1927 Public Works Department Annual Report

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— Q 11 — Surveys.

20. Traverses.—These were run from Causeway Bay to Shau Ki Wan connecting with the Triangulation stations at North Point, Quarry Bay and Taikoo, and permanent marks were established at various points, the distance being nearly 5 miles. A traverse was also run from the Triangulation station at Stanley Gap through Repulse Bay and Aberdeen connecting with a main traverse at the junction of Mount Davis and Pokfulam Roads, and the Triangulation stations at “Overbays” (Repulse Bay), Kai Lung Wan and Pokfulam Reservoir, the distance being 9.12 miles.

21. Triangulation.—The triangulation mentioned in the Report for 1926 was completed. Monuments were erected at Jardine’s Lookout, Mount Butler, Hill 800, Violet Hill, Boa Vista, Red Hill and Shek O Gap. Observations were taken from these stations, and, in addition, from Partridge Hill, Channel Rocks, Stanley Mound, Mount Collinson, Shek O and Wong Ma Kok, the whole being completed and tied into the main triangulation of the Colony with very good results.

In the New Territories, beacons were erected at Tate’s Cairn, Hill 1610 Sha Tau Kok, Ping Chau Island, Kat O, Shek Ngau Chau. Hill 1344, Tai Po, Pat Sin, Port Island, Sharp Peak, Ma On Shan, Peak A, Long Ket, High Island, High Junk Peak and Basalt Island, most of the field work being well advanced. The observations from these points were well advanced by the end of the year, and it is hoped to complete the whole of them and the computations in the coming year.

22. Revenue Surveys and General.—Surveys were made for plans to be attached to Crown Leases of 270 lots, and of 5 areas to be sold by auction.

Centre lines were laid down for various streets and permanent marks fixed; boundaries of many lots were set out for the Drainage, General Works, and Roads Offices. In Hong Kong, 37 frontage lines to streets were checked as well as 84 in Kowloon and New Kowloon. Boundaries of 64 lots in Hong Kong and 108 in Kowloon and New Kowloon were defined on the ground. Permanent marks at the intersection points of proposed streets have been fixed and a plan was prepared showing the setting out of the district between To Kwa Wan and Prince Edward Roads.

Contour surveys were made of the hillside adjoining Wong Nei Chong and between Staunton Creek, Aberdeen, and Deep Water Bay Brickworks, the areas being 6 and 78 acres respectively. A survey of the area occupied by the Country Club at Shek O and the adjoining coast line was commenced towards the end of the year.

In Kowloon, surveys of various areas aggregating 146 acres were made during the year.


— Q 15 — B.O.O. Work.

31. Prosecutions.—The following is a tabulated statement of the cases in which legal proceedings were taken with regard to illegal works and other nuisances, the number of convictions obtained, and the amount of fines imposed: —

Nature of Offence.              No. of  No. of    Amount of
                                Cases  Convictions  Fines.
Defective Mortar,                 17        15     $  1,350

Defective Building Works           2         2          125

Illegal works (ie divergence from
approved plans, non-submission of
plans before commencing building
operations, construction of illegal
works, and occupation of
matsheds, &c.,without permission) 28        21        1,275

Other cases (i.e., non-compliance
with notices issued under the
Public Health & Buildings
Ordinance),                       36        26          694

32. Cemeteries.—In connection with the provision of additional grave spaces, the work of forming new terraces and paths, and repairing paths, channels and culverts proceeded as usual at the Chinese Cemeteries at Mount Caroline, Chai Wan, Kai Lung Wan, and Shum Wan in Hong Kong.

The construction of a new reinforced cement concrete bridge at the Kai Lung Wan Cemetery, and the repair to the Shum Wan Jetty were also carried out.

At the Chinese Cemeteries in Kowloon,—Kowloon Central and Sai Yu Shek,—similar works were also carried out.

