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1926 Public Works Department Annual Report

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Land Sales, &c. — Q 24 —

15. Naval and Military Lands.—A total area of 6,633 square feet was taken over from Military Authorities for widening Garden Road.

An area of 220 square feet was surrendered by the Naval Authorities for a public purpose.

An area of 327,387 square feet known as part of the Belcher’s Battery was, however, transferred back to the Military Authorities.

16. Piers.—In Hong Kong an extension was granted to Permanent Pier No. 8 opposite Marine Lots Nos. 297 and 305 The premium was $1,280 (area 128 square feet).

There is nothing to report under this heading in Kowloon, New Kowloon, and New Territories.

17. Cemeteries.—The Christian Chinese Cemetery at Kaulung Tong was closed during the year.

18. Re-entries.—15 lots in Hong Kong, 36 lots in Kowloon, 11 lots in New Kowloon, 33 lots in the Southern District and 225 in the Northern District were re-entered during the year.


19. Ordnance Survey.—The staff of the Survey Office has to a large extent been concentrated on this work. The survey of the whole of the City of Victoria has now been completed and during the year 358 acres have been surveyed and 380 acres plotted, the chainage totalling more than 52 miles. Seven sheets have been reduced from a scale of 50 feet to one inch to a scale of 200 feet to one inch. Considerable revision, owing to numerous road improvements, erection of new buildings and reconstruction has yet to be carried out but it is hoped that this will be practically completed during 1927.

A number of traverses were run outside the City to enable the detail work to be carried on in the outlying districts. One traverse with a chainage of 3,350 feet was run from Mount Nicholson via Wong Nei Chong Gap to join up with a main traverse at the junction of Bowen Hoad and Stubbs Road, and from a station in this traverse at Wong Nei Chong Gap a traverse of 9,866 feet was made along the new Repulse Bay Road to a Trigonometrical station at the junction of this road with the Aberdeen—Repulse Bay Road.

Mount Gough Trigonometrical station was connected with the Peak Trigonometrical station by a traverse of 8,965 feet, and various minor traverses were run in connection with the revision survey of the Peak District.


— Q 33 — B. O. O. Work.

43. Reclamations.—The following is a statement of the private reclamations which were completed or in progress during the year:—

                                         Area in sq. ft.
M.L.’s 430 and 431, North Point (in progress),   833,975

N.K.M.L.’s 6 and 7, Lai Chi Kok (in progress),  (630,000

N.K.M.L. 8, Lai Chi Kok (completed),             514,150
N.K.I.L.’s 520 and 521, Cheung Sha Wan
(completed),                                      51,750
K.I.L.’s 1558 to 1561, Ma Tau Kok (in progress), 407,985
Tsun Wan I.L.’s 1 to 4 (nearing completion),     498,750
Tsun Wan M.L. 2 (work suspended),                874,400

In connection with the reclamation of about 215 acres of foreshore and sea-bed at the head of Kowloon Bay, referred to in previous years’ reports, work has been suspended.

44. Principal Works of a Private Nature.—The following blocks of business premises, etc., in the City were completed during the year:—

  • Bank premises at Nos. 144-150, Des Voeux Road, Central.
  • Bank premises at Nos. 236-238, Des Voeux Road, Central.
  • Bank premises and offices at No. 5, Queen’s Road, Central, on M.L. 102.
  • The reconstruction of the premises of the “South China Morning Post”, on I.L. 80, Wyndham Street.
  • New Church on I.L. 590, Bonham Road.
  • A Godown on M.L. 302, Des Voeux Road, West.
  • A block of 23 four-storeyed Chinese houses on I.L. 349, Kwong Ming Street, St. Francis Yard.
  • A block of 12 four-storeyed Chinese houses on R.P. of I.L. 851, etc., Nos. 111-125, Hollywood Road and 24-30, Circular Pathway.

The following blocks of business premises etc., in the City were in course of erection:-

  • Exchange Building on M.L. 7, Des Voeux Road, Central, (nearing completion).
  • Hotel on M.L. 326, Connaught Road, West.

