1888 Juror list - special jurors

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Year special Surname First Name Occupaton Company Unit Residence No. Street District and
1888 s Anderson George Cobban Marine surveyor Jardine Matheson & Co.         East Point  
1888 s Andrew John Agent Straits Insurance Co. 4 West Terrace        
1888 s Anton James Ross Bill and Bullion Broker           The Peak  
1888 s Arranger Jules Narcisse Maria Agent Comptoir D'Escompte de Paris       Praya Central    
1888 s Bachrach Oscar Agent Austro-Hungarian Lloyds S. N. Co.   Westbourne Villas     East Point  
1888 s Bazonjee Pestonjee Framjee Merchant Habibhoy Rehembhoy & Co.     11 Peel Street    
1888 s Belilios Emanuel Raphael Merchant Belilios & Co.   Kingsclere        
1888 s Bird Sotheby Godfrey Architect Bird & Palmer       Queen's Road Central    
1888 s Bose William Charles Bernhard von Merchant Carlowitz & Co.   Belle Vue        
1888 s Brodie William Gibson Manager Borneo Company   Burnbrae        
1888 s Burnie Edward Marine surveyor         Praya Central    
1888 s Champeaux Guillaume de Agent Messageries Maritimes   Albany        
1888 s Ch'au Ping Manager Un Fat Hong     10 Bonham Strand West    
1888 s Cheung Luk-U Manager China Merchants S. N. Co.     73 Praya West    
1888 s Choy Chee Bee Compradore China Sugar Refinery         East Point  
1888 s Cohen Charles Coleman Broker Cohen & Georg   Burnside      
1888 s Coughtrie James Billington Secretary China Fire Insurance Co.       Castle Road  
1888 s Cooke Robert Assistant Secretary HK & Whampoa Dock Co   Richmond House      
1888 s Coughtrie James Billington Secretary China Fire Insurance Co.       Bonham Road  
1888 s Cox James Henry Assistant Turner & Co.   Upper West Terrace      
1888 s Coxon Ernest James Broker   1 Seymour Terrace      
1888 s Cross Frederick William Manager Hongkong & China Gas Co.   Gas Works      
1888 s Dalrymple Henry Liston Merchant Birley Dalrymple & Co.     5 Queen's Road Central  
1888 s Danby William Civil Engineer Danby & Leigh   Westbourne Villas      
1888 s Davies Thomas Edmund Assistant Douglas Lapraik & Co     16 Praya Central  
1888 s Dhalla Nowrojee Pestonjee Manager N. Mody & Co.     40 Queen's Road  
1888 s Dick Harry William Manager W. Hewett & Co. 16 Bank Buildings     East Point
1888 s Dodwell Frederick Merchant Adamson Bell & Co 9 Belilios Terrace      
1888 s Ezekiel Marcus David Merchant E. D. Sassoon & Co.       Queen's Road Central The Peak
1888 s Forbes William Howell Merchant Russell & Co.   Rose Hill      
1888 s Foster Frederick Thomas Pearce Merchant Linstead & Davis         The Peak
1888 s Fung Tang Merchant       42 Bonham Strand    
1888 s Garfit Arthur Spencer Acting Secretary China Traders Insurance Co   Stonehenge        
1888 s Garrels Johann Heinrich Merchant Meyer & Co       Praya East    
1888 s George Edward Broker         Queen's Road    
1888 s Gillies David Secretary Hongkong & Whampoa Dock Company   Rose Villas        
1888 s Gomes Francisco d'Assis Merchant Brandao & Co.   The Castle        
1888 s Gourdin Allston O'Driscoll Secretary P. & S. D. S. Mining Co.     8 Stanley Street    
1888 s Gray Roderick MacKenzie Merchant Reiss & Co.   The Wilderness        
1888 s Grote Max Carl Johann Broker Chater & Vernon       Queen's Road Central    
1888 s Hancock Alfred Exchange Broker   11 Seymour Terrace        
1888 s Hancock Sydney Exchange Broker     Excelsior        
1888 s Harman Charles Dudley Agent Pacific Mail S. S. Co       Robinson Road    
1888 s Henderson Fullerton Acting Secretary HK & Macao Steam Boat Co       Queen's Road Central    
1888 s Hirst Charles Joseph Merchant Stolterfoht & Hirst   Albany        
1888 s Ho Amei Manager On Tai Insurance co.       Praya West    
1888 s Hoppius Heinrich Merchant Siemssen & Co.       Queen's Road Central    
1888 s Ho Tung Assistant Compradore Jardine Matheson & Co.     138 Bonham Strand    