In the Kowloon Central Cemeteries new nullahs were also constructed, and the work on the training of stream courses was continued.

33. Reclamations.—The following is a statement of the private reclamations which were completed or in progress during the year: —

                                      Area in sq. ft.
M. L.’s 430 and 431, North Point
  (nearing completion),                  833,975
K.I.L.’s 1558 to 1561, Ma Tau Kok
  (in progress),                         407,985
N. K.M.L.’s 6 and 7, Lai Chi Kok 1
(considerable progress was made        \ 374,400
and construction of sea-wall com-      / 630,000
Tsim Wan I.L.’s 1 to 4 (completed),      498,750
Tsim Wan M.L. 2 (work suspended—
   nothing has been done during
   the year),                            874,400


B.O.O. Work. — Q 16 —

In connection with the reclamation of about 215 acres of foreshore and sea-bed at the head of Kowloon Bay, referred to in previous years’ Reports, work remains suspended.

34. Principal Works of a Private Nature.—The following blocks of business premises, etc., in the City were completed during the year:—

“Exchange Building”—Shop, Restaurant and Office Block—on M.L. 7, Sec. A, Des Voeux Road, Central.

St. Paul’s Girls’ School on I.L. 2459, Macdonnell Road.

The following blocks of business premises, etc., in the City were in course of erection:—

Shops, and Office Block, on I.L. 619, Sec. B, R.P., Queen’s Road, Central.

Building for the Sailors’ and Soldiers’ Home on I.L. 2616, Praya East.

European Flats on I.L. 2483, May Road.

The following is a list of the principal works in other parts of the City and outlying districts which were completed during the year:—

13 Chinese houses on M.L. ’s 42 and 43, Lee Tung Street.

98 Chinese houses on M.L. 365 and I.L.’s 29 and 457, Percival Street, etc., (East Point Hill).

Theatre—“Lee Theatre”—on I.L. 1452, Percival Street and Sharp Street, East.

Church, School, and Quarters on I.L. 2550, Soo Kun Po.

Sugar Refinery on Q.B.M.L, 1, Quarry Bay.

Refined Sugar Godown on Q.B.M.L. 1, Quarry Bay.

Filter House on Q.B.M.L. 2, Quarry Bay.

Garbage Incinerator and Wash House on Q.B.I.L. 8, Quarry Bay.

Godown on S.I.L. ’s 503 and 504, Main Street, Shau Ki Wan.

Hotel on M.L. 236, Sec. A, etc., Connaught Road, West.

Hotel on M.L. 325, Connaught Road, Central, Des Voeux Road, Central, and Morrison Street

— Q 17 — B.O.O. Work.

Restaurant on I.L. 834, Sec. B, s.s. 2, Queen’s Road, West.

2 Godowns (Ground floor) on M.L. 187, Secs. G and H, French Street.

1 Godown (Ground floor) on M.L. 302, Des Voeux Road, West.

10 Chinese houses on M.L. 239, R.P., Belcher’s Street.

25 Chinese houses on M.L. 239 and I.L. 1355, Hee Wong Terrace and Holland Street.

School on R.B.L. 51, Pokfulam.

A large garage and quarters on A.I.L. 97, Aberdeen.

A number of garages and sub-stations in various districts.

The following is a list of the principal works in other parts of the City and outlying districts which were in course of erection : —

A Godown on M.L.’s 113 and 114, Wanchai Road, was demolished, and the erection thereon of 6 Chinese houses (flats) were almost completed.

A Godown on M.L.’s 113 and 114, Praya East, was demolished and a new one was in course of erection.

A Godown on I.L. 2623, Praya East.

The demolition and rebuilding of old property on I.L. 499 and M.L.’s 271 and 283, Tin Lok Lane, Praya East, Bowrington Road, and Wanchai Road.

Site formation and retaining walls on I.L. 1946 and extension, Broadwood Road, and Caroline Road, was in progress.

