1862 Jurors List

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Special Surname First Name Occupation Firm/Employer etc Street/District
  Aderjee Sapoorjee Broker   Wyndham Street
  Agabeg Avectis Lazar Merchant   Wellington Street
  Algar T. Clerk Blackhead & Co.  
  Allen James W. Mercantile Asst. Wetmore, Cryder & Co.  
Special Anderson G. Bill-Broker   Arbuthnot Road
  Andruss Theodore H. Hotelkeeper Oriental Hotel  
Special Archer George A. Merchant Smith, Archer & Co.  
  Armstrong John Martin Storekeeper Thos. Hunt & Co.  
Special Arnhold Jacob Merchant Oxford & Co.  
  Arnould H. Superintending Purser P. & O. Co.  
  Atkinson James Storekeeper Atkinson & Co.  
  Austin C. W. Assistant Jardine, Matheson & Co.  
  Baker S. W. Clerk Bowra & Co.  
  Baker R. B. Accountant Mercantile Bank  
  Baker Colgate Assistant Smith, Archer & Co.  
  Baker James Innkeeper   Queen's Road West
Special Baldwin John Charles Merchant McGregor & Co.  
  Baldwin Robert Henry Merchant McGregor & Co.  
  Barretto Joao Antonio Assistant Jardine, Matheson & Co.  
  Battersby W. Boiler Maker Jardine, Matheson & Co.  
  Beattie Robert Innkeeper   Queen's Road West
  Beaumont F. Britain Assistant Russell & Co.  
  Beckwith J. H. Assistant Jardine, Matheson & Co.  
  Beveridge Henry Assistant Jardine, Matheson & Co.  
  Blackhead F. Storekeeper Blackhead & Co.  
  Blake Franklin Assistant A. Heard & Co.  
  Blakeway George Assistant Vaucher Freres  
Special Block Frederick Horsen Merchant John Burd & Co  
  Blydinburgh J. S. Assistant Smith, Archer & Co.  
  Bonnett William W. Secretary Hongkong Club  
  Booth Victor Assistant Walker, Borradaile & Co.  
  Borradaile Thos. Salkeld Merchant Walker, Borradaile & Co.  
  Borton James Innkeeper   Queen's Road West
Special Bosman C. H. M. Merchant Koopmanschap and Bosman  
  Bowra Wm. Addenbrock Storekeeper Bowra & Co.  
Special Boyd Clotworthy Merchant A. Ellissen & Co.  
  Braga Joao Joaquim Druggist Medical Hall  
Special Brand Robert Merchant Smith, Kennedy & Co.  
  Britto Jose de Clerk P. & O. Co.  
Special Brodersen Charles Merchant W. Pustau & Co.  
  Bronsard Richard Assistant Bourjan, Hübener & Co.  
  Brooks James Alfred Auctioneer   Queen's Road
  Browne C. L. Bookeeper De Silver & Co.  
  Browne R. O. Draughtsman P. & O. Co.  
  Brumfield J. V. Plumber P. & O. Co.  
  Bunduth D. J. Pattern Maker P. & O. Co.  
  Burgy Emile K. Merchant Smith, Archer & Co.  
Special Burrows Ogden Hoffman Merchant S. E. Burrows & Sons  
Special Burrows Silas E. Merchant S. E. Burrows & Sons  
  Butter C. P. Assistant Olyphant & Co.  
  Cahill John Innkeeper   Queen's Road West
Special Caldbeck J. B. Commander P. & O. Co.  
  Caldwell Daniel Richard Chinese Agent   Caine Road
  Callis T. Clerk P. & O. Co.  
  Camajee D. Pestonjee Merchant H. R. Camajee & Co.  
Special Campbell A. J. Merchant Fletcher & Co.  
  Campos Eduardo P. de Clerk P. & O. Co.  
  Campos Joaquim P. de Clerk P. & O. Co.  
  Campos L. P. de Clerk P. & O. Co.  
  Cara iet S. M. Merchant   Old Bailey Street
  Carpenter Edward Dispenser Hongkong Dispensary  
  Carr Henry John Innkeeper   Queen's Road West
  Cavalho P. M. Assistant Mercantile Bank  
  Cecil Cyril Broker   West Terrace
  Chabert E. Storekeeper Reynvaan & Co.  
  Cheverton J. H. Assistant Johnson & Co.  
  Claussen C. H. Clerk Jurgen & Co.  
