1863 Jurors List

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A copy of the original document is available online at HKGRO.

Some oddities of spelling in this one - I’ve not tried to ‘correct’ anything, but I wonder if the original transcription in the Sheriff’s office was a bit rushed!  Almost 200 more names than 1860 - from 270 to 455 - but of the earlier number, about 130 disappeared. More representation from the Portuguese community this time, and also a notable number of German/Nordic names. 


Special Surname First Name Occupation Firm/Employer etc Street/District
  Aderjee Sapoorjee Broker   Wyndham Street
  Agabeg Avectic Lazar Jn. Merchant   Wellington Street
  Algar T. Clerk Blackhead & Co.  
  Allen J. W. Assistant, Wetmore, Cryder. & Co.  
  Allen W. Clerk J. Hook  
Special Anderson A. H. Banker Bank of Australia  
Special Anderson Graham Bill Broker   Hollywood Road
  Andruss Theodore F. Hotelkeeper Oriental Hotel  
  Anvedo F. H. Clerk Jardine, Matheson & Co.  
  Armstrong J. Carpenter, P. & O. Co.  
  Armstrong John Martin Storekeeper, Thomas Hunt & Co.  
Special Arnhold Jacob Merchant, Oxford & Co.  
  Arnould H. Superintending Purser P. & O. Co.  
  Ashton R. P. Assistant, Jardine, Matheson & Co.  
  Atkinson James Storekeeper Lammert, A., & Co.  
  Aylmore G. J. Steward Hongkong Club  
  Bain W. J Assistant, Johnson & Co.  
  Baker C. Assistant, Smith & Archer & Co.  
  Baker James Innkeeper   Queen's Road West
  Baker R. B. Accountant Mercantile Bank  
  Baker S. W.   Millinery Store Queen's Road
Special Baldwin John Charles Merchant, McGregor & Co.  
  Baldwin Robert Henry Auctioneer    
  Barnes F. D. Assistant, P. & O. Co.  
  Barretto Joao Antonio Assistant, Jardine, Matheson & Co.  
  Barros F. Clerk Oriental Bank  
  Battesby W. Boiler Maker P. & O. Co.  
  Beart Charles F. Accountant Commercial Bank  
  Beart E. Storekeeper Marsh, Boyer & Co.  
  Beattie Robert Innkeeper   Queen's Road West
  Beaumont F. B. Assistant, Russell & Co.  
  Beckwith J. H. Assistant, Jardine, Matheson & Co.  
  Belilio E. R. Merchant   Hollywood Road
  Blackhead F. J. B. Storekeeper Blackhead & Co.  
  Blake Franklin Assistant, A. Heard & Co.  
Special Blakeway George Merchant Vaucher & Co.  
Special Block Frederick Horsen Merchant, John Burd & Co.  
  Blum Joseph Merchant Blum Brothers  
  Bonnett William W. Secretary, Hongkong Club  
  Borton Jas. Innkeeper   Queen's Road
Special Bosman C. H. M. Merchant Bosman & Co.  
  Boulle Napoleon Merchant   Stanley Street
Special Bourjau Adolf Merchant   Queen's Road
  Boyer Alexander Draper   Queen's Road
  Braga Joao Joaquim Druggist Medical Hall  
  Brant C. Shipwright   West Point
  Briefeld A. Assistant, Wm. Pustau & Co.  
  Britto Jose de Clerk P. & O. Co.  
  Bronsard Richard Assistant, Bourjau, Hubener & Co.  
  Brooks H. N. Clerk Parker & Co.  
  Brooks James Alfred Auctioneer   Wyndham Street
  Browne C. L. Bookkeeper De Silver & Co.  
  Browne R. O Draughtsman P. & O. Co.  
  Bruce A. Engineer J. Logan’s  
  Brumfield J. V. Plumber P. & O. Co.  
  Brunckow E. Assistant, Siemssen & Co.  
  Buckley A. Assistant, Smith & Archer & Co.  
  Bumduth D. J. Pattern Maker P. & O. Co.  
Special Burgy E. H. Merchant Smith & Archer & Co.  
  Burrows R. Boiler Maker P. & O. Co.  
