1937 Public Works Department Annual Report | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

1937 Public Works Department Annual Report

A copy of the original is available at HKGRO: https://lib.hku.hk/hkgro/view/a1937/1017.pdf



Q 48


179. Compensation and Resumptions:—Minor resumptions were carried out in connection with the development of the district in accordance with the approved Town Planning Scheme.

Expenditure         $1,969.70



180. Anti-Malarial Works:—-Work on training the stream-course west of New Kowloon Inland Lot No. 1969 at Ngau Shi Wan was (commenced in November. A length of 150 feet of 36" diameter channel was completed. Filling to the amount of 1,200 cubic yards was also completed and an area of 300 super yards was turfed.

Expenditure         $1,605.21




181.    Ta Ku Ling Police Station—Extensions:—This was referred to in paragraph 188 of last year’s Report. The work proceeded satisfactorily and was completed on 22nd October.

Expenditure                         $51,337.82

Expenditure to 31st Dec., 1937     $51,559.64



182.    Roads: —Kerbing, channelling and surfacing to road and footpaths were laid in front of the new buildings erected during the year at Taipo Market and Un Long.

Expenditure     $6,731.69

183. Drainage—(a) Training Nullahs:—Rough dry weather channels were formed in the untrained length of the stream-courses below the dam adjoining the Cafeteria at Castle Peak, and minor stream-course training was carried out.

Expenditure             $469.44

(b) Miscellaneous:—Work of a minor nature was carried out at Taipo Market.

Expenditure     $7.50