Special Clinker David Beddine Banker Commercial Bank  
  Cockburn A. Stuart Clerk J. A. Brooks  
  Cohen C. C. Assistant Phillips, Moore & Co.  
Special Cohen Henry Merchant Phillips, Moore & Co.  
  Collins Henry J. Compositor China Mail Office  
  Cook J. E. Clerk Thos. Hunt & Co.  
  Cook J. H. Storekeeper Thos. Hunt & Co.  
  Cook H. N. Sailmaker   Queen's Road
  Cook M. H Sailmaker   Queen's Road
  Correa M. A. Accountant McEwen & Co.  
  Coutts Alexander Foreman S. P. Hall  
  Cowasjee Nesserwanjee Merchant Metta & Co.  
  Cox J. H. Assistant Turner & Co.  
  Coxon A. Accountant Mercantile Bank  
  Crane Isaac B. Clerk Wetmore, Cryder & Co.  
  Crawford David R. Clerk Lane, Crawford & Co.  
  Crockett O. R. Clerk Commercial Bank  
  Cunningham G. Clerk Russell & Co.  
  Cutter J. A. B. Clerk A. Heard & Co.  
  D'Aquino Maximiano Clerk D. Sassoon & Co.  
  D'Aquino M. J. Merchant   Hollywood Road
  Da Costa Jose Filippe Clerk Jardine, Matheson & Co.  
  Da Silva Luiz Joao Assistant Gibb, Livingston & Co.  
  Da Silva M. A. Assistant Mercantile Bank  
  Daeth F. Clerk P. & O. Co.  
  Dalziel W. R. Clerk P. & O. Co.  
Special Dana R. P. Merchant Russell & Co.  
  Danenberg Carlos Assistant Dent & Co.  
  Darrell N. B. Bookkeeper S. C. Woodruff  
Special Davidson W. M. Banker Bank of Western India  
  Davis J. Assistant G. Holmes & Co.  
  Davison William Clerk P. & O. Co.  
  De Silver George Pepper Storekeeper   Queen's Road
  De Silver, Jr. C. Storekeeper De Silver & Co.  
  Deacon Richard Assistant A. Heard & Co.  
  Deare D. C. Clerk P. & O. Co.  
Special Delano Warren Merchant Russell & Co.  
  Detmaring F. W. Assistant A. Ellissen & Co.  
  Dexter F. G. Clerk Russell & Co.  
Special Dickenson Charles A. Merchant A. Wilkinson & Co.  
  Dickson H. Chemist Hongkong Dispensary  
  Diers Ferdinand Clerk Oxford & Co.  
  Dodd John Mercantile Asst. Dent & Co.  
  Dolan William Sailmaker   Queen's Road
  Donner Jean Clerk W. Pustau & Co.  
  Duddell Henry Auctioneer   Wyndham Street
  Dunjeebhoy Ruttonjee Broker   Pottinger Street
  Dunn J. G. Clerk Lindsay & Co.  
  Duus J. H. Commission Agent   Queen's Road
  Duus Edward Hercules Commission Agent   Queen's Road
  Edwards Thomas Reporter Daily Press  
  Ellis P. P. Assistant A. Heard & Co.  
Special Ellissen G. Merchant A. Ellissen & Co.  
  Elmenhurst J. Henry Clerk W. Pustau & Co.  
Special Elton M. W. Merchant   Arbuthnot Road
  Emeny William Storekeeper   Wellington Street
  Endicott Henry Collins Storekeeper T. Hunt & Co.  
  Escherick J. W. H. Assistant Smith, Kennedy & Co.  
  Fairley F. B. Clerk Oriental Bank  
  Falconer George Watchmaker D. Lapraik  
  Fawett J. Ship Chandler   Wellington Street
  Field T. T. Assistant Smith, Archer & Co.  
  Fisher S. Clerk Jurgens & Co.  
  Forbes Murdoch Assistant Olyphant & Co.  
  Foster William. Hammond Assistant Russell & Co.  
  Fox Samuel Crane Broker   D’Aguilar Street
  Fraser John M. Clerk P. & O. Co.  
  Freer F. Clerk H. Duddell & Co.  
  Freire Francisco Clerk Hongkong Club  
  Frickel Leopold Ship Chandler   Queen's Road
Special Gassett Edward Merchant Wetmore, Cryder & Co.  
  Gaup Charles Watchmaker Heermann's  
  Gay Arthur O. Assistant Wetmore, Cryder & Co.  
