1920 Public Works Department's annual report | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

1920 Public Works Department's annual report

A scanned copy of the original document is available online at HKGRO.



B. O. Work. — Q 20 —

40. Reclamations.—The following is a statement of the private reclamations which were completed or in progress during the year:—

                                   Area in sq. ft.
N.K.I.L's. 190 & 191, Laichikok, (in
                            progress), 618,000
Aberdeen I.L’s. 81 to 88, Aberdeen (in
                            progress), 105,000
M.L’s 277 & 281, (additions to), North
                  Point, (in progress) 134,200
K.I.L. 1382, To Kwa Wan, (in progress), 87,110
K.M.L. 52, (additions to), To Kwa Wan
                        (in progress), 138,150
Q.B.M.L. 1, (additions to), Quarry Bay,
                         (in progress), 33,600

The areas stated are those of the lots, which in some cases extend farther inland than old high water mark and are therefore not exclusively reclaimed from the sea.

In addition to the above, considerable progress was made with the works in connection with the reclamation of about 230 acres of foreshore and sea-bed at the head of Kowloon Bay referred to in previous year’s Reports. Of this reclamation, an area of 15.244 acres was surrendered to Government at a cost of $115,470.00 as a site for a new Gaol.

41. Principal Works of a Private Nature.—The new residential wing at the Repulse Bay Hotel on R.B.L. 142 was completed and the erection of an additional residential wing and of an extensive two-storeyed garage was commenced.

Considerable progress was made with the erection of a power house for the China Light and Power Compauy on K.M.L. 93, Hunghom, and the erection of two large buildings for Officers and Staff Quarters respectively was commenced.

The large reinforced concrete godown for the Hongkong and Kowloon Wharf and Godown Company on K.M.L. 91 referred to in last year’s Report was completed and the erection of a large block of offices for the same Company on K.M.L. 11. was commenced.

The development of the area at Ho Mun Tin (K.I.L’s. 1308 to 1348) referred to in last year’s Report was proceeded with, 17 houses were completed by the end of the year, and 4 others were in course of erection.

Within the area owned by the Hongkong and Whampoa Dock Company at Hunghom, two large blocks containing 16 houses were erected to accommodate the Company’s European Staff and another block was commenced. Progress was made with sites for other blocks and with the erection of a Platers' Shed and of the other buildings referred to in last year’s Report,