 were still uncompleted at the end of 1915.
  • ** In this case, an existing house was converted into two, the conversion entailing extensive reconstruction.

Coal Godown and machinery house, &c., S.M.L. 1, Sai Wan Ho.

Brewery and quarters, N.K.I.L. 60, Cheung Sha Wan.

Knitting Factory, K.I.L. 1260, Portland Street.

Godown and quarters, I.L. 2040, Tai Hang.

Temple and Dispensary. N.K.I.L, 54. Shamshuipo.

Wharf and spare gear store, Q.B.M.L. 2, Quarry Bay.

Godown, I.L. 1723, Whitfeild.

Knitting Factory, I.L. 1580, Causeway Bay.

Machinery shop and godown, M.L. 285, North Point.

Sports Pavilion, Queen’s Recreation Ground.

Billiard room and pavilion, I.L. 609b, Bonham Road.

Sugar Factory Furnaces, I.L. 905, Kennedy Town.

Retaining wails and fish-pond, I.L. 1355, Kennedy Town. Antimony Furnaces, I.L. 1703, Kennedy Town.

Godown, N.K.I.L. 48, Shamshuipo.

Godown, K.M.L. 56, Mongkoktsui.

Factory, K.M.L. 85, To Kwa Wan.

Soap Factory, Lot 7245, Kowloon City.

Pier, M.L 106. Connaught Road West.

Godown, I.L. 1301, Catchick Street.

Soy Factory, M.L. 239, Kennedy Town.

Cinema Theatre, I.L. 673 R.P., Queen’s Road West.

Workshop, K.I.L. 216, Battery Street.

Forming sites for building operations, I.L. 1937, Macdonnell Road.

There were numerous other buildings besides those mentioned above, which were either commenced or completed during the year, but they were not of sufficient magnitude or importance to justify special mention.

The following buildings, &c., mentioned in last year’s Report were not completed by the 31st December, 1915 :—

* 7 Chinese houses, N.K.I.L. 41, Shamshuipo, + 7 European houses, I.L. 1926, Wongneichong.

++ Schoolhouse, I.L. 1937, Macdonnell Road.

Workshops and packing sheds, N.K.I.L. 53, Tai Wan.

School in connection with Rosary Church, K.I.L. 617, Chatham Road.

Forming sites for building operations, I.L.’s 1931, 1938 and 1948, Kennedy Road; I.L.’s 690 and 691, Bonham Road ; I.L. 953, Belchers Street; K.I.L.’s 1283 and 1284, Ho Mun Tin ; and K.I.L.’s 640 and 1267, Ma Tau Kok.


97.Married Quarters for Police, Caine Road.—These quarters were completed and several of the flats were occupied during November. As explained in last year’s Report, the quarters have been erected on the site rendered available by the abolition of old No. 2 Tank and the diversion of Bonham Road. As the site consisted of made ground, the foundations of the buildings had to be extensively piled, the large amount of piling required causing some delay in the execution of the work.

The work comprised the erection of a large 3-storied building, containing nine flats, with servants’ quarters in the rear, or to the south of the main building. Five of the flats contain a living room, 19' 0"x 15' 0", two bedrooms, 16' 0'' x 15' 0" and 16' 0"x 14' 6" respectively, two bathrooms, a pantry and a store ; whilst the remaining four flats, in addition to the accommodation already stated, contain a third bedroom varying from 14' 10" x 7' 0" to 11' 6" x 6' 4". Each flat is provided with a European kitchen and the necessary servants’ quarters conveniently placed. Verandahs, 5' 0" wide, with a commodious bay opposite each living room, extend along the front of all the flats, and balconies and bridges afford access to the servants’ quarters, to which a separate entrance is provided on the ground floor.

The walls are of brickwork throughout, faced externally, up to first floor level, with Formosa bricks, above which they are generally covered with rough-cast. Architectural effect is obtained HK the introduction, where the hays project, of pilasters formed of alternate hands of red facing bricks and cast concrete blocks and by the use of panels and cornices, etc., which are finished in fine cement. The walls of the main building are plastered internally. The floors throughout are of reinforced concrete, finished with hardwood flooring boards, except in the case of the verandahs, where they are laid with 4"x4" red tiles, and the servants’ quarters, where they are laid with granolithic. All stairs are of cement concrete, with cast iron nosings. The roofs, except in the case of the verandahs and servants’ quarters, which are of cement concrete finished with “ Ruberoid ”, are covered with double pan and roll tiling. Electric light and electric hells have been installed throughout all the quarters.

1915 Estimates,...$41,500.00  Total Estimates, $64,000.00
1915 Sup. Vote,... 9,690.00  
1915 Expenditure, 51,140.80  Expenditure to 31/12/15, 64,540.98

A balance of $9,135.94, due in connection with the construction and equipment of the quarters, remained outstanding at the close of the year.

The cost, per flat, has amounted to $8,186.