1867 Jurors List

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This Jurors List was published on 25 Feb 1867. A copy of the original document is available online at HKGRO. (If you just see a 'Hong Kong Government Reports Online' screen, please click the link again. For some reason the first click doesn't always work, but the second one does.)

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Special Juror Surname First Name Occupation Firm/Employer etc Street/District
  Abbott Adolphus Byam Assistant Turner & Co. Queen's Road
  Abendroth H. E. C. Assistant Landstein & Co.  
  Addyman Robert Fawcett Assistant Sayle, Peacock & Co.  
  Agabeg Avietick Lazar Merchant   Wellington Street
  Agabeg Gentlhoom Broker   Wyndham Street
  Agabeg Mackertick Broker   Wyndham Street
  Ahlmann J. W. Commander Fort William  
  Ahrends T. Assistant Arnemann & Co.  
  Aitkin A. G. Engineer P. & O. S. N. Co.  
  Algar Thomas Assistant Blackhead & Co.  
  Allen J. W. Assistant Sayle, Peacock & Co.  
  Almond J. C. Marine Supdt. P. & O. S. N. Co.  
  Alves J. E. Assistant Lyall, Still & Co.  
  Anderson J. Shipwright Aberdeen Dock  
  Andre Ad. Merchant   2 Graham Street
  Anthony John Barkeeper   272 Queen's Road Central
  Anthony Thomas Storekeeper   58 Praya Central
  Antey W. D. Sub-Manager Hong Kong Gas Work  
  Anton James Ross Assistant Bank of Hindustan  
  Aquino Francisco A. d' Clerk Olyphant & Co.  
  Aquino Jose Caetano d' Clerk Augustine Heard & Co.  
  Aquino Maximiano J. d' Merchant   7 Aberdeen Street
  Armistead Alfred Clerk P. O. & Co.  
  Armstrong John Martin Storekeeper Thomas Hunt & Co.  
  Arnemann C. Merchant Arnemann & Co.  
Special Arnhold Jacob Merchant Arnhold, Karberg & Co.  
  Avetoom John Leon Broker   16 Hollywood Road
  Aylmore George Bushby Secretary Hongkong Club  
  Azevedo Agostinho d' Assistant J. J. dos Remedio & Co.  
  Azevedo Fulgeneio Hilario Clerk Jardine, Matheson & Co.  
  Bailey Edward Boarding Master   264 Queen's Road
  Bain J. Engineer Aberdeen Dock  
  Bains Robert Engineer P. & O. S. N. Co.  
  Bake R. Assistant Bosman & Co.  
  Baker Edward M. Assistant Johnson & Co.  
  Baker James Hotelkeeper   1 Graham Street
  Baker Samuel Wright Millinery Store   Queen's Road
  Barbour Edmund Dana Assistant Russell & Co.  
  Barnes Leonard   Coach Builder Queen's Road
  Barretto Joao Antonio Assistant Jardine, Matheson & Co.  
  Barrington Thomas W. House Agent   53 Wyndham Street
  Barton Zephaniah Opium Inspector Dent & Co.  
  Banermeister Augustus Assistant Arnhold, Karberg & Co.  
  Beattie Robert Innkeeper   10 Wynham Street
  Beckwith Joseph Henry Assistant Jardine, Matheson & Co.  
  Behn G. L. Clerk W. Pustau & Co.  
  Behn W. Clerk Arnhold, Karberg & Co.  
Special Behre Ernest Merchant Bourjau, Hübener & Co.  
  Beinroth H. T. Ship Chandler   77 Praya Central
  Belilios Emanuel Raphael Merchant   Lyndhurst Terrace
  Bell A. Foreman Hong Kong Gas Work  
  Benecke J. Merchant   2 Graham Street
  Bennet W. Bar-man   292 Queen's Road Central
  Berns Herman Ludwig Innkeeper   314 Queen's Road Central
Special Bertrand Camile Agent Messag. Imperiales  
Special Berwick J. Acting Manager Oriental Bank  
  Bielfield Alexander Broker   10 Queen's Road Central
  Blackeman A. R. Reporter Daily Press Office  
  Blackhead Frederick J. B. Storekeeper   Queen's Road
  Blackwood Edward W. Innkeeper   270 Queen's Road Central
  Blakesley John Clerk Lane, Crawford & Co.  
