Jurors Lists

Submitted by David on Sun, 07/11/2010 - 14:23

The Jurors Lists are a great resource for information about people, companies and places in Hong Kong.

We're currently typing them out so they are searchable on the web, but until we're finished you can find the full set (and lots more besides) at the HKGRO website. At HKGRO, search for jury list to see the lists from 1854-1893, or search for jurors list to see the lists from 1894-1941.


Hi there,

I was wondering..... if we could use pivot table on the lists.  Pivot table is an excellent to analyse information like these lists.

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Thomas, I haven't used them before, so I'm not sure what the benefits are, or how easy they are to add to our website.

If you can set up a demo, or show us another site's web-page that is similar to what you have in mind, that would be helpful.

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... because they can help date when a building was built, by when it pops up on the Jury lists.  I was delighted to see Victoria Lodge and Elliott Cresent pop up and interested in the date.  Also being able to see when Woodlands was likely redeveloped was fun.

Hi David,

I have not seen Pivot Tables being used on websites before.  But if you could send me (or tell me how to download) one of those spreadsheets, I could create the pivot table in a new sheet and send it back to your for your reference.

I have been using pivot tables for a while, to pick on data.  It's very useful for grouping, sub-totles, and cross references.  Depending on data type you could have different views just by dragging the information, just like the demo (in the M$ link) shows you.  Say, group by company name, group by Surname, group by First Name, subtotal or a count of all grouped fields, etc.

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Hi Thomas,

Thanks for sending over the pivot table. I'm using OpenOffice, but it has something very similar. I had a quick play with it and I see now how it can be useful.

Maybe there's a way to get some similar functionality on the website, but I don't plan to look into it right now. At this point I'll let people cut & paste into a spreadsheet if they want to use this.

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Dear David,

Yes, it is quite nice if one wants to sort multiple columns and change the view.  Using Pivot Tables, you could just drag the fields/columns to different locations for different views.

It would also be useful if you want to count.  In the Pivot Table I sent over, I have hidden the sub-totals.  Under M$ Excel the sub-totals are on by default.

To use Excel spreadsheet for pivot tables would have the drawback of the limited number of rows supported.  It is good to know that if the database is really big, you could also use pivot table in M$ Access.  I'm unfamiliar with the detailed functions of Open Office, but I guess it should have something similar.

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I have searched "jurors list" at the GRO website above, and 2 separate lists come up for each year, one from the "Sessional Papers" entitled "List for 19XX Jurors" and one from the "Government Gazette" entitled "Jurors List for 19XX"; could someone tell me what the diference is between these two? Is one an internal document for LegCo, and the other a public announcement?

Thank you whoever compiled from this particular list. I was able to find 49 people who worked for Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China.

The working spreadsheet is a copy of the 1921 list, so the end of the working spreadsheet does show many of the same names you'll see on page 37 of the 1922 list.

There are still many differences though, so we're currently working through it page at a time to prepare the spreadsheet version of the 1922 list.

Hi David,

Someone just sent me the lists from 1924 - 1940 in PDF format. If you want them, let me know how I can send them to you.