1895 Public Works Department Annual Report

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2.           Repair to Government Buildings.-The following new buildings have been added to the list of Government buildings during the year, viz.:—

The Slaughter Houses, Sheep and Pig Depots at Kennedy Town, and The Central Market.

3.           The following buildings have been removed

The Temporary Markets, Praya Central and Wing Lok Street.
The Slaughter House, West Point.
Number 8 Police Station, Taipingshan, and the Taipingshan Market.

68. Central Market.—This building was completed and handed over to the Sanitary Board on the 30th of April, and the following is a general description of its structure and arrangement.


69. Site.—The New Market is situated between the Queen's Road and Praya, and occupies a site in a central position in the City of Victoria bounded on the north by Jubilee Street, south by Queen Victoria Street, west by Queen's Road and east by Praya Central.

The total area of the site is 51,274 square feet, and that actually occupied by buildings exclusive of approaches and central avenue is 40,000 square feet.

70. Building.—The foundations of the building which were of a somewhat heavy nature owing to the eastern portion being in reclaimed ground were commenced in May 1890, the contract for these included the necessary retaining walls along the western portions of Victoria and Jubilee Streets and along the Queen's Road frontage, and the main drains.

This contract was completed 31st August, 1891, and the granite base for the superstructure was then proceeded with, being completed in August, 1892.

71. The contract for the erection of the remaining portion of the building was entered into in the same month, and the construction of the internal fittings was entrusted to the contractor at a later period.

72.  As will be seen from the plan and sections, the building consists of two blocks each two stories in height, the lower story having the main entrance from the Praya and the upper from Queen's `Road. Side entrances are also provided from Victoria and Jubilee Streets.

Between the two blocks is a central avenue 20 feet in width, over this are constructed at each end Inspector's quarters.

The two blocks are connected by a covered way across the central avenue on each floor. 73. The walls of the building are of red brick with granite stone dressings:

74. The floors are of concrete finished in cement, the upper one being carried on cast iron columns and wrought iron girders with steel joints and corrugated steel decking, the cast iron work being obtained from Messrs. NEWTON CHAMBERS & CO., Sheffield, and the wrought iron work and steel from the HORSEHAY COMPANY, Shropshire.

75. The roof is of double pan and roll tiles carried by wrought iron trusses 12 feet apart and of 51 feet span, the purlins being of yacal timber 6" x 3” in section running longitudinally and placed 1’.9" apart.

76. The iron work for the roof was obtained from Messrs. COCHRANE & CO., Dudley.

77. Arrangement.—On the ground floor the southern block containing 46 shops is devoted to the wholesale dealers in fish and vegetable. The shops. are 15'.6" x 12’0" with the exception of two of the fish shops which are 23'.9" x 12'.0"; four of those in- the fish section being fitted with water tanks with water laid on to meet the requirements of the dealers in live fish..

78. The ground floor of the northern block containing 150 stalls 6'. 0" x 6'. 0' is devoted to the dealers in fish, vegetables and pork, each section containing 50 stalls; 20 of the fish stalls are fitted with water tanks. The vegetable stalls are fitted with tiers of receding shelves and the pork stalls with iron rails and hooks. •

79. The upper floor of the southern block contains 46 shops 19'. 0" x 12'. 0", 20 of which are devoted to the sale of fruit and 26 to that of beef and mutton, the latter being fitted with iron rails and hooks.

80. The upper floor of the northern block contains 46 shops of the above dimensions, all of which are devoted to the sale of poultry.

81. Shops and Stalls. —The shops and stalls except the fittings above mentioned are constructed of wood fitted into iron sockets in the floor, the woodwork being kept 3 inches above the floor to admit of the latter being thoroughly washed.

82.  Gallery. —Round the building immediately above the shops and stalls is constructed a light gallery admitting of the windows being readily opened and closed.

83. Ventilation.—Ventilation is provided for on the ground floor by air inlets near the floor level and windows, and on the upper floor by similar air inlets, windows and louvre in the roof.