  Bleecker Alexander Assistant Fawcett & Co.  
  Boger Henry Assistant Hesse & Co.  
  Bonnal Alphonse Broker   22 Queen's Road Central
  Bonnett William Wade Millinery Store   Wellington Street
  Booth Victor Broker   1 Caine Road
Special Bosman Charles Henri Merchant Bosman & Co.  
  Bottomley C. D. Broker    
  Brass Charles Proprietor Oriental Bowling Alleys  
  Bristow Charles Jones Superintendent Purser P. & O. S. N. Co.  
  Britto Joze de Clerk P. & O. S. N. Co.  
  Broadbear Edward D. Ship Chandler   58 Praya Central
  Brooks James Alfred Auctioneer   10 Wyndham Street
  Brown Andrew Barkeeper   110 Queen's Road Central
  Brown David Steward Sailor's Home  
  Brussel Morris Assistant Comptoir d'Escompte de Paris  
  Budde Claus Assistant A. Scott & Co.  
  Bulmore R. R. Assayer Commercial Bank  
  Buncombe William Master Receiving Ship John Adam  
  Burges Joseph Innkeeper   232 Queen's Road Central
  Burns Thomas Robert Innkeeper   262 Queen's Road Central
Special Burrows Ogden Hoffman Merchant S. E. Burrows & Co.  
Special Burrows Silas Enoch Merchant S. E. Burrows & Co.  
  Busch Theodore Ship Chandler   Praya
  Butcher James Farrier   Back of Murray Barracks
  Callis Thomas Storekeeper P. & O. S. N. Co.  
  Cameron Ewen Accountant Bank of Hindustan  
  Cameron Ludovick Assistant Oriental Bank  
  Campbell Neil Carpenter   6 Leighton Hill Road
  Campos Eduardo P. de Clerk P. & O. S. N. Co.  
  Campos Joaquim P. de Clerk P. & O. S. N. Co.  
  Campos Luiz Pereira de Clerk P. & O. S. N. Co.  
  Carr J. H. Clerk Talbot, Oates & Co. Queen's Road West
  Carvalho Geraldo M. de Clerk Hong Kong & Shanghae Bank  
  Carvalho Marcos A. de Clerk Turner & Co.  
  Case Arthur M. Assistant Gibb, Livingston & Co.  
  Casey James Runner   270 Queen's Road Central
  Chart A. Boilermaker Aberdeen Dock  
  Chater Charles Paul Broker   59 Wyndham Street
Special Cheverton John How Merchant Johnson & Co.  
  Chill George Engineer P. & D. N. Camajee & Co.  
  Choy Akin Master ''Wing Shing'' Shop Praya West
  Christiansen J. P. Stevedore   256 Queen's Road West
  Church John Engineer   6 Leighton Hill Road
  Clarke Richard Innkeeper   Queen's Road Central
  Clauss Frederick Assistant Bourjau, Hübener & Co.  
  Claussen Charles Henry Storekeeper Muller & Clausen & Co.  
  Claussen F. Assistant E. Shellhass & Co.  
  Claussen Moritz Daniel Clerk Petersen Brothers  
  Clegg William Barkeeper ''London Inn''  
  Clifford J. Assistant P. & O. S. N. Co.  
  Cohen Aaron Soloman Broker   1 Elgin Road
  Cohen Charles Coleman Assistant Phillips, Moore & Co.  
Special Cohen Henry Ash Merchant Phillips, Moore & Co.  
  Collaco Leonardo Clerk Lane, Crawford & Co.  
  Collins W. C. Runner   258 Queen's Road Central
  Cooper J. Gunner P. & O. S. N. Co.  
  Costa Jose Felippe de Clerk Jardine, Matheson & Co.  
  Coughtree J. B. Assistant Holliday, Wise & Co. Praya East
Special Cowasjee Nesserwanjee Merchant Metta & Co.  
  Cox James Henry Assistant Turner & Co.  
  Cox John Samuel Clerk Lane, Crawford & Co.  