B. O. O. Work. — Q 34 —

  • Hotel on M.L. 325, Morrison Street, Des Voeux Road, Central, and Connaught Road Central.
  • "Kingsclere” site, I.L. 1381, Kennedy and Macdonnell Roads; formation of site and erection of retaining walls.
  • Formation of site and erection of retaining walls on I.L.’s 714-715, Belilios Terrace.
  • St. Paul’s Girls’ School on I.L. 2459, Kennedy and Macdonnell Roads.
  • Formation of site and erection of retaining walls and 10 garages on I.L. 1381, Kennedy and Macdonnell Roads.
  • Re-development of 28 four-storeyed Chinese houses on M.L.’s 42 and 43, Spring Garden Lane and Lee Tung Street.

The following is a list of the principal works in other parts of the City and outlying districts which were completed during the year:—

  • 20 Chinese houses on M.L.’s 201 and 202, Tang Lung Street.
  • Presbytery on I.L. 2364, Broadwood Road.
  • Quarters for coolies on Q.B. M.L. 8.
  • Printing Office on I.L. 2235, Whitfield.
  • Chinese Theatre on I.L.'s 29 and 457, Lee Gardens.
  • Block of 6 European flats on I.L. 2456, Wong Nei Chong.
  • Kiln House on Q.B. M.L. 1.
  • Storage tank and concrete dam on Q.B. I.L. 13.
  • 4,000 ton Kerosene Tank on I.L. 1366, Whitfield.
  • 8,000 ton Liquid Fuel Tank on I.L. 2273, Whitfield.
  • 10 ton Liquid Fuel Tank on M.L. 277.
  • Sixteen Chinese houses converted into thirty-four sets of quarters on R.B.L. 51, Pokfulam.
  • Extension, containing sixty bedrooms, to Repulse Bay Hotel, R.B.L.’s 142 and 167.

— Q 35 — B. O. O. Work.

  • Six bungalows completed on R.B.L. 200, Repulse Bay.
  • Reconstruction of Upper Peak Tram Station House and Engine House.
  • Three bungalows completed at Shek O.

The following is a list of principal works in other parts of the City and outlying districts which were in course of erection: —

  • Site development for 28 houses on R.B.L. 245, Deep Water Bay. A large number of the sites and five large reinforced concrete bridges are completed.
  • Formation of sites for 28 bouses and erection of retaining walls on I.L. 2354, Stubbs Road.
  • Ninety-eight Chinese houses on M.L. 365 and I.L.’s 29 and 457, at East Point Hill.
  • A large modern Theatre on I.L. 1452, Percival Street, was nearing completion.
  • Reinforced concrete godowns, steel framed refinery and morit house, and concrete and steel jetty on Q.B. M.L. 1, nearing completion.
  • Filter house on Q.B. M.L. 2, nearing completion.
  • Levelling of sites for several blocks of flats on I.L. 2366, Shaukiwan Road, was continued.
  • Formation of sites on I.L.’s 2367-2376, Shaukiwan Road, was continued.

The following is a list of principal works in the Kowloon district which were completed during the year: —

  • Theatre on N.K.I.L. 239, Kowloon City.
  • Rope Works on K.I.L. 1094, Ma Tau Kok.
  • New offices and quarters for the China Light and Power Company, on K.M.L. 93, Tai Wan.
  • New sub-station for the China Light and Power Company on K.I.L. 1947, Kau Pui Shek.
  • Twenty Chinese houses on N.K.I.L. 420, Shamshuipo.
  • Over 100 houses on the Kowloon Tong Estate were certified during the year.

B. O. O. Work. — Q 36 —

  • Hat Factory on N.K.I.L. 468, Ma Tau Wei.
  • Twelve Chinese houses on H.H.I.L.’s 262 and 265, Hung Hom.
  • Diocesan Boys’ School on K.I.L. 1588.
  • School on K.I.L. 617, Chatham Road.
  • New block, Kwong Wah Hospital, K.I.L. 1213, Pitt Street.
  • Block of seven four-storeyed European flats on K.I.L. 755, Nathan Road.
  • Oil Refinery on K.M.L. 47, Canton Road.
  • Extension to the Gas Works on K.I.L. 395.
  • New sub-station on K.I.L. 1969.