Special Burrows Silas Enoch, Jr. Merchant S. E. Burrows & Sons  
  Butter C. P. Assistant, Olyphant & Co.  
  Butter J. Clerk Blackhead & Co.  
Special Buxey J. F. Merchant R. H. Camajee & Co.  
  Cahill John Innkeeper   Queen's Road
Special Caldbeck J. B. Commander P. & O. Co.  
  Callis T. Assistant Storeman P. & O. Co.  
Special Camajee D. Pestonjee Merchant H. B. Camajee & Co.  
  Campos Eduardo P. de Clerk, P. & O. Co.  
  Campos Joaquim P. de Clerk, P. & O. Co.  
  Campos L. P. de Clerk P. & O. Co.  
  Carpenter Edward Dispenser, Hongkong Dispensary  
  Carr Henry John Innkeeper   Queen's Road West
  Carvalho P. M. Assistant, Mercantile Bank  
  Case A. R. Assistant, Russell & Co.  
  Chabert E. Storekeeper Reynvaan & Co.  
  Chambers A. F. Assistant, Jardine, Matheson & Co.  
  Cheverton J. H. Assistant, Johnson & Co.  
  Clarke A. L. Clerk De Silver & Co.  
  Clarke Richard Innkeeper   Queen's Road West
  Claussen C. H. Clerk Jurgens & Co.  
  Cohen C. C. Clerk Phillips, Moore & Co.  
Special Cohen Henry Merchant Phillips, Moore & Co.  
  Collaco L. Clerk, Lane, Crawford & Co.  
  Collins Henry Compositor China Mail Office  
  Cook J. E. Clerk Thomas Hunt & Co.  
  Cormack J. Clerk P. & O. Co.  
  Correa Maurice A. Accountant MacEwen & Co.  
  Coutts Alexander Foreman S. P. Hall & Co.  
Special Cowasjee Nesserwanjee Merchant, Metta & Co.  
  Crane Isaac B. Clerk, Wetmore, Cryder. & Co.  
  Crawford David R. Clerk Lane, Crawford & Co.  
  Cromwell John J. Assistant, King & Co.  
  Cunningham G. Clerk Russell & Co.  
  D’Aquino M. J. Merchant   Mosque Gardens
  D’Aquino Maximiano Clerk D. Sassoon, Sons & Co.  
  Da Costa Jose Felippe Clerk Jardine, Matheson & Co.  
  Da Silva D. A. Assistant Storeman Mercantile Bank  
  Da Silva J. M. Printer,   Queen's Road
  Da Silva Luiz Joao Bookkeeper Daily Press  
  Da Silva M. A. Assistant, Mercantile Bank  
  Daeth F. Clerk, P. & O. Co.  
  Dalgleish W. H. Assistant, Fletcher & Co.  
  Danenberg Carlos Assistant, Dent & Co.  
Special Davidson W. M. Banker Bank of Western India  
  Davis H. W. Broker   D’Aguilar Street
  De Silver Charles A. Ship Chandler   Queen's Road
  Deacon Richard Assistant, A Heard & Co.  
  Deare D.C. Clerk P. & O. Co.  
  Decker J. Clerk Ladage, Oelke & Co.  
Special Delano Warren Merchant Russell & Co.  
  Detmering F. W. Assistant, A. Ellissen & Co.  
  Dexter F. G. Clerk, Russell & Co.  
  Dickson Henry Chemist Hongkong Dispensary  
  Diers Ferdinand Commission Agent    
  Dixwell G. B. Assistant, A. Heard & Co.  
  Dodd John Assistant, Dent & Co.  
  Doherty T. Assistant Storekeeper P. & O. Co.  
  Dolan William Sailmaker   Queen's Road
  Donner Jean Clerk, Wm. Pustau & Co.  
  Dubost G. Merchant   Queen's Road
  Duddell Henry Auctioneer   Queen's Road
  Dunjeebhoy Ruttunjee Broker   Pottinger Street
  Dunlop Walter Assistant, Agra Bank  
  Dunn J. W. Assistant, Russell & Co.  
  Ede N. J. Assistant, Dent & Co.  