Special Coxon Atwell Broker   3 Castle Road
  Crawford David R. F. Storekeeper Lane, Crawford & Co.  
  Crichton George Assistant Borneo Co., Limited  
  Croker William Engineer   3 Mosque Street
  Cruikshank William J. Assistant Smith, Archer & Co.  
  Cucullo E. C. Clerk Olyphant & Co.  
Special Cunningham Edward Merchant Russell & Co.  
  Cunningham W. Clerk   25 Scott's Lane
  Dalmeida William Henry Assistant Russell & Co.  
Special Dalziel William Rovert Agent P. & O. S. N. Co.  
  Danenberg Henrique Clerk Smith, Kennedy & Co.  
  Danenberg Carlos D. Clerk Dent & Co.  
  Danenberg Joao Clerk Johnson & Co.  
Special Danziger H. Merchant Arnhold, Karberg & Co.  
  Davidson Duncan Assistant Dent & Co.  
  Davis Henry William Broker Sharp & Co.  
  Deane Charles Tomlin Assistant Gilman & Co.  
  Deetjen Edward Merchant Deetjen & von Bergen  
  Degenaer Frederick Merchant   Peel Street
  Delano J. M. Godown Keeper Russell & Co.  
Special Delblanco E. Manager Comptoir d'Escompte de Paris  
  DeSilver Charles H. Clerk De Silver & Co.  
  DeSilver Thomas H. Clerk DeSilver & Co.  
  Determan J. G. Assistant Bosman & Co.  
  Devine Robert Innkeeper   224 Queen's Road Central
  Dieckman Johan Edward Mercantile Assistant   Caine Road
  Dolan William Sailmaker   Queen's Road
  Dolten J. S. Assistant Augustine Heard & Co.  
  Don C. Accountant Mercantile Bank  
  Donough John Clerk Smith, Kennedy & Co.  
  Doral P. R. Clerk D. Ruttonjee & Co,  
  Douglas W. Boilermaker   128 Praya West
  Dreyer Friederich Merchant   133 Queen's Road Central
  Driscoll W. F. Assistant Sayle, Peacock & Co.  
  Duncan R. Dock Master   Aberdeen
Special Duncanson James Pender Merchant Gibb, Livingston & Co.  
  Eca Don Antonio de Clerk Jardine, Matheson & Co.  
  Ede Nathaniel Joseph Assistant Dent & Co.  
  Eduljee Nesserwanjee Merchant N. & E. Sapoorjee & Co.  
Special Eimbeke Adolph Merchant Carlowitz & Co.  
  Elias J. B. Clerk D. D. Sassoon Sons & Co.  
  Elias S. B. Clerk D. D. Sassoon Sons & Co.  
  Elmenhorst Theodore H. Broker   39 Wyndham Street
  Emanuel Joseph Moses Clerk Thomas Hunt & Co.  
  Encarnacao L. A. Clerk Lyall, Still & Co.  
  Endicott James Bridges Manager Union Dock Co.  
  Endicott, Jr. James B. Clerk Thomas Hunt & Co.  
  Engel Charles Steward   282 Queen's Road Central
  Enix James R. Bar-man   6 Queen's Road West
  Erdmann Caesar Assistant Landstein & Co.  
  Ezekiel Ezekiel David Assistant D. D. Sassoon & Sons Co.  
  Ezra A. Clerk D. D. Sassoon Sons & Co.  
  Fairbairn John Clerk Lane, Crawford & Co.  
  Falconer George Banty Jeweller   Queen's Road
  Farrelman G. Assistant Muller & Clausen & C.  
  Fehrs H. Shipwright Ferguson & Co.  
  Fekete Paul Proprietor Oriental Hotel  
  Fesefeld Gustav Clerk Bowra & Co.  
  Ferguson Alexander Stewart Shipwright   Praya West
  Findlay A. Shipwright Aberdeen Dock  
  Finney W. Engineer   128 Praya West
  Fischer E. Assistant Jardine, Matheson & Co.  
  Fisher Edward Clerk Sailor's Home  
  Fisher S. Merchant   12 Queen's Road Central
  Flores Maria J.     5 Mosque Junction
  Forbes J. M. Merchant Russell & Co.  