A large extension to the Generating Station of The Hong Kong Electric Co., Ltd., on M.L. 321, North Point.

Dyeworks on Crown Land near S.I.L. 527, Sai Wan Ho.

Re-building of Ko Shing Theatre on M.L. 58 R.P.. Queen’s Road West.

Theatre on I.L.’s 48, R.P., and 601, R.P., Queen’s Road, Central, and Circular Pathway.

B.O.O. Work. — Q 18 —

Girls’ School on I.L. 590, Bonham Road.

Extension to The Nethersole Hospital on I.L.’s 590 and 1897, Bonham Road.

Site formation for 22 European houses on I.L. 2302, Stubbs Road, was nearing completion. Two houses were completed.

Site formation for 28 European houses on I.L. 2354, Stubbs Road, was nearing completion. Three houses were completed and one was in course of erection.

A block of 24 European flats on R.B.L. 78, Stubbs Road, (Hill District), near the Peak Hotel, was roofed in, and the interior work was in progress.

Site development for 28 European houses on R.B.L 245, Deep Water Bay, was nearing completion. Roads were completed and sullage drains almost completed.

The following is a list of the principal works in the Kowloon district which were completed during the year: —

Godown on K.M.L. 11, Canton Road.

Garage on K.I.L. 2087, Nathan Road.

Cinematograph Theatre on K.I.L.’s 1778 and 1930, Canton Road and Reclamation Street, Mong Kok Tsui.

Knitting Factory on K.M.L. 50, R.P., Pitt Street. Mong Kok Tsui.

Shui Yut Kung Temple on K.I.L. 1974, Hak Po Street and Shantung Street, Mong Kok Tsui.

Cinematograph Theatre on N.K.I.L. 992 and 1006, Lai Chi Kok Road.

Sugar Boiling Sheds on K.M.L. 77, Chung Hing Street. Fuk Tsun Heung.

Girls’ School on K.I.L. 2024, Shek Shan Road.

Nunnery on N.K.I.L. 1007, Ngau Chi Wan.

Godown and Workshops on K.I.L. 1404, Mok Cheong Street, Ma Tau Kok.

Dyeworks on Lot 7162, S.D. 1, Sec. A, Chuk Un.

Ginger Factory on Farm Lot 668, S.D. 4, Tai Po Road

Vermilion Factory on Lot 1065, S.D. 3, Lyemun.

— Q 19 — B.O.O. Work.

60 European houses on the Kau Lung Tong Estate.

A number of garages and sub-stations in various districts.

The following is a list of the principal works in the Kowloon district which were in course of erection: —

Work on the “Peninsula Hotel” on K.I.L. 1461, Salisbury Road, was about to be resumed at the end of the year. The building was in the occupation of the Military Authorities during the greater part of the year.

Cinematograph Theatre on K.I.L. 570 R.P., Nathan Road.

School—“Ying Wah College”—on K.I.L. 1784, Bute Street and Sai Yeung Choi Street, Mong Kok Tsui.

School on K.I.L. 1568, Sec. A., s.s. 1, Tung Choi Street, Mong Kok Tsui.

Sugar Factory on K.M.L. 48. R.P., Pitt Street, Mong Kok Tsui.
Machine Workshop and Quarters on K.I.L. 1569, at the junction of Nelson and Fa Yuen Streets, Mong Kok Tsui.

Lubricating Oil Godown on K.M.L. 32, Kremer Street, Tai Kok Tsui.

Preserved Fruit Factory on K.I.L. 2088, Fuk Tsun Street, Tai Kok Tsui.

Seven Workshops on N.K.I.L. 435, R.P., Tin Liu Street, Sham Shui Po.

Sugar Candy Factory on N.K.I.L. 152, Yen Chow Street, Sham Shui Po.

Ground Nut Oil Factory on N.K.I.L.’s 1023 and 1024, Hai Tan Street, Sham Shui Po.

