1930 Public Works Department Annual Report | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

1930 Public Works Department Annual Report

A copy of the original is available at HKGRO: http://sunzi.lib.hku.hk/hkgro/view/a1930/751.pdf



— Q 21 — B.O.O. Work.

35. Reclamations.—The following is a statement of the private reclamations which were completed or in progress during the year:—

                                           Area in sq. ft.
M.L.’s 430 and 431, North Point (completed) ... 833,975
S.I.L. 526, Shaukiwan (completed)               12,650
K.I.L.’s 1558 to 1561, Ma Tau Kok (in progress) 407,985
N.K.I.L. 6, Lai Chi Kok (completed)            374,400
N.K.I.L. 7, Lai Chi Kok (completed)            630,000
N.K.I.L. 3, Lai Chi Kok (completed)            140,250
N.K.I.L. 520, Castle Peak Road, (completed)...   27,000
N.K.I.L. 521, Castle Peak Road, (completed)...   24,750
N.K.I.L. 971, Castle Peak Road, (in progress)..  24,750
Tsun Wan M.L. 4, (in progress)                  74,900
Tsun Wan M.L. 5, (completed) .                 273,600
K.M.L. 98, Tai Wan, (completed)                 72,350

36. Principal Works of a Private Nature, completed or in progress.

Works Completed: —

  • Building for Banking premises on I.L. 295, Queen’s Road Central.
  • Theatre to be known as “Central Theatre” on I.L.’s 48 R.P. and 601 R.P., Queen’s Road Central and Circular Pathway.
  • 10 Garages with Chaffeurs' Quarters and Workshops on I.L. 2979, May Road.
  • 2 Godowns on I.L. 1298 Section A, Cadogan Street and Belchers Street.
  • Lard Factory on I.L. 2415, Kennedy Town.
  • 1 Godown and 4 European houses on M.L. 197, Nos. 153 and 155 Praya East (now Hennessy Road.)
  • Cold Storage and Quarters on I.L. 563, Great George Street.
  • Race Course Grand Stands on R.B.L. 33, Wong Nei Chong Road.
  • A Chinese family mansion on I.L. 1946, Broadwood Road.
  • A Liquid Fuel Tank No, 4 on I.L. 2273, North Point.
  • Piano Factory with Quarters on upper floor, on I.L. 2845, Shaukiwan Road.


— Q 59 — P.W.E. Hong Kong.


106.    Additional Transmitting Block and Mast at Cape D’Aguilar W/T Station.—This work consisted of the erection of a rectangular building in brick with flat concrete roof to house Wireless Telegraph machinery. The contract was let to Messrs. Sang Lee & Co. in June for $9,800. Work was commenced immediately and the building was completed in October. A 220'-0" wireless mast was erected by Messrs. The Taikoo Dockyard Engineering Company.

Estimates      $20,000.00

Sup. Vote         .     $ 4,940.00

Expenditure                  $23,458.90

107.    New No. 2 Police Station.-—This work was referred to in paragraph 118 of last year’s Report.

The building is of four storeys and contains accommodation for 40 Indian and 98 Chinese constables, 6 married Indians and 10 Chinese Detectives with six flats for Europeans on the upper floors. The various floors are planned as follows : —

Ground Floor, Charge Room, Office and Witnesses Room, Dormitories and Mess Room for Chinese, Cells, Stores, Lavatories, etc., First Floor, Dormitories, Mess Rooms, Kitchens, Lavatories, etc. for Indians and Chinese, Second Floor. Two three-roomed and one five-roomed European Flats. Third Floor. One three-roomed and two four-roomed European Flats. The site is divided into two portions by a transverse road, the main block being on the front portion and the rear portion containing Indian Married Quarters, Garage and Parade Ground.

A contract for piling was let to the Vibro Piling Company in May and this portion of the work was completed in October, the main contract for the building was let to Messrs. Kien On & Co. for $292,982.82 on the 1st of November, work was commenced immediately and by the end of the year the Concrete foundations had been laid and the brickwork commenced.

Estimates                  $200,000.00

Expenditure               $ 99,200.95

108.    Sai Ying Pun. New Market.—This work was referred to in paragraph 120 of last year’s Report.

The building generally is of three stories with a Basement under a portion of the building on the lower part of the site, and a small additional, storey over the main Entrance. It is situated on a site near the old Market and contains accommodation as follows: —

Ground Floor 48 Fish stalls, First Floor 18 Vegetable and 18 Beef and Mutton Stalls, Second Floor 30 Pork and 12 Poultry Stalls, the Basement provides store accommodation and the small additional top storey Quarters for 16 Market coolies and 8 Foremen, there is a sorting yard in the centre of the block.

P.W.E. Hong Kong. — Q 60 —

A contract was let to the Tung Shan Co. for $260,525.48 in October and at the end of the year the work was proceeding satisfactorily.

Estimates       $200,000.00

Expenditure              $ 13,521.89

109. Victoria Goal—New Printing Shop.—This work was referred to in paragraph 122 of last year’s Report.

The building is of two stories the lower one being a covered yard and the upper one providing a large space for use as a Printing Shop.

A contract of $35,200 was let to Messrs. Kien On & Co. in October and by the end of the year the old building had been demolished and foundations laid and brickwork commenced to the new one.

Estimates                  $85,000.00

Expenditure              $42,148.44

110.    Junction of Ladder Street and Hollywood Road— Underground latrine (60 seats).—This work was referred to in paragraph 115 of last year’s Report.

No work was undertaken owing to the difficulties in selecting a suitable site and though plans were eventually prepared for a site in U Hing Lane, the matter was still under consideration at the end of the year.

Estimates                     . $17,000.00

Expenditure         NIL.

111.    Spring Garden Lane and Cross Street Latrine and Urinal (54 seats).—This work was referred to in paragraph 117 of last year's Report.

The work was satisfactorily completed by the end of April

Estimates            $2,000.00

Expenditure      $1,529.52

112. Sai Wan Ho—Increase of Pig Lairage.—This work was referred to in paragraph 119 of last year’s Report.



—This work near Wilmer Street comprises the construction of a reinforced concrete pier extending about 80 feet seaward from the toe of the sea wall rubble mound. The space—about 66 feet—between the inner end of the pier and sea wall will be spanned by a steel bridge which will carry the ferry offices and provide covered-over waiting areas for passengers.

A contract for the construction of the reinforced concrete portion of the work was let to Messrs. “The Hong Kong Excavation, Pile Driving & Construction Co., Ltd.”, the Contract period being 7 months. Work under this Contract was commenced in March; the Contractors, however, made unsatisfactory progress and about one half only of the Contract was completed at the end of the year.

A contract for the construction of the steel bridge was awarded to Messrs. Chung Lee & Co. and the contract documents signed on 3rd November. The construction of this work must, however, await completion of the reinforced concrete portion of the work.

Estimates,            $40,000.00

Expenditure.        $18,359.78