People tagged: WW2: repatriated 1942 Asama Maru + Gripsholm

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Alias / nickname Given Family Sort descending Maiden DoB DoD Sex
Charles Wigton Adams Male
Lucile Ady Female
Don Ady Male
Merrill Steele Ady Male
Norwood Francis Allman Male
Frances Sinnickson Baynes Reilly Female
R P Beaver Male
John Bechtel Male
Al Alvah Weyland Jr Bourne Male
Norman H. Briggs Male
Wenzell Brown Male
Elizabeth Jane Brownell Female
Charles G. Butler Male
Lorenz August Buuck Male
Leonard Buuck Male
Bobby Buuck Male
Ella Buuck Female
Chuck Charles E. Cady Male
Michael Jr. Casale Male
Frances W Cook Female
George C Dankworth Male
Laura Lou Darnell Ziegler Female
Gwen Dew Female
Alice Dobbs Female
Edward Spencer Doughty Male
Hollis Powers Gale Male
Doris Adell Hake Ziegler Female
Robert Bruce Hammond Male
Helen Hammond Reiton Female
Edith Irene Hammond Female
Charles Ashley Higgins Male
William Howley Male
Rob / Bob Robert Goulding Kendall Male
Theodore Lindabury Male
Harriet Evelyn Locke Refo Female
Gladys Lynn Female
Ann Lynn Female
Peggy Sarah Margaret Mason Refo Female
Burney Catherine Medard Refo Female
Vaughan Meisling Male
Merritt Male
J H Middlecoat Male
Carl Neprud Male
Alison Jeanette Owens / Werner Fisher Female
Francis King Paget Male
Henrietta Mead Paget Female
Barbara Rose Petro-Pavlovsky Schurman Female
Herbert H. Pommerenke Male
Jean Pommerenke Macpherson Female
Harold P. Ravn Male
John Norman Raymond Male
Sally Sarah Alice Refo Flaniken Female
Henry Barron Refo Male
Albert Kato Reiton Male
Rose Etta Reiton Femmer Female
Esther Reiton Female
Howard G. Rhoads Male
Elaine Schramm Buuck Female
Charles Wilson Shoop Male
Kathryn S Shoop Steffy Female
John Steiner Male
Gus Gustav H. Sundberg Male
Howard E. Swaney Male
Avis Powlis Thomson Unknown
Harry C. Ward Male
Margaret Gertrude Ward Craig Female
Claud Claude Ellsworth White Male
Beatrice Lenola Whitham / Humphries Brouwer Female
T. B. Wilson Male
Richard C Wilson Male
Compton DeMetselaer Wiseman Male
Alice-Ann Xiques Refo Female
Eunice Mae Ziegler Female
Laurence Albert Ziegler Male
Ruth Elizabeth Ziegler Female
Theodore Allen Ziegler Male
Laura Beatha Ziegler Female