Vermilion Factory on K.I.L.’s 1956, 1957, 1965, and 1966, Pak Tai Street, Ma Tau Kok.

Dyeworks on Lot 5784, S.D. 1, Kowloon City.

Dyeworks on Lots 5779 and 5782, S.D. 1, Kowloon City.

Knitting Factory on K.I.L. 1678, Tam Kung Road, Kowloon City.

Distillery Sheds on Tsun Wan I.L, 3, D.D. 355, Tsun Wan.

Vermilion Factory on Tsun Wan I.L. 4, Tsun Wan.


— Q 45 — P.W.R. New Territories.

94.    Maintenance of Sewers, Nullahs, etc.—The sewers, stormwater drains, trained nullahs and concrete channels were eieansed, repaired,’ and maintained in good condition. Repairs were effected to the nullahs South-East of “White Cottage” and North-West of “Rampart”, Tai Po.

Estimates     $500.00
Expenditure,      $176.41

95.    Typhoon and Rainstorm Damages.—The heavy rains during the Summer did considerable damage to Government buildings, the principal ones affected being the Gap Rock Lighthouse, Cheung Chau, Tai Po, and Ping Shan Police Stations, and the Tai Po Island Quarters. The damage was in every case made good.

Considerable damage was also caused to the macadamized and decomposed granite road stirfacing, walling, and embankments. Retaining and toe-walls where landslides occurred were found necessary at Ching Lung Tau, Sam Tseng, Tai Lam Chung, and Tsai Wan Kok.

Landslides also occurred at Chik Nai Ping, Tai Po Market, and Tai Po Road.

Several channels were silted, and spoil was washed into the nullahs, the clearing of which was done by the end of the year.

The repairs to the damage caused to the bridge leading to Lam Tsun Valley and that at Wan Yiu, referred to in paragraph 101 of last year’s Report, were carried out and completed by the end of April.

Damage was also occasioned to the temporary bridge at Tai Po, the bridge near Ta Ku Ling and that near San Uk Ling,, the repairs to which were completed by the end of the year.

Estimates         $60,000.00
Expenditure,              $35,927.96

96.    Maintenance of Waterworks at Fan Ling.—The total quantity of water supplied during the year was 6.32 million gallons or an average consumption of 17,000 gallons per day.

There were 19 meters in use at the close of the year, 5 for Fan Ling, 5 for Kam Tsin and 9 for Sheung Shui.
Estimates,      $700.00

Expenditure             $ 95.70

P.W.E. Hong Kong. — Q 46 —

97.    Maintenance of Waterworks at Tai Po.—The total quantity of water supplied during the year was 11.72 million gallons or an average consumption of 32,000 gallons per day.

There were 34 meters in use at the close of the year.

Estimates,      $700.00
Expenditure,      $611.92

98.    Water Account (Meters, etc.).—Fourteen meters were examined, and repaired, during the year;

Estimates,      $600.00
Expenditure,      $423.72

99.    Maintenance of Chinese Cemeteries.—No work was carried out under this heading during the year.

Estimates,      $100.00
Expenditure,          Nil.


100. King’s College.—This work was referred to in paragraph 111 of last year’s Report as Bonham Road School, which has since received the name of King’s College. The new desks from England upon arrival were found to have been badly damaged in transit. Replacement of broken parts at manufacturers’ expense was still outstanding at the end of the year.

The building was occupied by the Military Authorities from February to December, in consequence of which certain repairs and cleansing operations became necessary before handing it over to the Education Department, and were effected at the expense of the Military Authorities.

1927. Estimates, .... $40,000.00 Total Estimates,.. $841,800.00
                                                            Expenditure to
1927. Expenditure, . $.31,263:55    31.12.27,     $757,259.92

101.    Additional Quarters, Ventris Road.—This work was referred to in paragraph 178 of last year’s Report.

The building was completed and occupied during the month of August.

