Alice DOBBS [1908-1986] | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong
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Alice DOBBS [1908-1986]

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c.1986-12-31 (Month, Day are approximate)


Alice Gibb daughter of John McGregor Gibb teacher at Peking University and Edith Katherine Candlin was born 17 October 1908 in Peking China and was  baptised 11 June 1911 Philadelphia

Issued with a US passport 29 May 1919 at the American Legation Peking

Remarried and died in 1985 USA

25 August 1942 Gripsholm New York Passenger and Crew Lists Alice Dobbs married widow arrived in New York date of birth 17 October 1908 Peking China passport requirements waived. No children listed  Address in USA 518 W Beechtree Lane, Wayne Pa. 

Arrived New York 24 March 1928 Francis E L Dobbs official in transit arrived in Seattle from  Argentina nationality Irish born Argentina last permanent address Peking China

May 1928 Francis Edward Litton Dobbs age 25 civil servant and Alice Dobbs age 19 travelled from New York to London

March 1937 Francis E L Dobbs 34 administrator China  travelled from Hong Kong to Southampton with his wife Alice Dobbs age 28 and children Edward Cathcart Dobbs age 6, Jennifer F Dobbs age 3 and John McGregor Dobbs age 9 months born 30 June 1936.

Probate Records 1946 Francis Edward Tilton (sic) Dobbs of Kunming Yunnan Province West China died 22 December 1941 at the Kwong  Sang Hong premises 192 Hennesey Road Hong Kong. Administration to Sir Ralph Stuart Bond and Edwin Vickerman Rutherford attorney of Alice Dobbs widow

UK Foreign and Overseas Records F E L Dobbs Inspector of  Chinese Salt Gebelle (?)  died in a boiler explosion 25 December 1945 (different date from Probate Record) Date of Certificate 1 February 1946

WW2 Civilian Death Records Francis Edward Litton Dobbs  M.A.age 39 died 2 December 1941 son of Charlotte Litton Dobbs of Tor House, Love Lane, Pinner, Middlesex, England and the late Francis Stewart Dobbs and husband of Alice Dobbs of R.F.D.2, Williamstown, New Jersey, USA