  Gee William Clerk Emigration Agency  
  Gibb F. M. Clerk Emigration Agency  
Special Gibb Hugh Bold Merchant Gibb, Livingston & Co.  
Special Gibb John Darby Merchant Gibb, Livingston & Co.  
  Gibb W. H. Assistant Gibb, Livingston & Co.  
Special Gifford George Merchant Gifford & Co.  
  Gilfillan James Clerk Fletcher & Co.  
  Glatz Henry Clerk Glatz, Lammert & Co.  
  Gondy Peter Clerk De Silver & Co.  
  Goodwin Henry John Clerk Y. J. Murrow  
  Gow David Shipbuilder Harper & Co.  
  Green J. Farier   Government Hill
  Green W. Farier   Government Hill
  Gregory John L. Clerk, Glatz, Lammert & Co.  
  Grieve F. M. Victualler   Lyndhurst Terrace
  Guest W. S. Assistant Holliday, Wise & Co.  
  Gundry A. A. Assistant D. W. MacKenzie & Co.  
  Gutierrez Lourenco Joao Assistant Gifford & Co.  
  Gutierrez A. Clerk P. & O. Co.  
  Gutierrez M. Clerk P. & O. Co.  
  Gutierrez Venancio Clerk P. & O. Co.  
  Gutierrez Querino A. Assistant Russell & Co.  
  Gye J. Dispenser Hongkong Dispensary  
  Hagen Charles Assistant W. Pustau & Co.  
  Haight F. R. Assistant Smith, Archer & Co.  
  Haley Henry T. Marine Reporter China Mail  
  Halkett F. W. Assistant Olyphant & Co.  
  Hall George H. Assistant Wetmore, Cryder & Co.  
  Hall Stephen Prentis Shipbuilder   Queen's Road East
Special Halton Eldred Merchant Gibb, Livingstone & Co.  
  Hammond F. Clerk Hall & Co.  
  Handy J. A. Accountant Commercial Bank  
  Harding William Clerk Bowra & Co.  
  Harley Alexander Watchmaker D. Lapraik  
  Harris William A. Bookkeeper S. C. Woodruff  
  Harrison George Clerk Oriental Bank  
  Harsant F.     Queen's Road
  Hartmann G. W. Assistant Bourjau, Hübener & Co.  
  Haskell F. H. Storekeeper Thos. Hunt & Co.  
  Hayes J. Clerk Lane, Crawford & Co.  
  Hayward J. W. Assistant A. Heard & Co.  
  Heard George F. Assistant A. Heard & Co.  
Special Heard John Merchant A. Heard & Co.  
  Heermann Luis Watchmaker   Queen's Road
Special Helland George J. Merchant John Burd & Co.  
  Henderson W. J. Assistant Gibb, Livingston & Co.  
  Henderson James Foreman McDougall & Co.  
  Herton E. Storekeeper   Queen's Road
Special Hesse Theodor Merchant   Queen's Road
  Higson J. Assistant Jardine, Matheson & Co.  
  Hitchcock E. A, Assistant Olyphant & Co.  
  Hodge William Assistant Jardine, Matheson & Co.  
  Holme Ryle Clerk P. & O. Co.  
  Holmes George Agent   Queen's Road
  Hook J. S. Ship Broker   Graham Street
Special Hormuzjee Eduljee Merchant F. B. Cama & Co.  
Special How A. F. Merchant Johnson & Co.  
  Howard   Merchant   Shelley Street
  Howell Alfred Assistant Wilkinson & Co.  
Special Hubener Carl A. Merchant Bourjau Hübener & Co.  
Special Hudson A. Rawlings Merchant Gilman & Co.  
  Hudson Charles W. Assistant Gilman & Co.  
  Hunt W. H. Assistant Gibb, Livingston & Co.  
Special Hunter William C. Assistant A. Heard & Co.  
  Huntingdon E. H. M. Assistant A. Heard & Co.  
  Hyndman Henrique Clerk N. Duus & Co.  
  Jack John Shipwright Mr. Lamont  
  Jameson Charles Merchant Jameson & Co.  
  Johnson Charles T. Assistant Johnson & Co.  
Special Johnson Francis B. Merchant Johnson & Co.  
  Johnston William Superintendent Engineer P. & O. Co.  
  Jorge Honorato Assistant Mercantile Bank  
  Jukes M. P. Assistant Jardine, Matheson & Co.  
