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1913 Public Works Department Annual Report

 The full document is available at HKGRO: http://sunzi.lib.hku.hk/hkgro/view/a1913/204.pdf


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Some other fires of a minor nature also occurred. In no case was any life lost.

46Reclamations.—The only private reclamation in progress during the year was that of Shaukiwan Inland Lot 433, the area to be reclaimed being 11,268 square feet.

47Principal Works of a Private Nature.—The block of Students’ Quarters on I. L. 1877, belonging to the University, begun in 1912, was completed, as was also the Hostel on I.L. 1874, Hatton Road, belonging to the London Missionary Society and intended for the accommodation of students attending the University.

The School of Anatomy in connection with the University, on I.L. 1859, Pokfulam Road, was also completed.

The formation of a recreation ground on I.L. 1949, adjoining Pokfulam Road, for the University Union was undertaken.

A large building for the Chinese branch of the Young Men’s Christian Association on I.L. 1757, Tai Ping Shan, was completed.

The erection of a new double wharf at Kowloon Point for the Star Perry was begun. One half of the wharf is intended for the ordinary Ferry service and the other for a service in connection with the Railway.

The new Diocesan Girls’ School on K.I.L. 1281, Jordan Road, was completed.

A Church Hall in connection with St. Andrew’s Church, on K.I.L. 1153, Nathan Road, was completed though not certified.

Some extensive works at Tai Wan, Kowloon Bay, for the purpose of a glass factory were completed.

A large block of buildings on K.I.L. 574, Carnarvon and Mody Roads, was completed and occupied.

The area formerly occupied by Messrs. Fenwick & Co.’s Engineering Works, Praya East, (M.L.’s 31 and 36), was laid out afresh, a new private street, known as Lun Fai Street, being opened up and 31 Chinese tenement houses being erected.

The laying out of R.B.L. 136, Pokfulam Road, was completed ana the erection of a block of buildings on the lot to be used as a home for blind children was nearly completed.

The erection of extensive premises for the Sincere Company in Wing Wo Street was commenced.

No. 20 Des Voeux Road Central, the new premises of Messrs. Whiteaway, Laidlaw & Co., Ltd., was completed.

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The erection of a considerable building for the accommodation of the Deutsch-Asiatische Bank at No. 7 Queen’s Road Central was well advanced.

The extensive additions to the Ellis Kadoorie Schools, on I.L. 1244, Hospital Road, referred to in last year’s Report, were completed.

The erection of a Church and School on I.L. 1924, Bonham Road, in connection with the Basel Mission was commenced.

Further alterations were made to the Hongkong Hotel.

Amongst other works which have been commenced or completed during the year, the following may be mentioned :—

Works commenced.

28 Chinese houses, I.L. 618, Wyndham Street.
16      do.        (workmen’s quarters in connection with
                     Monastery), R.B.L. 51, Pokfulam.
5       do.        (I.L.’s 1036-1038 and 2023), Whitfeild.
7       do.        (I.L.’s 2050 and 2051), Tai Hang.
11      do.        I.L. 953, North and Belchers Streets.
8       do.        M.L. 37a R.P., 2-16 Des Voeux Road W.
8       do.        I.L. 2028, Taipingshan.
5       do.        I.L. 1968, Taipingshan.
3       do.        K.I.L.’s 553, 554 and 555, Reclamation St.
4       do.        K.M.L. 48, Canton Road.
10      do.        N.K.I.L.’s 40 and 41, Shamshuipo.
12 European houses, I.L. 157 R.P., Caine Road.
11      do.         I.L.’s 1926 and 1927, Wongneichong.
6       do.         I.L.’s 1898,1942,2021 and 2022, ConduitRd.
1       do.         (large) I.L. 426, 7 Castle Road.

Schoolhouse, I.L. 1937, Macdonnell Road.
Glass Factory, I.L. 1936, North Point.
Glass Works and Quarters, I.L. 1893, Tunglowan.
Godown and Quarters, I.L. 2040, Tai Hang.
Wharf, Godown, Shops, etc., Q.B.M.L. 2, Quarry Bay,
Chapel, I.L. 899, Chinese Christian Cemetery.
Vermilion Factory, K.I.L. 1218, Portland St., Mongkoktsui.
Cinematograph Theatre, K.I.L. 752, Portland St., Mongkoktsui.
Extensive additions to Cigar Factory, K.I.L. 1203, Coronation Road.
Temple and Dispensary, N.K.I.L. 54, Shamshuipo.

Works completed.

8 Chinese houses, I.L. 797, Water Street.
22      do.       M.L.’s 266 and 267, Belchers Street and
                    Praya, Kennedy Town.
5       do.       I.L. 800, 127-135, Second Street.

— P 22 —

16* Chinese houses, I.L. 640 R.P., Eastern and Second Streets
                      and Kwok Hing Lane.
 5    do.           I.L. 38 and M.L. 185, Queen’s Road West.
11    do.           I.L. 1272, Ki Ling Lane.
13    do.           I.L. 700, Po Hing Fong and WaNing Lane.
 8    do.           I.L. 1901, U Lam Terrace.
31    do.           M.L.’s 31 and 36, Praya East and Lun Fat
 8+   do.           I.L. 388 R.P., 9-23 Cross Street.
 8    do.           S.I.L. 407, Shaukiwan.
12    do.           K.I.L. 1076, Canton Road and Reclamation
 5    do.           I.L. 275, Tank Lane.
 4    do.           S.I.L.’s 426, 427 and 431, Shaukiwan.
 5    do.           N.K.I.L. 39, Shamshuipo.