Special Ehlers Paul Merchant Hesse, Ehlers & Co.  
  Ellis P. P. Assistant, A. Heard & Co.  
Special Ellissen G. Merchant A. Ellissen & Co.  
  Elmenhorst Theo. Henry Commission Agent Elmenhorst & Sanders  
Special Elton W. Meyer Assistant, Jardine, Matheson & Co.  
  Endicott Henry Collins Storekeeper, Thomas Hunt & Co.  
Special Escherick I. C. H. Merchant Smith, Kennedy & Co.  
  Fairley Francis B. Clerk Oriental Bank  
  Falconer George Watchmaker, D. Lapraik  
  Fawcett J. F. Ship Chandler   Wellington Street
  Field T. T. Assistant, Smith & Archer & Co.  
  Finck R. Clerk Oxford & Co.  
  Fischer S. Clerk Jurgens & Co.  
  Forbes Murdoch Assistant, Olyphant & Co.  
Special Forbes W. H. Merchant Russell & Co.  
  Foster William Hammond Assistant, Russell & Co.  
  Fox Samuel Crane Broker   Stanley Street
  Fraser John M. Clerk P. & O. Co.  
  Freer F. Clerk H. Duddell & Co.  
  Freire Francisco Clerk Hongkong Club  
  Frickle Leopold Ship Chandler   Queen's Road
  Funk A. Clerk Vaucher & Co.  
  Gabain P. Assistant, Siemssen & Co.  
  Gama G. A. da Assistant, Commercial Bank  
  Gardiner James Bookkeeper China Mail Office  
  Gardner W. H. Reporter, Daily Press  
  Gaupp Charles J. Watchmaker,   Queen's Road
  Gaupp Louis Watchmaker,   Queen's Road
Special Gibb Hugh Bold Merchant Gibb, Livingstone & Co. Victoria
Special Gibb W. H. Merchant Gibb, Livingstone & Co.  
Special Gifford George Merchant Gifford & Co.  
  Gonsalves C. Clerk Vaucher & Co.  
  Goodwin A. Boiler Maker P. & O. Co.  
  Goularte E. F. Assistant, Jardine, Matheson & Co.  
  Gow David Ship Builder Harper & Co.  
  Green J. Farrier   Murray Barracks
  Green T. Supdt. Engineer P. & O. Co.  
  Green W. Farrier   Murray Barracks
  Guild R. Assistant, Mercantile Bank  
  Gutierrez Adelino Clerk, P. & O. Co.  
  Gutierrez Lourenco Joao Assistant, Gifford & Co.  
  Gutierrez Querino Assistant, Russell & Co.  
  Hagen Charles Assistant, W. Pustau & Co.  
  Halford W. Accountant Central Bank W. I.  
  Hall S. P. Shipwright   Spring Gardens
Special Halton Eldred Merchant, Gibb, Livingstone & Co.  
  Hammond F. Clerk S. P. Hall & Co.  
  Hammond H. Plumber P. & O. Co.  
  Harding William Sailmaker Bowra & Co.  
  Harley Alexander Watchmaker, D. Lapraik  
Special Harper Patrick Rose Manager Commercial Bank  
  Harper R. J. Accountant Australian Bank Victoria
  Harsant Frederick M. Ship Chandler Bowra & Co.  
  Hart J. Assistant, Turner & Co.  
  Harty William B. Clerk W. Emeny & Co.  
  Hayes J. Clerk Lane, Crawford & Co.  
  Hayward J. W. Assistant, A. Heard & Co.  
  Heaton George H. Marine Surveyor   Peel Street
  Heinemann S. Assistant, Oxford & Co.  
Special Helland George J. Merchant John Burd & Co.  
  Henderson James Foreman McDougall & Co.  
  Henderson W. J. Assistant, Gibb, Livingstone & Co.  
  Hill M. Boiler Maker P. & O. Co.  
  Hitchcock E. A. Assistant, Olyphant & Co.  
  Hochstetter Conrad Watchmaker,   Queen's Road
  Hodge Robert Assistant, Jardine, Matheson & Co.  
Special Hogg A. G. Merchant Adam Scott & Co.  
