1900 Public Works Report

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4. The following particulars of Land Sales and Survey Work are taken from figures furnished by Mr King, at present in charge of this branch:-


Inland Lot 1625, to the South of Morrison Hill Road, was granted to the Natives of Northern India for a "Dharma Sala"; and Inland Lot 1613 Kennedy Town was granted to the Trustees of the Tung Wah Hospital for extensions, both under 75-year leases. There were also two free grants at Kowloon, one of 30,000 square feet to the Church Missionary Society for the erection of a Home for Chinese Girls at Kau Pui Shek; and the other of 15,000 square feet to the Hildesheim Mission for Blind Girls at To-kwa-wan.


28.    Governor s Peak Residence. —The plans for this building, which promises to be the largest and handsomest building at the Peak, were prepared by Messrs. Palmer & Turner. The site and approach roads had been formed under special votes at a cost of $5,575.46. A contract for the building was let to Mr. Sang Lee for $97,715.69 and fair progress was made with the work during the year. The kitchens and servants’ quarters were nearing completion when the typhoon of 10th November occurred, and, as the masonry of the walls was unset and the roof only partly framed, considerable damage was done. The stone foundations of the main building were well advanced before the close of the year, and the woodwork of the doors and windows was in course of preparation.

29.    Pokfulam Conduit Road.—This new road was carried as far as inland Lot 1,549 during the year at a cost of $9,684.73. The amount of premium from sale of sites for houses on the road has already reached $48,050, with an annual income from Crown Rent of $1,991 besides the rates and taxes. Similar results have followed the opening of all new roads in the Colony. Plans and Estimates are ready for the completion as far as a junction with Robinson Road.

30.    Harlech Road.—The road from the upper Tram Station to High West, which has been thus named, was commenced (owing to an arrangement kindly suggested and carried out by His Excellency Major-General Gascoigne) by working parties of the Royal Welch Fusiliers. The earth cutting and removal of boulders was completed for three-quarters-of-a-mile by the soldiers, at a total cost of $990.61. Owing to the extravagant demands by Chinese contractors, the rock blasting and masonry works have not been commenced. It is now decided that this road should be taken over and completed by the Military Authorities, to give access to sites for batteries on High West and sites for buildings beyond and to the North of the saddle.

31.    Gaol Extension.—A new wing containing 78 separate cells was completed during the year, but could not be used owing to the non-arrival from England of the special Gaol locks ordered. They have since been received. The upper yard was surfaced with concrete and covered in. The total expenditure under this heading in the year was $16,959.06.

32.    Quarters for Gaol Staff.—These quarters should have been completed in the year and available for use from the 1st January, but owing to the dilatoriness of the contractor were unfinished, The brickwork is completed and the roofs are being fixed. The total expenditure in the year was $20,855.93.