Special Forbes, Jr. William H. Merchant Russell & Co.  
  Foster W. S. Assistant Reiss & Co.  
  Francis Francis Innkeeper   Queen's Road Central
  Franco Filomeno Maria Printer   17 Mosque Junction
  Franke H. Clerk W. Pustau & Co.  
Special Fraser John MacLean Manager Borneo Co.  
  Freerks Rudolph Ship Chandler   77 Praya Central
  French Joseph Frederick Inspector to Opium Farmer   60 Hollywood Road
  Frere E. L. Le Clerk   87 Praya East
  Friedrich Otto Clerk Lammert, Atkinson & Co. 3 Mosque Street
  Friskling C. J. Assistant Sayle, Peacock & Co.  
  Gabain P. Assayer Bourjau, Hübener & Co.  
  Galley J. Mason Aberdeen Dock  
  Gardiner James Bank Assistant   1 Pedder's Hill
  Gardiner William Innkeeper   272 Queen's Road Central
  Gaupp Herman Jeweller   Pottinger Street
  Gaupp Louis Jeweller   Pottinger Street
  Gerard W. Bar-man Globe Hotel  
  Gibson H. Clerk McEwen & Co.  
  Gihon Charles Alexander Assistant Russell & Co.  
  Glane G. Clerk Lane, Crawford & Co.  
  Glassop W. D. Assistant Gibb, Livingston & Co.  
  Gleimius George R. R. Assistant Jardine, Matheson & Co.  
  Glennie A. W. Assistant Gilman & Co.  
  Golterman F. Assistant Muller & Clausen & C.  
  Gomes Francisco Assis Merchant   29 Wellington Street
  Goodwin A. Boilermaker P. & O. S. N. Co.  
  Gonsalves Constantcio J. Clerk Hong Kong & Shanghae Bank  
  Grafton H. S. Clerk Tudor Ice Co.  
  Green Henry J. Innkeeper   110 Queen's Road Central
  Green Thomas Superintendent Engineer P. & O. S. N. Co.  
  Greig Alexander Foreman Carpenter John Jack's  
  Gregory J. Engineer P. & O. S. N. Co.  
  Grobien F. Assistant Arnhold, Karberg & Co.  
  Grossman Christian F. Assistant Siemssen & Co.  
  Gutierrez Lourenco Joao Assistant Gifford & Co.  
  Habgood Thos. Edgeworth Bookkeeper Hongkong Dispensary  
  Hagerdorn Frederick W. Merchant Hagerdorn & Co.  
  Hall John Engineer   6 Leighton Hill Road
  Halligoa E. D. Clerk D. D. Sassoon & Sons Co.  
  Hancock Alfred Bill Broker   Seymour Road
  Handley Edward R. Foreman Hong Kong Gas Work  
  Hannahs Edward Clerk   18 Hollywood Road
  Hanschild Louis Broker   Alexandra Terrace
  Hansen H. A. D. Stevedore   256 Queen's Road West
  Hara H. O. Agent Tudor Ice Co.  
  Harsant Frederick May Storekeeper Bowra & Co.  
  Hart James Assistant Turner & Co.  
  Hart T. Proprietor Oriental Restaurant  
  Hart Thomas Clerk German Club  
  Hartmann G. W. Merchant   1 Caine Road
  Hassall John Gordon T. Assistant Birley & Co.  
  Hasselgreen Charles F. de Clerk   17 Stanley Street
  Hastings W. Assistant Jardine, Matheson & Co.  
  Hayes Joseph Storekeeper Lane, Crawford & Co.  
Special Hean David Banker Bank of Hindustan  
Special Heard Albert Farley Merchant Augustine Heard & Co.  
Special Heaton Alexander McG. Merchant D. Lapraik & Co.  
  Heaton George Henderson Marine Surveyor   Peel Street
  Heinemann L. Assistant Arnhold, Karberg & Co.  
  Heitmann C. Assistant Smith, Archer & Co.  
  Heitmann H. W. Assistant Smith, Archer & Co.  
Special Helland George John Merchant John Burd & Co.  