1927 Estimates, . . $30,000.00 Expenditure to
1927 Expenditure, . $27,275.01    31.12.27,      $1,697,630.95

102.    Wong Nei Chong Village Development, provision of village type houses.—It was approved that fifty-two houses in six blocks be erected at the South-Eastern end of the valley, and a Contract was accordingly let to Mr. Man Gang on 12th July, 1927.


129. Praya East Reclamation : —

(a.) Contribution by Government towards Funds for Reclamation.

(b.) Morrison Hill Development.—Retaining Walls and Stormwater Culverts.

This work was referred to in Annexe L at page 164 of last year’s Report.

(a.) Filling.—The Contractor experienced some difficulty in Obtaining suitable filling material from Morrison Hill; however, sufficient quantity had been deposited to satisfy the bonus conditions laid down by the Committee of Engineers. The quantity of filling material deposited in the Reclamation area during the year was about 623,319 cubic yards making a total of 2.869,860 cubic yards. The total area of land formed was approximately 75.03 acres.

Quantities of rock removed from Morrison Hill were utilized to form foundations to the roads traversing the Reclamation in an Easterly and Westerly direction.

Sea-wall.—The work of depositing rubble for the foundations was continued, and at the end of the year 4,814 lineal feet of rubble mound was completed. The sea-wall was wholly completed for a length of 4,142 feet, and a further length of 345 feet was partially completed.

On the 14th November a displacement of the sea-wall took place over a distance of about 309 lineal feet. Surveys were undertaken to ascertain the nature of the movement, and the necessary repairs commenced.

Quay Wall.—The rubble foundations were constructed and the toe blocks had been placed in position at the end of the year.

Public Pier ‘A’.—The reinforced concrete piles, thirteen in number, were driven.

Public Pier ‘B'—This pier has been completed except for the surfacing of the deck and the fixing of the timber fendering.

Refuse Boat Pier.—This pier also has been completed with the exception of the surfacing of the deck and the erection of the chutes.

Sewers.—The following lengths of sewers were completed: —

21" diameter sewers    3,129 feet equivalent to 73%
27"    „    „                         321     „        „         „   54%

Stormwater Drains and Nullah.—Stormwater drains totalling 9,200 lineal feet and varying from 12 inches to 11 feet 6 inches in diameter were completed.

A nullah 36 feet in width is under construction on the Reclamation  area in line with the Bowrington Canal; it will replace* the twin stormwater culverts originally designed to drain Happy Valley. 350 feet of each side wall of the nullah have been completed and the construction of the invert is in hand.

The work of re-draining the area bounded by Arsenal Street, Queen’s Road East, Causeway Bay and the existing Praya, rendered necessary by the Praya East Reclamation Scheme and referred to in paragraph 117 of last year’s Report, was continued, the undermentioned sewers and one stormwater drain being completed:—

15 inch sewer in Tin Lok Lane, from Praya East to Sharp Street West.

15   ,,    ,,    in Tin Lok Lane, from Sharp Street West to Leighton Hill Road.

  6   ,,    ,,    in scavenging lane East of Tin Lok Lane.

  6   ,,     ,,    in Praya East, East of Heard Street.

24    ,,   stormwater drain in Heard Street.

The following table is an analysis of the total expenditure to the end of the year.


                                             During the     
                                             year ended                             Total to 31st
Head of Expenditure.           31st Decem-    Previously.        December,
                                              ber, 1927.                                       1927.

                                                      $                     $                          $

Contract No. 12 of 1921,...    509,665.08    1,434,191.89    1,943,856.97

Dredging,     .                                283.68         95,822.70        96,106.38

Alteration to Existing
Sewers,                                      9,285.98       117,556.14      126,842.12

Alteration to Existing
Stormwater Drains, ...                 7,035.19       175,427.99      182,463.18

Water Mains,                                        ...                121.20             121.20

Roads,                                              10.00              211.98             221.98

Reconstruction of Build-
ings, Royal Naval Ar-
senal Yard,     ...    