The following is a list of the principal works in the Kowloon District which were in course of erection: —

  • Theatre on N.K.I.L. 992, Shamshuipo.
  • A Cinema on K.I.L.’s 1778 and 1930, Reclamation Street, nearing completion.
  • Block of godowns on K.M.L. 11, Canton Road.
  • One European residence on K.I.L. 1918, King’s Park.
  • Good progress was made on the “Peninsula Hotel” K.I.L. 1461.

45. Scavenging Lanes.—The following table shows the aggregate areas of scavenging lanes provided under Sections 179 and 180 of the Public Health and Buildings Ordinance No. 1 of 1903: —

  Provided on payment of compensation Provided by owners, but not surrendered to Government To be provided by owners when an opportunity of gaining access occurs Provided by owners and surrendered to government free of cost
  A B C D
  Sq. ft. Sq. ft. Sq. ft. Sq. ft.
Hong Kong Nil 17,974.50 3,145.50 Nil
Kowloon Nil 4,240.75 796.50 1,568.25
New Kowloon (referred to as New Territories in last year's Report) Nil 264.00 Nil 930.00
  Nil 22,479.25 3,942.00 2,498.25

Grand Total (in sq. ft.) 28,919.50


— Q 105 — P.W.E. New Kowloon

156. Kaulungtong Development Scheme, Excavation and Filling.—This work was referred to in paragraph 214 (b) of last year’s Report.

Fair progress was made with the cutting in spite of the targe amount of rock met with. Excavation to the extent of 250,000 c. yds. was cut from the hills and dumped into the low-lying areas.

During the year 9.11 acres were handed over to the Kowloon Tong and New Territories Development Company, bringing the total area placed at its disposal up to 53.43 acres.

1926 Estimates, ... $100,000.00  Total Estimates, .. $370,000.00
1926 Expenditure,.  $ 43,650.00  Expenditure to
                                   31.12.26          $334,399.87

157. Refuse Dump,—Cheung Sha Wan.-—This work was referred to in paragraph 215 of last year’s Report.

The requirements of the Sanitary Department were met as to the dumping of material and the extension of the mole.

1926 Estimates,     $5,000.00
1926 Sup. Vote,      $2,500.00
                     $7,500.00 Expenditure to
1926 Expenditure, .. $7,499.83     31.12.26,   $42,844.54

158. Chinese Cemeteries.—The work carried out under this heading has been alluded to in paragraph 39 of this Report.

1926 Estimates,  $2,000.00
1926 Expenditure $1,884.93

159. Filling in large Area at Kowloon City.—This work was referred to in paragraph 218 of last year’s Report.

The work, which is chiefly the forming of areas required for exchanges with lot owners, progressed satisfactorily.

Altogether 57,000 c. yds. were deposited and 105,000 sq. ft. formed.

1926 Estimates, ... $30,000.00   Total Estimates, - $366,000.00
1926 Expenditure,   $16,314.97   Expenditure to
                                    31.12.26        $ 61,626.95



178. Officers' Quarters.

Additional Quarters at rear of "Le Calvaire". - This work, referred to in paragraph 96 of last year's Report was suspended during the first 2 months of the year, pending reconsideration of the financial position.

Work was recommenced on March 1st from which date satisfactory progress was made up to the end of the year.

All the brickwork from the ground floor level was completed and also the roof and the concrete floors. Doorframes and metal windows were fixed and all the stores with the exception of wall tiles had arrived from England.

By the end of the year the internal plaster work was being carried out and preparations were being made to proceed with the staircases.

  • 1926 Special Vote, $113,000
  • 1926 Expenditure, $111,302.36
  • Expenditure to 31.12.26, $1,670,355.94


Annexe L.


Harbour Developments. — Q 164 —


(a). Contribution by Government towards Fund for Reclamation.

(b). Morrison Hill Development:    Retaining Walls and Stormwater Culverts.

This work was referred to on page 183 of last year’s Report.

(a). Filling,—Progress on this work continued satisfactorily and sufficient material was deposited to satisfy the bonus conditions laid down by the Committee of Engineers referred to on page 184 of last year’s Report. About 699,737 cube yards of filling material was deposited in the reclamation area during the year, bringing the total quantity dumped up to 2,246,541 cube yards. The total area of land so formed is approximately 58.50 acres. Allotments Nos. 31 to 41 inclusive containing an area of approximately 11.64 acres are completely formed except for roadways, lighting etc.