84. Lighting.As the market is open from 4 a.m. to 8 p.m. some means of artificial light was required, and a contract was entered into with the Electric Co. to carry out the necessary installation and supply the current from the mains in Queen's Road and the Praya.
The installation consists of 43 incandescent lamps of 50 candle-power each, 31 of 32 candle-power, and 12 of 16 candle-power, making a total of 92 lamps with an aggregate candle-power of 3,526.
The three sections of the market having central avenues are lit by a single row of 50 candle-power lamps spaced 24 feet apart.
The fourth section with side avenues is lit by a double row of 32 candle-power lamps placed 8 feet on each side of the centre line of the section; these are spaced 18 feet apart.
The central avenue is lit by three 50 candle-power lamps controlled by separate switches.
The three central lights in the block on the ground floor are controlled by a separate switch, so that they can be turned on as pilot lights if required.
The other lamps including those in the entrance are divided into ten sections, each controlled by a switch.
The lamps are placed about 14 feet above the floor level.
The current is reduced from 2,000 to 100 volts on entering the premises, and the consumption with all the lamps turned on is about 11.2 Board of Trade units per hour.

85. Completion.—The building was completed and opened on the 1st of May last, the total cost being:—

Site,                                                     $158,058.00

Foundation,                                      $ 35,988.54

Superstructure and fittings,        $220,262.06

Electric Light Installation            $ 1,749.40

Total,                                                   $416,058.00

86.  At the instance of the Sanitary Board, scalding and plucking rooms have since been added over the central portion of the passage between the two blocks at a cost of $2,068. These were completed and handed over to the Sanitary Board on the 5th of December last.

87. Erection of the Queen's Statue.—This work has been proceeded with on the site reserved for it in Wardley Street on the New Reclamation. The foundations were completed early in the year, but, owing to the impossibility of completing the superstructure before the typhoon season commenced, it was considered advisable to delay this portion of the work which is now being proceeded with.

88. Improvement, Recreation Ground, Happy Valley.—No expenditure has been incurred under this heading during the past year.

89. The extension of the present ground to meet the growing requirements of the Colony has, however, been decided upon, and it is hoped that the work of rendering the area known as the Bowrington Gardens available for recreation will be shortly taken in hand.

90. Slaughter-house and Sheep and Pig Depots.—To meet the convenience of the dealers who applied for further accommodation for unbasketting the pigs, it was decided to erect an additional shed on the vacant ground to the east of the existing sheds.
This work was commenced in August last, and the shed, occupying an area of 6,000 square feet in communication with the depot, is nearing completion.

91. Gaol Extension.—The new buildings in Old Bailey have been completed and were handed over to the Superintendent of the Gaol on the 20th December.

92. These buildings consist of two main blocks three stories in height having basements under the northern portions.
The blocks contain 155 separate cells and are connected by a covered way.
In the basements ample store and bath-room accommodation has been provided.

93. A portion of the site has been utilised for the erection of a workshop and workshed with store room adjoining.

94. The whole of the site is surrounded by a high masonry wall, and communication with the existing Gaol premises situated on the east side of Old Bailey has been provided by the construction of a subway under Old Bailey.

95. Gas and water have been laid on at convenient places throughout the premises.

96.   New Water Mains.—The completion of the distribution mains at Kennedy Town have been carried out during the year.

97.   In October last, contracts were entered into for the construction of covered service reservoirs at Kennedy Town and Wanchai.
The former was let to Mr. KAN ON, and the latter to Mr. Hui YAU. Both works have been commenced.
The capacity of the Kennedy Town reservoir is 340,000 gallons, and top water level 210 feet above Ordnance Datum.
The capacity of the Wanchai reservoir is 190,000 gallons, and top water level 251 feet above Ordnance Datum.

98.  Sewerage, City of Victoria:—The sewers, in the Eastern District, with the exception of the intercepting syphon with which it is not proposed at present to proceed, and those at Kennedy Town have been completed.

99. Water Supply, Kowloon.--The works described in my report of the 30th of June, 1892, Sessional Paper No. 31/1892, with the addition of a reservoir at Hung Hom and a clear water tank at Yaumati, as suggested by Mr. OSBERT CHADWICK, C.M.G., to whom the project was referred, have been completed, with the exception of the Pumping Stations Buildings. These are, however, far advanced, and the laying of mains in Mongkok Tsui awaits the carrying out of the project for the continuation of Station Street, Yaumati.

