Hong Kong Hilton, 1966

Fri, 06/05/2015 - 18:20
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I first visited the Hilton shortly after my arrival in HK in 1978. The famous lunch buffet was $50-HK and  particularly remember a group if very well dressed and coiffured ladies sitting at a large round table. They rarely ate anything and mainly chatted. It was explained to me that they were "Tai Tais" who were all on diets and were there to chat, show off new clothes and hairstyles and be seen.

Greetings.  Tais Tais translates to 太太 meaning wife, for example ​"May I introduce my wife ...", ​or "​The woman standing next to him is his 太太".

In this case it refers to the women at the table with the understanding they are married, and sounds more warmly than referring them as women.... My understanding.  Regards,  OldTimer