Sea Wall.—The length of trench dredged for the rubble foundations during the period under review was approximately 1,009 lineal feet, bringing the total length for this work to approximately 4,880 lineal feet. Rubble was deposited in the foundations for an additional length of approximately 1,000 lineal feet making a total length of 4,416 lineal feet now formed. The sea wall is now wholly completed for a length of 3,219 lineal feet, partially completed for a further length of 113 lineal feet, and the foundation blocks are in place for a further distance of 35 lineal feet.

Quay Wall.—-Apart from dredging a trench for the foundations, no work was carried out in connection with the construction of the Quay Wall.

Public Pier ‘B'.—This work was completed for a length of 30 lineal feet.

Refuse Boat Pier.— The masonry of this work was all but completed at the end of the year and the rubble hearting was nearly up to the final level.

Public Pier ‘A’.—Rubble dumped by the Contractor on the site of this pier without authority was being removed at the end of the year.

--- Q, 165 — Harbour Developments.

Sewers.—The following lengths of sewers and storm water drains are now completed, viz : —

Sewers. 21" diam. 2,290 L.F.  \                   2,290
                                                 |  or % of  ----------  x 100 = 53.4%
              24"     „       —            /                   4,285

S.W. Drains. 15" diam.    1,045 L.F. \
                     18"       „       945    „     |
                     21"       ,,      105    ,,    |             or % of
                     27"       „       200    ,,    |
                     30"       „       220    ,,    +       3,785
                     39"      ,,       315    ,,    |     ----------- xl00 = 31.2%
                     48"       ,,      175    ,,    |       12,130
                     54"       ,,      340     ,,   |
                   11'6"       ,,     440    ,,    /

The following- table is an analysis of the expenditure during the year under review: —

Head of Expenditure.          During the  
                                            year ended      Previously          Total to
                                             31. 12. 26.                                31.12.26.

                                                       $                   $                     $
“ Current Account”. 

Contract No. 12 of 1921...    394,22,7.40    1,039,964.49    1,434,191.89
Bonus payments Contract
  No. 12 of 1921                     266,908.36       212,067.56       478,975.92
Items Subsidiary to, but
  not included in Contract
  No. 12.                                         219.8            4,676.42           4,896.30
Dredging                                     1,989.28        93,833.42         96,822.70
Alteration to Existing.
   Sewers                                   48,266.33        69,289.81       117,556.14
Alteration to Existing
  Storm Water Drains ...             20,591.37      154,836.62       175,427.99
Water Mains                                      89.69               31.51             121.20
Roads                                              181.48              30.50              211.98
Reconstruction of Build-
  ings,. &c., in R. N.
  Arsenal Yard    
Advance Account                                 ...           105,54l.84     105,541.84
Salaries and Supervision...          31,162.51      115,944.84     147,107.35

Total    $                                     768,646.30    1,796,217.01  2,559,863.31

The account in respect of the contribution by Government towards the Fund for the Reclamation is as follows: —

1926 Estimates, ... $160,000.00
1926 Expenditure, $128,092.00 Expenditure to
                                                      31.12.26,      $544,391.00

Harbour Developments. — Q 166 —

(b). Morrison Hill Area Development.—Owing to the large quantity of filling material being dumped in the Reclamation area from sources other than Morrison Hill, it was decided that a portion of the hill be not cut down to original formation levels.

An additional length of 37 lineal feet of retaining wall on the north side of Gap Road was formed during the year. The total length of the wall now completed is 545 lineal feet. The length of parapet wall formed is 439 lineal feet.

Twin Culverts.—Having regard to the repeated flooding of Happy Valley, it is considered that the capacity of the proposed culverts would be insufficient to drain the above area and consequently it was decided to abandon the culverts through Morrison Hill and to construct a nullah in lieu thereof. As Morrison Hill will be left at a higher level than that originally decided upon, it is not practical to carry this nullah through the Hill, the drainage will therefore continue via Bowrington Canal, the existing Nullah being enlarged to sufficient capacity to prevent flooding.

1926 Estimates, .... $10,000.00
1926 Expenditure,  $ 9,941.30 Expenditure to
                                                     31.12.26,      $46,005.97