100. The sources of supply are three valleys situated north of the village of Yaumati. In these, wells have been sunk, and puddle dams constructed across their outlets to prevent the escape of subsoil waters.

101. In the valleys exists a considerable depth of sandy deposit washed down from the hills, in this are laid open jointed pipes conducting the water to the wells.
From the wells the water is conveyed by cast iron inverted syphons laid along the roads constructed in connection with this project to the clear water tank at Yaumati from which it is pumped to the reservoir on the hill north of the Rifle Range and through the distributing mains to the reservoir at Hung Hom.

105. The distributing mains have been laid throughout Yaumati, Kowloon Point and Hung Hom, and 70 fountains of the Madras pattern have been fixed. The work was sufficiently advanced to admit of water being turned on to most of the fountains on the 10th of June last, since which date the supply has been practically constant.

106. The Pumping Machinery was started on the 24th of December, and water has been delivered under pressure since that date.

107. The supply of water obtainable from these works is during the dry season very limited; it is therefore necessary that the utmost economy should be exercised as to its use. With this object in view, Ordinance No. 6/1895 was passed by the Legislative Council conferring power on the Water Authority to meter all private services and charge for the water consumed by measurement.

108. It is a matter of considerable importance that this step was taken before any private services had been connected with the main and the complaints and dissatisfaction consequent on a subsequent change of policy avoided.

109. There can be little doubt that in native villages the supply obtainable from public fountains meets all reasonable requirements, and in those districts in which European houses exist private services can be constructed and water laid on at comparatively a small cost, whilst the meter system will no doubt check the waste and misuse of water so likely to exist and so difficult to stop without such a system.

110. Taitam Water-Works Extension- This project, which included the raising of the main embankment of the Taitam Reservoir 12 feet 6 inches, and the overflow weir 10 feet, increasing the storage capacity of the reservoir to 390,000,000 gallons, has been proceeded with. The work on the main embankment is nearly completed, and the overflow weir has been raised 5 feet, at which level it is proposed to leave it until after the rainy season has commenced.

111. The construction of the clear water channel along the western side of the reservoir, across the bye-wash channel and down the western side of the gauge basin into which it discharges, is in progress.

112. The construction of a catchwater, intercepting the flow of water from the hillside to the east of the reservoir and conducted into the reservoir, is in progress.

113.       Owing to the experience of last rainy season when the .yield of the present catchment area of the Taitam reservoir was insufficient to meet the daily requirements of the City of Victoria and fill the reservoir, it was considered desirable to at once extend the catchment area by the construction of this catchwater contouring the hillside at an elevation of about 600 feet above sea level.
It has been completed over a length of 2,938 lineal feet increasing the catchment area by 80 acres, and the work of extending it a further 5,200 lineal feet to a point on the eastern side of Mount Parker is in hand.
On the completion of this work, the catchment area of the reservoir will be increased by 220 acres, making the total area 900 acres.
Within this additional area are situated some perennial streams which will be intercepted, increasing not only the flow into the reservoir during the rainy season but also that during the dry season.

114. Extension of MacDonnell and Austin Road. Kowloon- I am glad to be able to report that this work has now been completed and has materially improved the communication between Kowloon Point and the village of Yaumati.
Considerable difficulty was experienced with this contract owing to the dilatory manner in which the contractor proceeded with the work, who, as reported, ultimately gave it up. Arrangements were then made for its completion by the contractor for the annual maintenance and repair of roads in Kowloon, who has carried out the remaining work in a satisfactory manner.

115.       Kowloon Cattle Depot.— This work has been completed and was handed over to the Sanitary Board on the 20th of December.

116.       The Depot is situated on the Hung Hom Road in close proximity to the Kowloon slaughter-house, and consists of a lair shed providing accommodation for 112 head of cattle, a Fodder Shed, Offices and Coolie Quarters.
The premises which occupy-an-area of 9,140-square feet are enclosed by a brick boundary wall.

[117, 118] ......

119. Isolation Hospital.—In accordance with the recommendation of the Medical Committee, steps have been taken to replace the temporary matshed hospital in the grounds of the Government Civil Hospital by a permanent building.

