Looking up current street address against lot number

Submitted by tngan on Tue, 02/28/2012 - 13:47

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Just recognized the government had put up a street index online for such look-up.  It is an on-line only PDF document.  Google Chrome not supported yet.  Might be useful looking up current land lots.

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Thomas uses Geoinfo Map:

While you are in GeoInfo Map, if you click the 'Search' before typing anything, there are options to display lot or others:

geoinfomap.jpg, by tngan


If you know a current log number, you may type the information and it will show you the lot.  I would usually use the lazy method of selecting show all lots and then zoom in to the location I like to see.



I use the HKMS website.

If you know the lot number and want to find its location, type the type of lot and lot number into the search box, eg:

KIL 8284

Or if you know the area and you want to see all the lot numbers in that area, click to turn on the "Land Record Information". At lower zoom levels it just shows the outlines of the lots, but at zoom level 7 and above it also shows the lot numbers.

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Your advice on locating land lot numbers have been very useful. One question I have though, is how would you locate lot numbers granted in the years between 1960 to 1980. I presume there will be changes over the years.

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