Salaries and Supervision,           26,070.75        147,107.35    173,178.08

Advance Account,                                    ...        105,541.84    105,541.84

Items subsidiary to but
not included in Contract    
No. 12 of 1921,                                   351.63         4,896.30         5,247.93

Bonus payment to Con-
tractor on Contract    
No. 12 of 1921, .........                   382,455.71     478,975.92     861,431.63

Total    $                                        955,148.00  2,559,863.31   3,495,011.31


The account in respect of the contribution by the Government towards the Fund for the Reclamation is as follows: —

1927 Estimates,      $200,000
1927 Expenditure,      $ 96,069 Expenditure to
                                                    31.12.27,          $640,460

(b.) Morrison Hill Area Development.—Two hundred and twenty-eight lineal feet of retaining wall averaging twenty feet in height was constructed on the North side of Gap Road Eastwards from the Store Yard of the Public Works Department. One hundred and forty-three lineal feet of rubble embankment was formed for the purpose of widening Gap Road at its junction with Stubbs Road. Gap Road was regraded between Stubbs Road and at a point Westwards about 250 feet distant, necessitating its level being lowered to a maximum depth of 4 feet 6 inches and the construction of a toe-wall 138 feet in length to support the slope on the South side of the road. This work was completed at the end of the year.

Owing to dumping from other sources, the material available in Morrison Hill is more than the quantity required to fill in the Praya East Reclamation. The material on the top portion of the hill appeared to be more satisfactory for reclamation purposes; therefore, it was decided to cut down to a level of 55 feet above O.D. instead of to the levels originally decided.

1927 Estimates,    ...    $10,000.00
1927 Sup. Vote,    ...      37,000.00

                                                       Expenditure to 
1927 Expenditure, .    $39,662.76    31.12.27     $85,668.73


— Q 89 — Works not appearing in Estimates,—Hong Kong.

181. Construction of Nullah Wall at the Eastern Boundary of M.L, 431, North Point.—On the East side of M.L. 431, about 800 lineal feet of nullah wall together with portion of the rubble foundations for the invert were constructed during the year by the purchaser of M.L.’s 430 and 431. The work was carried out under the supervision of a private firm of Engineers.

1927 Special Vote,      ...„. $40,000.00
1927 Expenditure to 31.12.27, $32,017.80

182. Quay Wall at M.L.’s 430 and 431, North Point.—This work was referred to in Annexe L at page 169 of last year’s Report.
It was completed in 1926 and maintained satisfactorily during the period of maintenance which expired on the 15th December, 1927.

Total Estimates,         $1,950,000.00
Expenditure to 31.12.27, $1,951,723.51

188. Dredging in front of Quay Wall at M.L.’s 430 and 431, North Point.—In order to admit of ships berthing alongside the Quay Wall at M.L.’s 430 and 431, the purchaser of the above lots dredged an area of about .05 square mile of the harbour bottom to a depth of 30 feet below O.D. This work was completed early in the year.

Total Estimates,        $120,000
Expenditure to 31.12.27, $120,000

184. Erection of two Automatic Self-recording Tide Gauges. —This work was referred to in Annexe L at page 163 of last year’s Report.

As stated therein the Contract works were completed, and the Contractor handed them over in a satisfactory condition at the end of his period of maintenance which expired on 9th June. The expenditure during the year was in respect of retention money.

