Lockhart Road,July 1972

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 22:57

Here is another of the photos I took in Wanchai in July 1972. Being 19, this was where I spent almost all the time I was in HK. If I have my directions correct, I'm standing in front of the 'Mini Club' at Lockhart and Luard, and looking down Lockhart towards Fenwick. If I am right, I would be standing in front of the present (2009) "Club Venus"-if I did my 'walking tour' of Google Streetview right.

  At any rate, in 1972, I went in every bar in that photo.

Date picture taken


i moonlighted on hennessy road giving english classes and when meandering the backstreets bumped into the  bouncer of the butterfly bar, tiger, fondly remembered former bouncer of the original godown who sadly passed away in the line of duty in the wanch just a couple of years back.  well as i sipped my complimentary drink at the bar there was a girl with a tattoo on her boob which said "why the world havent love" - i still have the swizzle :)  this all dates to late 70s btw

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From your photo I believe you were actually aiming your camera toward the easterly side.  Pay attention to the slightly modern buildings to the rights.  There is a slight turn of the road.  If you compare with Google maps, the spot should be easy to locate.

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Yes, of course, you are correct-I don't know why I said Fenwick-that would be the opposite way down Lockhart than the way I was pointing my camera. After digging out these photos, I spent the whole evening trying to remember the area better-I would get off the Star Ferry, cross over Gloucester on the pedestrian overpass in front of the Luk Kwok (I posted a photo of that), and walk up Fenwick or Luard to get to the Mini.