  Hogg Thomas Engineer P. & O. Co.  
  Holloway E. Plumber P. & O. Co.  
  Holmes George Agent   Queen's Road
  Hook J. S. Ship Broker   Graham Street
  Hopdiers H. Assistant, Siemssen & Co.  
Special Hormusjee Eduljee Merchant F. B. Cama & Co.  
  Howard Thomas Merchant   Shelley Street
Special Howell Alfred Merchant A. Wilkinson & Co.  
Special Hubener Carl A. Merchant Bourjau, Hubener & Co.  
  Hubener H. E. Clerk Bourjau, Hubener & Co.  
  Hunt R. Boiler Maker   Hollywood Road
Special Hunter William C. Merchant A. Heard & Co.  
  Hutchinson E. Assistant, Turner & Co.  
  Hutton A. Engineer P. & O. Co.  
  Hyndman H. Storekeeper P. & O. Co.  
  Inglis George Engineer P. & O. Co.  
  Ironside George Clerk J. Lamont’s  
  Jack John Shipwright J. Lamont’s  
  Jameson Charles Opium Inspector   Wellington Street
  Jesus J. A. de Clerk Turner & Co.  
  Johnson Charles T. Assistant, Johnson & Co.  
  Johnston William Engineer J. Lamont’s  
  Jordan J. P. Commission Agent   Wellington Street
  Jorge Honorato Assistant, Mercantile Bank  
  Jost G. T. Clerk G. Dubost  
  Jukes M. P. Assistant, Jardine, Matheson & Co.  
  Jurgens Henry Storekeeper   Queen's Road
  Kaye William Accountant Australian Bank  
  Kentwell R. H. Innkeeper   Queen's Road West
  Kerr William McDiarmid Innkeeper   Queen's Road West
  Keys Theodore   D. Lapraik’s  
  Kindersley B. T. Assistant, Dent & Co.  
  King Charles W. Hotelkeeper Oriental Hotel  
  King W. D. Assistant, Smith & Archer & Co.  
  King George Purser P. & O. Co.  
  Kirby William Assistant, Jardine, Matheson & Co.  
Special Kup Antoine W. Pieter Merchant John Burd & Co.  
  Lambert Robert Carr Assistant, Gibb, Livingstone & Co.  
  Lammert Geo. Reinhold Storekeeper L., Atkinson & Co.  
  Lane William Storekeeper   Queen’s Road
Special Lapraik Douglas Merchant   D’Aguilar Street
  Lapraik John S. Clerk, D. Lapraik’s  
  Lawrence Geo. Richards Assistant, Bull, Purdon & Co.  
  Laycock Henry Assistant, Dent & Co.  
Special Lemann H. B. Merchant Gilman & Co.  
  Levitt William Godownkeeper, W., Borradaile & Co.  
Special Levyson A. C. Merchant Oxford & Co.  
  Lewis J. W. Commission Agent    
  Lima J. M. O. Assistant, Holliday, Wise & Co.  
  Lincker A. G. Assistant, Bourjau, Hubener & Co.  
Special Linstead Theophilus Gee Merchant Lindsay & Co.  
  Littlefield H. Painter P. & O. Co.  
  Lockhart A. Engineer P. & O. Co.  
  Logan James Engineer   Queen's Road
  Londen John S. Accountant Agra Bank  
  Low Robert A. Foreman China Mail office  
  Lutkens L. S. Merchant   Shelley Street
  Lyall Robert Assistant, Lyall, Still & Co.  
Special MacAndrew James Merchant, Jardine, Matheson & Co.  
  Macconochie J. Blacksmith J. Lamont’s  
  MacDonald Alexander Foreman Harper & Co.  
  MacDonald J. S. Shipwright,   Queen's Road
Special MacDouall John Banker Oriental Bank  
  MacDougall Henry Engineer   Queen's Road
  Macey J. Boiler Maker P. & O. Co.  
  MacFarlane Malcolm Clerk, J. Lamont’s  
  MacGregor T. Engineer J. Lamont’s  
  Macildowie W. Clerk J. Logan’s  
  Mackay J. Boiler Maker P. & O. Co.  