  Jurgens Henry Storekeeper   Queen's Road
  Kentwell Robert Henry Innkeeper   Queen's Road West
  Kenward Robert Druggist   Victoria Harbour
  Kerr William Innkeeper   Queen's Road West
  King   Hotelkeeper Oriental Hotel  
  King W. D. Assistant Smith, Archer & Co.  
  King Jr. D. Assistant Russell & Co.  
Special Kingsmill Thomas Architect   Queen's Road
  Kirby William Mercantile Asst. Jardine, Matheson & Co.  
  Koopmanschap C. Merchant Koopmanschap and Bosman  
  Lakeman Nicolas W. Clerk Frickel & Co.  
  Lambert Robert Carr Asst. Storekeeper Gibb, Livingston & Co.  
  Lambert John William Clerk P. & O. Co.  
  Lammert Geo. Reinhold Storekeeper Victoria Exchange  
  Lamont John Shipbuilder Aberdeen Dock  
  Lane William Storekeeper   Queen's Road
Special Lapraik Douglas Merchant   D’Aguilar Street
  Lawrence George R. Assistant Bull, Purdon & Co.  
  Laycock Henry Assistant Dent & Co.  
  Levitt William Godown-Keeper Walker, Borradaile & Co.  
Special Linstead Theophilus G. Merchant Lindsay & Co.  
  Lockhart A, Engineer P. & O. Co.  
  Logan James Engineer   Queen's Road
  Low Alexander Bookeeper China Mail  
  Low Robert A. Foreman China Mail  
  Lutkens L. S. Merchant   Shelley Street
  Lynall C. Assistant Bank of India  
Special MacAndrew J. Merchant Jardine, Matheson & Co.  
  MacAndrew R. A. Mercantile Asst. Jardine, Matheson & Co.  
  MacDonald Alexander Foreman Harper & Co.  
  MacDonald J. S. Shipwright   Queen's Road
  MacDougall Henry Engineer   Queen's Road
  MacFarlane Malcom Clerk Mr. Lamont  
  Mackay George Accountant Bank of India, Australia & C.  
Special Mackenzie Donald Wm. Merchant D. W. MacKenzie & Co.  
Special Mackenzie James Joseph Merchant Dent & Co.  
Special MacLean George Francis Merchant Lyall, Still & Co.  
  MacLean David Accountant Oriental Bank  
Special Maclellan J. W. Banker Bank of India, Australia & C.  
  Maclellan D. W. Assistant Lindsay & Co.  
  Macpherson J. Clerk S. P. Hall  
  Magmiac Herbert Assistant Jardine, Matheson & Co.  
  Major E. Assistant Fletcher & Co.  
  McKnight   Assistant J. S. MacDonald's  
  Meyer Edward Assistant W. Pustau & Co.  
  Miller M. Photographer   Parade Ground
  Mitchell Richard Clerk Atkinson & Co.  
  Mitchell Robert Shipwright Russell & Co.  
  Moore Maurice Assistant Russell & Co.  
  Morgan Charles Henry Storekeeper P. & O. Co.  
  Morgan W. M. Commission Agent   D’Aguilar Street
  Muller A. Clothier Ladage Oelke & Co.  
  Muneherjee Pestonjee S. Broker   Hollywood Road
Special Murray Charles Wilson Merchant Birley & Co.  
  Murray Andrew David Master Mariner Ship. J. Adams  
  Murray Matthew Sailmaker   Gilman Street
Special Neilson A. B. Merchant Olyphant & Co.  
  Nevin   Assistant Hall & Co.  
  Nisbet Thomas Assistant D. W. MacKenzie & Co.  
  Nissen Ferdinand Assistant Siemssen & Co.  
Special Nissen Waldimar Merchant Siemssen & Co.  
  Noble Henry Banker Agra Bank  
  Noble J. Watchmaker D. Lapraik  
  Nordaby George Clerk P. & O. Co.  
  Noronha Jose Clerk Oriental Bank  
  Norris George A. F. Auctioneer   Queen's Road
  Notley W. H. Assistant Walker, Borradaile & Co.  
Special Ormiston Walter Banker Mercantile Bank  
  Overbeck Gustave Mercantile Asst. Dent & Co.  
  Owen William Hotelkeeper Commercial Hotel  
  Owens J. Boiler Maker P. & O. Co.  
  Ozorio Candido Julio Assistant Dent & Co.  
  Ozorio Candino Antonio Assistant Lyall, Still & Co.  