1927 Special Vote, ... $500.00 Total Estimates, .. $20,000.00
                               Expenditure to
1927 Expenditure, .... $500.00     31.12.27        $15,554.22

185. Vehicular Ferry Piers.—This work was referred to in Annexe L at page 170 of last year’s Report


Works carried out for the Military Authorities. — Q 96 —

The Contractors commenced dredging Kowloon Point Area on the 13th October. The first section to be dredged was the area South of the Railway Pier and East of the Cable Reserve, which was completed to a depth of—36' O.D. on the 21st October. The dredger was then moved to the main area West of the Hong Kong and Kowloon Wharf and Godown Company’s piers, and work was still in progress here at the end of the year. The dredging over this area is being carried out to varying depths ranging from—32' to —36' O.D. A sample of the dredged material taken on the 24th October showed that it consisted of approximately 54.56% sand, 24.07% shell, 1.16% coal, 1.56% cinder, and 18.63% mud. On 31st December approximately 248,944 cubic yards of spoil had been dredged from the Kowloon Point Area.

The total estimated quantity of dredging under this Contract is 1,470,000 cubic yards; of this amount about 600,000 cubic yards or equivalent to 41% had been dredged during the period under review, and nearly half the contract time had elapsed. However, it is anticipated that the Contract will be completed within the time limit. During the year the Contractors were delayed four days by winds of typhoon force and typhoon warnings.

Reclamation.—110 cubic yards of Nullah walling were taken down and rebuilt. Good progress was made with the work of clearing and levelling the existing rubble mound for the future sea-wall foundation. The berm of one ton stones to protect the mound against wave action was partially finished. 182 concrete blocks were manufactured and set on the rubble mound, and 460 cubic yards of mass concrete were deposited on the existing mud concrete foundation slab to form the footing for the sea-wall. Good progress was made with the sea-wall superstructure, 350 cubic yards of masonry being built and 910 cubic yards of cement concrete backing formed. Almost 6,000 cubic yards of building debris were deposited to seal the rubble mound of the existing sea-wall.

Pumping operations were commenced on the 4th July, and approximately 600,000 cubic yards of material had been pumped into the reclamation at the end of the year.

Total Estimates              $1,125,000.00
Expenditure to 31.12.27,      $ 376,085.09


203.    Accommodation for additional troops in the Colony.— In connection with the increased number of troops quartered m the Colony in 1927, various works were undertaken for the Military Authorities at a total cost of $703,108.12.

— Q 97 — Works carried out for the Military Authorities.

A short description of these works is given in the following paragraphs: —

(i.) Transfer Shelter at Garden Road.—A Contract was let to Messrs. Kin Lee & Co. for this shelter to be used for the purpose of transferring casualties from ambulances to hand stretchers. The work was satisfactorily carried out.

(ii.) Sewer connections.—A six inch sewer was extended to the Dragon Garage at Wong Nei Chong Gap Road used as temporary Military Quarters, and a connection made to the latrine.

Connections were also given to the stables in Middle and Salisbury Roads, and the Peninsula Hotel in Salisbury Road, Kowloon, and to the Rope Factory at Ma Tau Kok.

(iii.) Erection of a Camp at Sham Shui Po.—The scheme comprised the erection and equipment of a large camp of wooden huts to accommodate two Infantry Battalions, with the necessary roads, stormwater drainage, water supply, and lighting. About 140 huts were erected comprising the following:—Platoon Huts, Officers’ Quarters, Mess and Dining Rooms, Offices, Cook-houses, Latrines, Ablution Sheds, Guard Houses, Regimental Institutes, and various Stores.

With the exception of the Guard Houses and Food Stores which were built of brickwork, the huts were constructed on a wooden frame with weather-board sides, boarding and Malthoid roofs, and concrete floors.

The work also included the provision of all the necessary furniture and fittings, 900 Electric light and fan points, two telephones, and the formation of tennis courts.

The drainage work comprised three large open stormwater channels of a special design constructed through the Camp, with twelve wooden bridges erected across them.

Sullage channels, pipe drains and gullies were laid round the Huts, etc., and trapped connections made.

A twenty-one inch stormwater drain was constructed in Lai Chi Kok Road. A twelve inch stormwater channel was constructed in Apliu Street to drain pools, and an eighteen inch outfall sewer was extended in the street (un-named) parallel to and North-West of Yen Chow Street.