1888 s Howard Thomas Merchant   18 Bank Buildings        
1888 s Hughes William Kerfoot Broker     Blue Bungalow   Albany Road    
1888 s Huntington Elijah Hunt Mills Merchant Russell & Co.   The Hermitage        
1888 s Hutchison John Du Flon Merchant           The Peak and
1888 s Jones Douglas Acting Secretary Union Insurance Society of Canton         The Peak  
1888 s Just Hermann Zadich Broker     Upper Albany        
1888 s Kaw Hong Take Merchant Ban Ho Hong     58 Bonham Strand West    
1888 s Kuhlmann Carl Theodor Henry Storekeeper Kruse & Co.     10 Queen's Road Central    
1888 s Lammert George Reinhold Auctioneer     Albany        
1888 s Layton Bendyshe Merchant Gibb Livingston & Co.       Ice House Lane    
1888 s Levy Alexander Merchant         Robinson Road    
1888 s Loxley William Richard Merchant W. R. Loxley       Seymour Road    
1888 s Lyall Robert Merchant Norton & Co.   Bank Buildings        
1888 s MacClymont Archibald Merchant Jardine Matheson & Co.   Stonehenge        
1888 s Mackintosh Edwin Merchant Butterfield & Swire   Craigellachie   Bonham Road    
1888 s Maitland Andrew Wright Chief Accountant HSBC     1 Queen's Road Central  
1888 s Marty August Raphael Commission Agent       8 Queen's Road Central  
1888 s McConachie Alexander Merchant Gilman & Co.     1 Morrison Hill  
1888 s McCulloch David Assistant Turner & Co.       Queen's Road Central  
1888 s Mehta Hormusjee Meherwanjee Merchant Framjee Hormusjee & Co.     41 Queen's Road Central  
1888 s Melbye Peter Emil Helga Merchant         Robinson Road  
1888 s Mendel Louis Broker   1 West Terrace      
1888 s Michaelsen Stephen Cornelius Merchant Melchers & Co       Praya Central  
1888 s Mody Hormusjee Norowjee Broker     Buxey Lodge   Caine Road  
1888 s Morris Alfred George Broker Morris & Ray       Queen's Road  
1888 s Moses Jacob Silas Merchant E. D. Sassoon & Co.     7 Queen's Road Central  
1888 s Muncherjee Dadabhoy Merchant Tata & Co       Hollywood Road  
1888 s Musso Dominick Merchant D. Musso & Co.       Praya West  
1888 s Percival William Howes Agent North-China Insurance Co       Praya West  
1888 s Poesnecker Lorenz Merchant Arnhold Karberg & Co.   The Albany      
1888 s Raynal Gustav Merchant       8 Queen's Road  
1888 s Reuter Ernst Carl Ludwig Merchant Pustau & Co       Queen's Road Central  
1888 s Rose Thomas Isaac Broker         Queen's Road Central  
1888 s Rozario Augusto Jose do Merchant Rozario & Co       Caine Road  
1888 s Rutter Ernest William Manager New Oriental Bank     2 Queen's Road Central  
1888 s Seip Frederick Gustav Gerhard Merchant Schellhass & Co       Praya Central  
1888 s Sharp Granville Broker     Rose Villas      
1888 s Shellim Shellim Ezekiel Manager D. Sassoon Sons & Co       Praya Central  
1888 s Smith Alexander Findlay Storekeeper MacEwen Frickel & Co.   Craigieburn     The Peak
1888 s Smith John Grant Merchant           The Peak
1888 s Solomon Exekiel Abraham Manager D. Sassoon Sons & Co       Praya Central  
1888 s Thurburn John Manager Chartered Mercantile Bank       Queen's Road Central  
1888 s Tripp Henry John Howard Agent Takasima Colliery       Queen's Road Central  
1888 s Vaucher Albert Emile Broker Vaucher & Edwards   Ball's Court      
1888 s Veitch Andrew Sub-manager HSBC     1 St. John's Place  
1888 s Vernon John Yardley Vernon Broker Chater & Vernon       Robinson Road  
1888 s Wai A Yuk Compradore Chartered Mercantile Bank       Gough Street  
1888 s Whitehead Thomas Henderson Banker Chartered Bank of India Aust. & China   Glenseskin      
1888 s Wicking Harry Merchant     Blue Buildings      
1888 s Wieler Gustav Adolph Merchant Wieler & Co     18 Praya Central  
1888 s Woo Lin Yuen Secretary Man On Insurance       Pan Kwai Lane  
1888 s Woodin Edward Littlefield superintendent P. & O. S. N. Co.       Pray Central  
1888 s Wright Alexander Merchant Butterfield & Swire   Richmond Terrace