120. This project includes the construction of a one-storied building, providing accommodation for 8 beds in the general ward overlooked by the attendants' room, and for 4 beds in two private wards.
The building is surrounded by a verandah, off which is provided the necessary lavatory and bath-room accommodation.
In a separate building to the west of the main block and connected with it by a covered way, the necessary Servants' Quarters, Kitchens, Wash-house, Disinfecting room and Mortuary are provided.
A contract was entered into with Mr. KANG ON for the erection of the buildings in December, , and the work has been commenced.

121. Central Police Station Additional Quarters.  This project includes the erection of a drying room and additional bathroom accommodation on the south side of the barracks, and the erection of four blocks of buildings, (on the vacant site at the corner of Arbuthnot Road and Wyndham Street) providing accommodation for 3 married men and 1 single man, out-offices and stabling for 3 horses.
The drying room and bathroom accommodation have been completed.
A contract was entered into with Mr. A HOK for the erection of the quarters in August last, and the work has made satisfactory progress.

122. Signalling Station and Lines of Communication with same.—This project includes, as recommended by the Signalling Committee:--

(a) The erection of a Signalling Station on Blackhead's Hill, Kowloon, in telephonic communication with the Wharf and Godown Co.'s premises at Kowloon.

(b) The construction of telephonic communication between Cape D'Aguilar Lighthouse and the Eastern Extension Telegraph Co.'s Office.

(c) The removal of the telegraph instrument in communication with the Gap Rock Lighthouse from the Post Office to the Eastern Extension Telegraph Co.'s Office.

(d) Placing the Eastern Extension Telegraph Office in telephonic communication with the Harbour Office and the Wharf and Godown Co.'s premises at Kowloon.

123. The Signalling Station buildings, comprising Quarters for the Officer in charge, Flag room and Coolie Quarters were erected by Mr. KANO ON, and the Flag-staff, 65 feet in height, lower mast of steel, top mast and yard of Oregon pine, with all necessary gearing, was erected by the Dock Co.

124. The above works were completed and handed over to the Harbour Department on the 16th of December.

125. The additions and alterations to the lines of communication have been completed departmentally in conjunction with the Manager of the Eastern Extension Telegraph Co.

126. Taipingshan Improvement-This project dealt with in a special report dated 22nd March, 1895, Sessional Paper 14/95, was discussed at a meeting of Legislative Council on the 6th June, 1895 and adopted, the Honourable E. R. BELILIOS, C.M.G., only dissenting.

127. Contracts have been entered. into for the construction of the necessary storm water drain in Hollywood Road, Station Street, Taipingshan Street and Tannery Lane, and for the construction of the retaining wall and other works at the junction of Pound Lane and Taipingshan Street.
The former was let to Mr. KANG ON in October last, and the latter to Messrs. CHAN A TONG & CO. in November last, and the works are being proceeded with.

128. Kennedy Town hospital.-. Early in the year, additions were made to the Kennedy Town Hospital and Plague Cemetery, consisting of the erection of store, covered way, retaining walls and iron railings. Areas were concreted-for the erection of further accommodation of a temporary nature if required.

129. Further areas in the Plague Cemetery were prepared for the preparation of graves, and a road constructed from the Hospital to the cemetery.

130. Plague Account-The expenditure under this heading has been incurred in connection with interments in the Plague Cemetery during the year.

131. Salisbury Road, Kowloon.- A contract has been entered into with Mr. TSANG KENG for the construction of this road, which, I regret to have to report, is only progressing slowly.

144. Section No. 1, Eastern portion.—On the 21st February, 1892, Contract No. 18 was signed with TSANG KENG for the completion of the upper portion of the sea wall above the concrete blocks, constructing storm water drains, filling and reclaiming the land, forming, channelling, concreting-roads, footpaths, &c: During the year 1895, 1,770 cubic yards of rubble stone have been laid in embankment and backing of sea wall, 70,662 cubic yards of-earth deposited in reclamation, 1.249 cubic yards of cement concrete laid in backing of sea wall, and 684 cubic yards of lime concrete laid in backing of storm water drains, 33,525 cubic feet of granite ashlar set in Portland cement mortar in sea wall and storm water drain, 4,177 cubic feet of old wall (parapets of nullah) taken down and rebuilt, 1,100 lineal feet of stoneware pipe drains 9" and 12" in diameter laid, 166,500 square feet of roads and footpaths formed and 1,541 lineal feet of curbs and channels laid.