The arrival of large numbers of troops in the Colony made acceleration in the construction of the Camp of the greatest importance. The two principal Contracts for the erection of the Huts by The Hong Kong Excavation, Pile Driving and Construction Company, Ltd., and Messrs. Kin Lee & Co., were signed

Work carried out for the Naval Authorities. — Q 98 —

on the 1st and 2nd of March respectively, the plans having been prepared and tenders obtained in the course of about one week previous to the former date.

These Contracts were completed by the 17th and 7th of April respectively, and all the furniture and fittings were installed by the 26th idem, the whole of the Camp being thus equipped and ready for occupation in less than two months from the commencement of its construction.

The Regimental Institutes were erected and completed at somewhat later dates.

(iv.) Erection of a Bamboo Pier and Moorings opposite the Rennie’s Mills, Junk Bay.—A bamboo pier was constructed opposite the Rennie’s Mills, Junk Bay, the work being completed by the end of April.

The moorings were laid by the Taikoo Dockyard and Engineering Company of Hong Kong, Ltd., which work was also completed by the end of that month.

(v.) Filling in area adjoining the Temporary Diocesan Boys’ School for a Playground.—The Military Authorities having taken over the premises of the Diocesan Boys’ School, the school was accommodated in private houses on K.I.L. 1652 at the junction of Nathan and Prince Edward Roads, and the adjoining area was filled in to form a playground.

(vi.) Path from Kam Tsin (Sheung Shui) to the Camp at Lo Wu.—An approach road, ten feet in width and one and a half miles long was constructed to the Military Camp at Lo Wu. A Contract for carrying out this work was signed by Mr. Pang Loong on the 28th March for the sum of $11,210, and it was practically completed by the end of July.

The construction of the seventy foot bridge by Messrs. Tat Lee & Co. was completed by the middle of October at a cost of $1,407.


204. Covering over nullah and preparation of ground at Kai Tak Reclamation for the site of the Aerodrome.—This work, which included covering over one of the main nullahs, 85 feet wide, by means of concrete beams and slabs, together with the completion of a small area of reclamation and the subsequent rolling of the landing and taking-off run, was embodied in a contract let to Messrs. Sang Lee & Co. for the sum of $38,950 on the 2nd March and completed in September.

1927 Expenditure,      $43,957.13



(a.) Roads :—The following is a brief description of the principal works carried out under this heading:—

The carriageway of the new Shau Ki Wan Road between the Taikoo Sugar Refinery and the Taikoo Dockyard was regraded so as to meet the level of the new Tramway track.

—The damage done to Government Buildings in Kowloon by the typhoons of July and August was chiefly to roofs, windows and jalousies of the following buildings :—The Royal Observatory, Disinfecting Station: Tsim Sha Tsui, Mong Kok, and Yau Ma Ti Police Stations. In addition, the sea-wall and pier at Green Island were badly damaged by the seas, and matsheds which were blown down at the Royal Observatory, Junior School, and the Children's Playground at Chatham Road were restored.

Small washouts occurred at Chatham Road, King's Park, Kowloon City Road, Lai Chi Kok Road, Ma Tau Kok Road, Ma Tau Wei Road, Prince Edward Road and Waterloo Road. Many streets were cleared of debris deposited by the rains.

The nullahs in Waterloo and Gascoigne Roads and the catchpits at Hung Hom were completely, and the Mong Kok, Argyle Street, and Lo Lung Hang nullahs partly choked with spoil, the removal of which was effected, as quickly as possible.

The public pier at Kowloon Point was damaged by typhoon seas on the 24th July. The repair work necessitated the replacing of five piles, reconstruction of the three sets of landing steps, and the removal and re-erection of all underwater ties, struts and braces, and it was progressing satisfactorily at the end of the year. It is anticipated the pier will be ready for use in June, 1928.