Special Mackenzie Donald Wm. Merchant, D. W. McKenzie & Co.  
Special Mackenzie James Joseph Merchant Dent & Co.  
  MacKnight A. Shipwright J. S. Macdonald’s  
  MacLean David Accountant Oriental Bank  
Special Maclean Geo. Francis Merchant Lyall, Still & Co.  
  MacLellan D. W. Assistant, Lindsay & Co.  
  Maher J. A. Assistant, Mercantile Bank  
  Major E. Assistant, Fletcher & Co.  
  Marcal F. A. Clerk Johnson & Co.  
  Marcal H. Clerk Smith, Kennedy & Co.  
  Masters J. Plumber   Queen's Road East
  Mears G. J. Boiler Maker P. & O. Co.  
Special Menke Julius Merchant W. Pustau & Co.  
Special Meyer Edward Merchant E. & G. Meyer  
  Meyer Johannis Merchant E. & G. Meyer  
  Middleton W. N. Assistant, Gilman & Co.  
  Mitchell Richard Clerk,   Lyndhurst Terrace
  Mitchell Robert Shipwright Russell & Co.  
  Monteith D. P. S. Assistant, Australian Bank  
  Moore Maurice Assistant, Moore & Co.  
  Morgan Charles Henry Auctioneer    
  Morgan W. M. Commission Agent   Queen's Road
  Morrison W. Carpenter, J. Lamont’s  
  Muller A. Clothier Ladage, Oelke & Co.  
  Muncherjee Pestonjee S. Broker   Hollywood Road
  Mur J. M. Assistant Olyphant & Co.  
  Murray Andrew Dundas Master Ship John Adams  
Special Neilson A. B. Merchant Olyphant & Co.  
  Nevin   Shipwright S. P. Hall & Co.  
  Nisbet Thomas Assistant D. W. McKenzie & Co.  
  Nissen Ferdinand Assistant Siemssen & Co.  
Special Noble Henry Banker Agra Bank  
  Noble J. Watchmaker, D. Lapraik’s  
  Noronha Henrique Clerk Oriental Bank  
  Noronha Jose Clerk, Oriental Bank  
  Norris George A. F. Auctioneer   Queen's Road
  Notley William Henry Assistant Walker, Borradaile & Co.  
  Nuy P. Assistant Bosman & Co.  
  O’Callaghan F. J. Assistant Jardine, Matheson & Co.  
Special Ormiston Walter Banker Mercantile Bank  
  Owens J. Boiler Maker P. & O. Co.  
  Owens William Hotelkeeper Commercial Hotel  
  Ozorio Candino Antonio Assistant Lyall, Still & Co.  
  Ozorio Candino Julio Assistant Dent & Co.  
  Parker C. Photographer   Staunton Street
Special Parker Ebenezer Francis Merchant A. Heard & Co.  
  Parker Edward Innkeeper   Queen's Road
  Parker M. D. Commission Mercht.   Pedder’s Wharf
  Parker R. Clerk    
  Parpia M. Merchant   Graham Street
  Paterson Alexander Assistant Oriental Bank  
  Pauly W. O. Assistant Siemssen & Co.  
  Peacock Thos. Draper   Queen's Road
  Pearce J. Blacksmith P. & O. Co.  
  Pearce James W. Clerk H. Duddell & Co.  
  Pemberton J. Assistant Johnson & Co.  
  Pereira F. G. Assistant Dent & Co.  
  Pereira Jose L. Assistant Lindsay & Co.  
  Perkins W. H. Assistant Russell & Co.  
Special Pestonjee Dhunjeebhoy Merchant, P. & D. N. Camajee & Co.  
  Pestonjee Muncherjee Broker   Hollywood Road
  Petrie David Assistant Jardine, Matheson & Co.  
  Porter F. H. Clerk, De Silver & Co.  
Special Purdon James Merchant Bull, Purdon & Co.  
  Radecker R. E. Assistant Schellhas & Co.  
  Rantoul C. W. Opium Inspector    
  Ray Joseph J. Auctioneer   Queen's Road
  Redlich A. Clerk Oxford & Co.  
  Reid W. H. Engineer P. & O. Co.  