  Palmer W. H.     Elgin Terrace
Special Parker Ebenezer Francis Merchant A. Heard & Co.  
  Parker R. Clerk J. A. Brooks  
  Parker C. Photographer   Staunton Street
  Parker Edward Innkeeper   Queen's Road
  Parker M. D. Ship Broker   Queen's Road
Special Parkin W. W. Merchant Olyphant & Co.  
  Pattell P. N. Broker   Wellington Street
  Pearce James W. Clerk H. Duddell & Co.  
  Pemberton J. Assistant Johnson & Co.  
  Pepson N. Bookeeper Blackhead & Co.  
  Pereira Jose L. Assistant Lindsay & Co.  
  Perkins W. H. Assistant Russell & Co.  
Special Pestonjee Dunjeebhoy Merchant P. & D. N. Camajee & Co.  
  Pestonjee Barzinjee Clerk P. F. Cama & Co.  
  Pestonjee Muncherjee Broker   Hollywood Road
  Petrie David Assistant Jardine, Matheson & Co.  
  Porter R. H. Clerk De Silver & Co.  
Special Probst Theodor Merchant W. Pustau & Co.  
Special Purdon James Merchant Bull, Purdon & Co.  
Special Pustau William Merchant W. Pustau & Co.  
  Putnam R. Clerk    
  Ramsay Alexander Assistant Dent & Co.  
  Rangel Floriano Antonio Assistant Jardine, Matheson & Co.  
  Ray Joseph J. Clerk Glatz, Lammert & Co.  
  Ray J. Engineer P. & O. Co.  
Special Reddie Robert Muirhead Merchant Holliday, Wise & Co.  
  Regan E. F. Clerk McEwen & Co.  
  Remedios Boaventura Clerk Lindsay & Co.  
  Remedios Geraido dos Clerk Lindsay & Co.  
Special Remedios Joao J. dos Merchant   Gough Street
  Reuben Solomon Merchant Moses & Co.  
  Reynolds Thomas J. Merchant   Pottinger Street
  Reynvaan A. J. Clerk Voucher Freres  
  Reynvaan W. H. Ship Chandler   Queen's Road
  Rickerby Charles Accountant Bank of Western India  
  Rickett, Jr. John Clerk P. & O. Co.  
  Ridge J. C. Assistant Holliday, Wise & Co.  
  Rivington Charles Assistant Jardine, Matheson & Co.  
  Roberts A. H. Assistant Gilman & Co.  
  Roberts John Auctioneer   Wellington Street
  Roberts Thomas Shipwright   West Point
  Roberts Jr. John Auctioneer   Wellington Street
  Rodger Alexander Assistant Dent & Co.  
  Rogerson Thomas Clerk Bowra & Co.  
  Roney R. C. Assistant Dent & Co.  
  Rose T. Boiler Maker P. & O. Co.  
  Rosenthal W. S. Commission Agent Blum, Brothers & Co.  
  Rosenthal     Blum, Brothers & Co.  
  Ross Alexander Foreman Hall & Co.  
  Rowett R. Assistant Holliday, Wise & Co.  
  Rozario Marcos Callisto do Merchant Stephenson & Co.  
  Russell William F. Clerk Thos. Hunt & Co.  
  Russell Donald Shipwright   Queen's Road West
  Rustonjee Pestonjee Merchant F. B. Meta & Co.  
Special Rutter Henry Accountant   Gough Street
Special Ryrie Phineas Merchant Turner & Co.  
  Sa Francisco de Clerk Lane, Crawford & Co.  
  Sanders F. Mercantile Asst. Schaeffer & Co.  
  Santos Antonio dos Assistant Bull, Purdon & Co.  
Special Sassoon A. Merchant D. Sassoon & Sons Co.  
  Sassoon Solomon D. Mercantile Asst. D. Sassoon & Sons Co.  
  Schaeffer Hermann Merchant Schaeffer & Co.  
  Schenck W. Clerk Smith, Archer & Co.  
  Schmidt W. Assistant Fletcher & Co.  
  Schmidt C. W. Clerk Frickel & Co.  
  Scott T. J. Clerk J. Logans  
  Seabra F. A. Clerk A. Heard & Co.  
  Seth Seth Avith Broker   Wellington Street
Special Sharp Granville Broker   Caine Road
Special Sherrard Robert B. Merchant   Staunton Street
  Silva D. A. da Assistant Mercantile Bank  
  Silva F. A. da     Staunton Street
  Slate R. B. Assistant Wetmore, Cryder & Co.  