The work under this contract has been carried on in a dilatory manner. The contractor being 72 days over the contract time and there is still a large quantity of work to be done.

145. Section No. 2.—Contract No. 13 was made with TSANG KENG on the 14th July, 1892, for the construction of the upper portion of the sea wall, above the concrete blocks, storm water drains, filling in and reclaiming the land, forming and concreting the roads, footpaths, &c. The work under this contract was suspended on the 23rd February, 1895, with a view to laying the sewerage pipe, gas and water mains and to allow building operations to be commenced on Marine Lots 93 and 94, permission to do so having been granted to the Crown Lessees, C.S.O. 1445/1894, and the work cannot be resumed until the buildings now being erected on the reclaimed land are completed. The work executed during the months of January and February was 1,724 cubic yards of earth filled in reclamation, 3,457 square feet of curb and side channels laid.

146. Section No. 3.--Work done departmentally. A portion of the rubble stone foundations of sea wall on a length of 142 feet was levelled and the upper surface on a width of 14 feet covered with a layer of cement concrete 4 inches thick to form a bed for the first course of blocks, and a portion of the rubble stone foundations of sea wall on a length of 189 feet was loaded with concrete blocks, weighing about 22 tons per lineal foot of foundations.

During the low tides of May, June, July, August and September, 142 lineal feet of first course of concrete blocks, and 906 lineal feet of second course, containing together 37,700 cubic feet of concrete and granite ashlar, were set and the beds and joints run solid and flush in Portland cement, 170 cubic yards of rubble stone backing of first course of blocks were built by the divers and the outer slope of the rubble stone foundations on a length of 200 feet was shaped and trimmed by them.

147. Contract No. 23 was made with TSANG KENG on the 4th March, 1895, for the completion of the upper portion of the sea wall above the concrete blocks, constructing storm water drains, reclaiming the land, forming, channelling, concreting the roads, footpaths, &c. The work under this contract has so far been carried on in a dilatory and unsatisfactory manner ; the contract was accepted by the Government on the 17th January, but the contract was not signed. until the 4th March, one month and 18 days after the date of acceptance ; and during the remaining portion of the year, only 7,616 cubic yards of rubble stone laid in foundations, backing of concrete blocks and sea-wall, 28,995 cubic yards of earth and brick rubbish deposited in reclamations, 12,444 cubic feet of granite ashlar in sea wall and storm water drains, 640 cubic yards of cement and lime concrete, backing of sea wall and storm water drains, 550 lineal feet of stoneware pipe drains 15" in diameter and 257 lineal feet of stoneware pipe drains 12” and in diameter have been laid. The whole representing less than one fourth of the work included in this contract.

148. Section No. 4.—Contract No. 25 was made with TSANG KENG on the 2nd April, 1895, for the construction of the rubble stone foundations of sea wall and embankment, the whole to be completed on or before the 31st January, 1896; 97,760 cubic yards of rubble stone have been deposited in place to the 31st December, leaving about 21,700 cubic yards still to be supplied; and the upper surface and foreshore levelled and trimmed.

149. Contract No. 34 was made with TSANG KENG on the 9th November, for the construction of 912 lineal feet of storm water drain in Po Yap Street, Hollywood Road and Queen's Road, to divert the large drain which discharges the storm waters into the Harbour, at the eastern end of the said Section. A large quantity of stone has been cut for this work, but the excavations of the trenches for the new drains have not yet been commenced.

150. Section No. 6.--Contract No. 32 made with KWONG CHEONG on the 5th September, 1895, for the construction of a temporary timber wharf on the western side of Pottinger Street was completed in a satisfactory manner, and the wharf opened to traffic on the 12th November last.

151. A temporary embankment for the landing of cargo, &c., has been formed between Marine Lots 10A and 10B, containing 5,459 cubic yards of earth.

152. Sections Nos. 6 and 7.—Eastern and Western portions.—Contract No. 20 was made with TSANG KENG on the 11th April, 1894, for the construction of the rubble stone foundations of sea wall (on a length of 968 feet), landing piers at the bottom of Pottinger Street and Pedder's Street, storm water drains and a portion of the embankment at the western end of the Reclamations'; the work to be completed on the 31st January, 1895; during the year 1894, 95,068 cubic yards and in 1895, 36,984 cubic yards of rubble stone were deposited in place;  the work is, however, still unfinished, some 1,200 or 1,300 cubic yards being required for its completion.