  Remedios Geraldo dos Ass Lindsay & Co.  
Special Remedios Joao Joaqm. dos Merchant   Gough Street
  Remedios Roaventura Clerk Lindsay & Co.  
  Reuben Solomon Merchant Moses & Co.  
Special Reynolds Thomas J. Merchant   Pottinger Street
  Reynvaan A. J. Clerk Reinvaan, Chabert & Co.  
  Rice Henry Tavernkeeper   Queen's Road West
  Rickett John, Jr. Clerk P. & O. S. N. Co.  
  Ritchie J. Clerk Moses & Co.  
  Rivington Charles Assistant Jardine, Matheson & Co.  
  Roberts A. H. Assistant Gilman & Co.  
  Roberts John Auctioneer   Wellington Street
  Roberts John, Jr. Auctioneer    
  Rocha V. F. Clerk D. Sassoon, Sons & Co.  
  Rodger Alexander Broker, &c.    
  Rogerson Thomas Clerk Bowra & Co.  
  Rohl Edward Clerk Duddell & Co.  
  Roper H. Moulder P. & O. Co.  
  Rose T. Boiler Maker P. & O. Co.  
  Rosenthal W. S. Commission Agent Blum Bros. & Co.  
  Ross Alexander Foreman S. P. Hall & Co.  
Special Rowett Richard Merchant Holliday, Wise & Co.  
  Roy A. Carpenter, S. P. Hall & Co.  
  Roza A. B. Clerk Birley & Co.  
  Roza J. F. Clerk Birley & Co.  
  Roza M. da Clerk Birley & Co.  
  Roza S. V. Clerk Dent & Co.  
  Rozario H. A. Clerk D. Lapraik’s  
  Rozario L. A. Clerk A. Wilkinson & Co.  
  Rozario Marcos Calisto do Merchant Stephenson & Co.  
  Russell Donald Shipwright   Queen's Road West
  Russell William F. Ship Chandler Thomas Hunt & Co.  
  Rustonjee Pestonjee Merchant, F. B. Metta & Co.  
Special Ryrie Phineas Merchant, Turner & Co.  
  Sa Francisco de Clerk, Lane, Crawford & Co.  
  Sanders F. Com. Agent Elmenhorst & Sanders  
  Santos Antonio dos Assistant Bull, Purdon & Co.  
Special Sassoon Arthur A. D. Merchant D. Sassoon, Sons & Co.  
  Sassoon Solomon D. Assistant D. Sassoon, Sons & Co.  
  Schaeffer A. Assistant Wm. Pustau & Co.  
  Schellhass E. Merchant Schellhas & Co.  
  Schmidt C. W. Clerk Frickel & Co.  
  Schmidt Thos. Clerk Sharp & Co.  
Special Schmidt W. Merchant Fletcher & Co.  
  Schuepel Caesar Assistant Bosman & Co.  
  Seabra F. A. Clerk, A. Heard & Co.  
  Seth Seth Avith Broker   Wellington Street
  Severs Albert Clerk Severs & Co.  
  Severs H. R. Merchant Severs & Co.  
Special Sharp Granville Broker   Caine Road
Special Sherard Robb. Bringhurst Merchant   Queen’s Road
  Silveira G. da Watchmaker, Juvet’s  
  Simmonds J. Assistant Gibb, Livingstone & Co.  
  Simoens B. Clerk Wetmore, Cryder. & Co.  
  Simoens M. Clerk Wetmore, Cryder. & Co.  
  Simoens N. Clerk Smith, Kennedy & Co.  
  Slate Richard B. Assistant Wetmore, Cryder. & Co.  
  Sloman M. J. Clerk Lammert, Atkinson & Co.  
Special Smith C. T. Merchant Smith & Archer  
  Smith E. Clerk Smith & Archer  
  Smith Frederick T. Assistant Birley & Co.  
  Smith George Assistant Smith, Kennedy & Co.  
  Smith George J. O. Marine Surveyor   Elgin Street
  Smith John Clerk MacEwen & Co.  
  Snelling George Innkeeper   Queen's Road
  Soares Francisco de Paulo Storekeeper F. P. Soares & Co.  