  Smith Frederick T. Assistant Birley & Co.  
  Smith J. Clerk Emigration Agency  
Special Smith Caleb Merchant Smith, Archer & Co.  
  Smith R. B. Clerk Smith, Archer & Co.  
  Smith George Assistant Smith, Kennedy & Co.  
  Soares Francisco de Paula Storekeeper F. P. Soares & Co.  
  Soermann Auguste Mercantile Asst. Oxford & Co.  
  Speechy Samuel Engineer   Queen's Road
  Spencer G. G. Bookeeper Bowra & Co.  
  Spencer D. A. Assistant Bull, Purdon & Co.  
  Stamman Oscar Assistant Siemssen & Co.  
  Stanford William K. Merchant Jameson & Co.  
  Steinkopff Otto Assistant Oxford & Co.  
  Stephens J. Clerk P. & O. Co.  
  Stewart H. D. Assistant Turner & Co.  
  Stiles William Storekeeper Dent & Co.  
Special Still Charles Frederick Merchant Lyall, Still & Co.  
  Stimsen John Clerk P. & O. Co.  
  Stokes G. E. Assistant Lyall, Still & Co.  
  Storey James Foreman Harper & Co.  
  Talbot S. H. Clerk Lane, Crawford & Co.  
  Talbot Henry Eustace      
  Tapp W. H. Clerk Morgan & Co.  
  Taylor J. B. Assistant Smith, Archer & Co.  
  Thom William Assistant Jardine, Matheson & Co.  
  Thomas Louis   H. Jurgens & Co.  
  Thomas G. Shipwright   Queen's Road West
  Thompson   Assistant Hall & Co.  
  Thompson L. Assistant Oxford & Co.  
  Thompson George Innkeeper   Queen's Road
  Thomson Gavin Assistant Gibb, Livingston & Co.  
  Thorburn S. D. Assistant Turner & Co.  
  Thorne J. Assistant Wetmore, Cryder & Co.  
  Tillinghast T. D. Clerk De Silver & Co.  
  Toms Richard Clerk Lane, Crawford & Co.  
  Torrey Joseph William Commission Agent   Queen's Road
  Townsend John Commander Fort William Queen’s Road
  Turing A. Assistant Dent & Co.  
Special Tyson George Merchant Russell & Co.  
Special Vaucher Albert Emile Merchant   Queen's Road
  Vickermann W. H. Clerk S. P. Hall  
  Vickers J. M. Assistant Gibb, Livingston & Co.  
  Vinton William Clerk P. & O. Co.  
  Wagner Charles Piano Tuner   Shelley Street
Special Walkiershaw W. Merchant Turner & Co.  
  Wallace E. Clerk D. Lapraik  
  Wallace Thomas Assistant Jardine, Matheson & Co.  
  Ward J. G. Assistant Olyphant & Co.  
  Watmore Robert Assistant Jardine, Matheson & Co.  
  Watson J. C. Clerk Blackhead & Co.  
  Watson Alexander S. Druggist   Queen's Road
  Watson James B. Innkeeper   Queen's Road
  Webster James Assistant Oriental Bank  
  Weld David Assistant A. Heard & Co.  
  Welsh David Assistant Smith, Kennedy & Co.  
Special Wetmore W. Shepherd Merchant Wetmore, Cryder & Co.  
  Wheeley Alfred A. Assistant Dent & Co.  
Special White Augustus Banker Bank of India  
  Whitley F. Clerk P. & O. Co.  
Special Wiese Frederick Assistant Siemssen & Co.  
Special Wiese Ludwig Merchant Siemssen & Co.  
  Wilkins George Billard Table-keeper   Queen's Road
  Wilson Alexander Storekeeper McEwen & Co.  
  Wilson James Clerk McEwen & Co.  
  Wilson William Clerk McEwen & Co.  
  Wilson G. Clerk P. & O. Co.  
  Wilson Edward Clerk Turner & Co.  
  Winniberg Henry Storekeeper   Queen's Road
  Wong Ashing Printer London Mission Society  
  Woodford J. D. Assistant Walker, Borradaile & Co.  
  Woodin Edward L. Clerk P. & O. Co.  
  Woodruff Samuel C. Storekeeper   Queen's Road
  Woodward R. H. S. Assistant Smith, Kennedy & Co.  
  Wordsworth George Agent G. Holmes & Co.  
  Young W. C. Assistant Gibb, Livingston & Co.