153. Contract No. 22 was made with YAU KONG CHEUNG on the 11th December, 1894, for the construction of 2,169 lineal feet of storm water drains in D'Aguilar Street, Queen's Road, Pedder's fa Street, Old Praya, &c. The work under this contract was carried on with dispatch and the whole completed in a satisfactory and workmanlike manner on the 15th June, 1895.

154.       Contract No. 27 was made with CHAN A-TONG on the 21st May, for levelling, trimming, concreting the upper surface of the rubble stone foundations of sea wall and forming bed for concrete blocks on a length of 884 feet ; constructing storm water drains and backing the first course of concrete blocks with rubble stone ; comprising :-487 cubic yards of rubble stone, 315 cubic yards of concrete, 5,198 cubic feet of granite ashlar and 815 lineal feet of stoneware drain-pipes ; the whole being completed in a fairly satisfactory manner on the 15th November.

155. Contract No. 28, made with TSANG KENG on the 5th June, 1895, for the erection of a temporary timber wharf opposite the lower end of Wardley Street, containing 3,340 cubic feet of timber, was completed in a satisfactory and workmanlike manner, and the wharf opened to traffic on the 14th October.

156. Contract No. 21 of 1894, and extension under this contract, 77,822 cubic yards of earth have been excavated, filled into the Hopper Barges and deposited by them in these reclamations below Ordnance Datum, and 17,355 cubic yards of spoil from dredger have also been deposited in these reclamations below Ordnance Datum.

157. Government Piers.—The rubble stone foundations of Pottinger Street, Pedder's Street, and Murray Road Piers, containing 23,200 cubic yards of rubble stone, have been completed, except a portion of the foreshore and upper surface of the rubble stone between the Pedder's Street piers. The foundations of the piers at the bottom of Pottinger and Pedder's Streets are included in contract No. 20, and the pier at the bottom of Murray Road was constructed by CHAN A-TONG under contract No. 30 dated 2nd July and completed on the 4th November, 1895.

The upper surface of the rubble stone foundations of the piers have been roughly levelled, the upper surface of the Pottinger Street pier reformed, trimmed, concreted and 219 cubic yards of Concrete Blocks set thereon.

158. Making and Setting Concrete Blocks.—Contract No. 24 made with Y. KUNG CHEUNG on the 24th February, 1895, for forming, levelling and constructing floor of Block Yard, containing 9,310 square feet of lime concrete 4" thick, 1,047 square yards of rendering upper surface in cement ; and for the manufacture of 1,000 concrete blocks, containing 3,670 cubic yards of cement concrete and 15,641 cubic feet of granite ashlar external facing of the said Blocks ; the whole being completed in a very satisfactory and workmanlike manner on the 23rd August, and on the 10th September this contract was extended for the manufacture of 1,500 additional concrete blocks, of which 601 have been made, containing 2,309 cubic yards of cement concrete and 9,887 cubic feet of granite ashlar external facing of the said blocks.

159. Setting Conerde Blocks.—This has been done departmentally. The larger portion of the blocks were set during the low tides of May, June, July and August. Section No. 3, Blocks containing 1,335 cubic yards; sections Nos. 6 and 7, 1,046 cubic yards; and Pottinger Street Pier, 219 cubic yards, making a total of 2,600 cubic yards of Blocks set during the year under review.

160. Plant.—The whole of the plant has been maintained in a good state of repair without involving any extraordinary expenditure.

161. Work Executed.--Appendix G is a general statement of the several quantities of work executed in the more important items to the 31st December, 1894, and during the year under review.
Appendix G is a statement of the quantity of materials used in the manufacture of the concrete block, and the cubical contents of the blocks set to the' 31st December, 1894, and during the year under review.

162. Account.--Appendix H is a statement of accounts to the 31st December, 1895. The outstanding liabilities amount to $80,400, due to the Crown Agents, and on account of the monies retained pending the completion of the terms of maintenance under the several contracts in progress during the year.