 3++ European houses, I.L. 1095, Hill Road.
 9    do.             I.L. 606, Hospital Road.
10    do.             I.L. 605, Bonham Road.
 8    do.             I.L.’s 704 and 1661, Robinson Road.
12    do.             I.L. 150, Caine Road.
 1    do.             (large), I.L. 1875, Kennedy Road.
 4    do.             I.L. 1909, Kennedy Road.
 6    do.             M.L.’s 122 and 123, Wanchai Road.
 2    do.             R.B.L. 50, Barker Road.
 1    do.             (large), R.B.L. 61, Peak Road.
 9    do.             K.I.L. 575, Minden Row and Minden Villas.
 9    do.             K.I.L. 540, Kimberley Road.
 5§    do.            K.I.L. 1172, Kimberley Road.

Nurses Home, I.L. 1897, Breezy Path.

Extensions to Electric Light Co.’s premises, I.L.’s 1210 and 1922, Star Street.

Crematorium and Chapel, I.L. 1879, Soo Kun Po.

 9 European flats, I.L. 445, Wanchai Road and Heard Street.

11 European houses, I.L. 757, Hing Hon Road.
 8    do.    I.L.’s 760 and 804, Bonham Road.
 2    do.    I.L. 1919, do.
 4    do.    I.L. 797, Pokfulam Road.
 5    do.    I.L. 609, St. Stephen’s Lane.
 2    do.    I.L. 483, Leighton Hill Road.
 3    do.    I.L.’s 1914 and 1917, Tsat Tsz Mui.
 1    do.    (large) I.L. 1388, Bowen Road.
 1    do.    (large) I.L. 1911, Leighton Hill.

Extension to the Dairy Farm Co.’s Depot, I.L. 1280, Wyndham Street.

Ginger Factory, K.I.L. 1176, Reclamation Street, Mongkoktsui.

* 4 houses were subsequently added to the 12 mentioned in 1913 Report.
+ 6 of the 14 houses mentioned in last year's Report were not completed by the 31st December, 1913.
++ 5 of the eight houses mentioned in last year’s Report were not completed by the 31st December, 1913.
§ Erroneously stated as 6 in last year’s Report.

— P 23 —

The following buildings mentioned in last year’s Report were not completed by the 31st December, 1913 :—

21* European houses, K.I.L.’s 410 and 1215, Ashley and Hankow Roads.

Club Pavilion, M.L. 239, Li Po Lung Path.

There were numerous other buildings besides those mentioned above, which were either commenced or completed during the year, but they were not of sufficient magnitude or importance to justify special mention.


48.    Maintenance of Buildings.—The buildings upon which any considerable sum was expended were the following: —

Government House:—

General repairs and painting throughout, -    $9,553

Repairs to roof of stable and sundry repairs,    974


Government Civil Hospital :-

A Block—Sundry repairs,    -    -                419

B Block—General repairs & painting throughout, 2,100

B Block—Replacing defective staircase with
reinforced concrete staircase, etc., -         1,466

C Block—General repairs & painting throughout, 2,124

European Lunatic Asylum—General repairs
and painting throughout,                       1,052

Maternity Block—General repairs and painting
throughout, -    -                               648

Maternity Block—Forming new flues with glazed
tile wall facings, -                             386

Chinese Lunatic Asylum—General repairs and
painting throughout, including replacing
defective stairs with concrete, -                991

Chinese Quarters—Reinstating defective portion
of roof with reinforced concrete, -              574

Chinese Quarters—Internal limewashing and
tarring throughout,                               46

Superintendent’s Quarters—Sundry repairs, ---    177

Staff Quarters—Sundry repairs,    -              190

* Number of houses increased from 20 to 21.



93. New Magistracy. – A contract for this work was let to Messrs. Kang On & Co. at the end of January and the demolition of the old magistracy building was commenced shortly afterwards. In the design of the new building, provision was made for an extensive basement, the excavation for which was found to consist largely of rock, considerable difficulty and delay being thus caused in the progress of the work. It was also found that the retaining wall adjoining Arbuthnot Road was in such a defective condition as to be inadequate for the support of the new building and it was therefore almost entirely taken down and rebuilt in lime and cement mortar, the old stone facing being used again. In consequence of these obstacles, the building proper was not commenced until about the middle of May.

On completion of the foundations, excellent progress was made with the building and by the end of the year the walls were approximately five feet above the level of the first floor, the door and window frames at this level being fixed in position. The concreting of the ground and first floors was completed and all steps up to first-floor level were fixed. The steel stanchions for columns on east side were fixed in position, some of the surrounding concrete to form the columns being filled into the moulds, a large quantity of joinery was prepared ready for fixing and worked generally was well advanced.

1913 Estimates, $40,000.00 Total estimates, $106,000.00
1913 expenditure, $30,317.91 Expenditure to 31/12/13, $30,370.91


Kowloon.                                              — P 84 —

(1.)—Scavenging Lanes resumed on payment of Compensation.

There is nothing to report under this heading.

The following is a statement of the scavenging lane areas provided by owners without compensation :—

(2.)—Scavenging Lanes provided by owners but not surrendered to Government.

                                            Area in sq. ft.

In rear of Nos. 470-480 Canton Road, K.I.L.
                                     1076, ----- 276.37

Do. Nos. 439-449 Reclamation Street,
                               K.I.L. 1076, ---- 276.38

Do. Nos. 1-9 Torres Buildings, Kimberley Road,
                               K.I.L. 540, - - 1,800.00

Do. Nos. 1-5 Aimai Villas, Austin Avenue,
                                K.I.L. 1172, - - 760.00

Do. Nos. 1-5 Minden Villas, K.I.L.
                                    575, ----- 1,632.00

In addition to the above, a lane at the rear of 4 blocks of flats in Cornwall Avenue, (K.I.L. 574). was formed and compensation at the rate of $1.75 per square foot was agreed upon but payment for it had not been made before the end of the year. The area of the lane is 1,560 square feet.