  Soermann Auguste Assistant Oxford & Co.  
  Souza M. Clerk Lyall, Still & Co.  
  Souza R. Clerk Lyall, Still & Co.  
  Spalding G. Moulder MacDougall & Co.  
  Speechly C. Engineer   Queen's Road
  Speechly Samuel Engineer   Queen's Road
  Spencer P. A. Assistant Bull, Purdon & Co.  
  Spurry J. Engineer P. & O. Co.  
  Stanford B. Shipwright J. S. Macdonald  
  Steinkopff Otto Assistant Oxford & Co.  
  Stephenson Harry Clerk Parker & Co.  
  Stiles William Storekeeper Dent & Co.  
Special Still Charles Frederick Merchant Lyall, Still & Co.  
  Stimsen John Marine Reporter China Mail  
  Stokes George E. Assistant Lyall, Still & Co.  
  Stone F. Assistant A. Heard & Co.  
  Stove T. Foreman Carpenter P. & O. Co.  
  Suril C. E. Clerk Bosman & Co.  
Special Sutherland Thomas Superintendent P. & O. Co.  
  Talbot S. H. Clerk Lane, Crawford & Co.  
  Taylor J. B. Assistant Smith & Archer & Co.  
  Thiel H. Clerk Wm. Pustau & Co.  
  Thom William Assistant Jardine, Matheson & Co.  
  Thomas George Shipwright   Queen's Road West
  Thompson F. H. Assistant Gibb, Livingstone & Co.  
  Thompson Gavin Assistant Gibb, Livingstone & Co.  
  Thompson George Innkeeper   Queen's Road West
  Thompson Louis Assistant Oxford & Co.  
  Thompson S. Boiler Maker   Duddell Street
  Thompson   Assistant S. P. Hall & Co.  
  Tiller T. Clerk Parker & Co.  
  Tillinghurst T. D. Storekeeper De Silver & Co.  
  Torrey Joseph William Commission Agent   Queen's Road
Special Townsend John Commander Fort William  
  Tripp J. H. Clerk P. & O. Co.  
  Trubshaw James Merchant MacGregor & Co.  
Special Turing Alexander Merchant Dent & Co.  
  Vickermann W. H. Clerk, S. P. Hall & Co.  
  Vickers J. M. Assistant Gibb, Livingstone & Co.  
  Vieira A. J. Clerk, Holliday, Wise & Co.  
  Vinton William Clerk, P. & O. Co.  
  Vischer A. Clerk, Bourjau, Hubener & Co.  
  Vogel E. Clerk, Russell & Co.  
  Wagner C. Piano Tuner   Shelley Street
Special Walker R. S. Merchant Walker, Borradaile & Co.  
  Wallace Edward Clerk D. Lapraik’s  
  Wallace Thomas Assistant Jardine, Matheson & Co.  
  Watmore Robert Assistant Jardine, Matheson & Co.  
  Watson Alexander S. Druggist   Queen's Road
  Watson James Bailey Innkeeper   Queen's Road
  Welsh David Assistant Smith, Kennedy & Co.  
Special Wetmore W. Shephard Merchant Wetmore, Cryder. & Co.  
  Wheeley F. Assistant Dent & Co.  
  Wheelly Alfred A. Ass Dent & Co.  
  Wiese Frederick Assistant Siemssen & Co.  
Special Wiese Ludwig Merchant Siemssen & Co.  
  Wilson Alexander Storekeeper MacEwen & Co.  
  Wilson Edward Clerk Turner & Co.  
  Wilson G. Clerk, P. & O. Co.  
  Wilson Will Clerk MacEwen & Co.  
  Winniberg Henry Storekeeper   Queen's Road East
  Wong Ashing Printer London Mission  
  Woodford J. D. Assistant Walker, Borradaile & Co.  
  Woodin Edward L. Clerk, P. & O. Co.  
  Wright A. Clerk Bowra & Co.  
  Young G. F. Assistant Storekeeper P. & O. Co.  
  Young W. C. Assistant Gibb, Livingstone & Co.  
  Zobel H. V. Clerk S. E. Burrows & Sons