  Herbst Edward Clerk C. W. Schmidt 54 Praya Central
  Hervig J. Assistant Bourjau, Hübener & Co.  
  Hesse Theodore Merchant Hesse & Co.  
  Higson Charles Harney Assistant Smith, Kennedy & Co.  
  Hirschbrumm T. Watchmaker Mr. Hochstetter's  
  Hobson Wm. Clerk Com. Bank Corp.  
  Hochstetter Conrad Watchmaker   Queen's Road
  Hockmeyer F. Assistant Siemssen & Co.  
  Hodge Robert Assistant Jardine, Matheson & Co.  
  Hodges Thomas Dodd H. Assistant Holliday, Wise & Co.  
  Hodgson John George Assistant Comptoir d'Escompte de Paris  
  Hohenholz Heinrich W. Innkeeper Continental Hotel  
Special Holliday Joseph Farbridge Merchant Holliday, Wise & Co.  
  Holmes Edmund Richard Broker Bank Building  
  Hoppius H. Assistant Siemssen & Co.  
  Hook John Spinks Broker   11 Elgin Street
  Howard Thomas Merchant   12 Shelley Street
  Hubbe Paul Gertrand Assistant Siemssen & Co.  
  Hughes William Kerfoot Assistant Wilkinson & Co. Hollywood Road
  Hunt J. W. Merchant Gibb, Livingston & Co.  
Special Hunter William C. Merchant Augustine Heard & Co.  
  Inglis George Engineer P. & O. S. N. Co.  
  Jack John Shipwright   East Point
  Jackson, Jr. James Assistant Augustine Heard & Co.  
  Jackson Thomas Assistant Hong Kong & Shanghae Bank  
  James Horatio Gay Assistant Jardine, Matheson & Co.  
  Jameson Charles Opium Inspector   12 Gough Street
  Jameson J. N. Clerk Thomas Hunt & Co.  
  Jardine John Storekeeper   27 Praya East
  Jensen R. Assistant John Burd & Co.  
  Jesus Joao Antonio de Clerk Turner & Co.  
  Jesus Luiz Joao Clerk Muller & Clausen & C.  
  Johnson Charles Runner   258 Queen's Road Central
  Johnston Henry Assistant A. Scott & Co.  
  Jones Frederick Engineer P. & O. S. N. Co.  
  Jorge Acurcio Clerk Hong Kong & Shanghae Bank  
  Jorge Honorato Assistant Mercantile Bank  
Special Joost A. Merchant Siemssen & Co.  
Special Jukes Miles Prendergast Assistant Jardine, Matheson & Co.  
  Julian Victorine   Boarding House 258 Queen's Road Central
  Juvet Charles Merchant   94 Queen's Road Central
Special Karberg P. Merchant Arnhold, Karberg & Co.  
Special Kaye William Manager Chartered Bank  
  Kelley Robert Plumber   3 Queen's Road East
  Kerr Charles Moreland Assistant Oriental Bank  
  Kerr Crawford Davison Assistant Margesson & Co.  
  Ketels Peter Innkeeper   Queen's Road Central
  Kiaer Hans Assistant John Burd & Co.  
  Kindersley Benjamin T. Assistant Dent & Co.  
  King George Clerk P. & O. S. N. Co.  
  King J. E.   Boarding House 45 Lower Lascar Row
  Kirby William Assistant Jardine, Matheson & Co.  
  Kirchmann L. Assistant Boarding House Keeper   43 Hillier Street
  Koch William Assistant Siemssen & Co.  
  Koenig A. G.   Union Dock Co.  
Special Kresser Victor Manager H'Kong & S'hai Bank  
  Krummanacher Joseph Merchant   15 Staunton Street
  Ladd John H. Merchant   1 Pedder's Hill
  Lambert Robert Carr Broker Morgan, Lambert & Co.  
  Lammert George R. Storekeeper Lammert, Atkinson & Co.  
Special Landstein William R. Merchant Landstein & Co.  
  Lane Francis Haywood Assistant Agra Bank  
  Lange Maurice Merchant Landstein & Co.  
  Lanken Frederick Assistant W. Pustau & Co.  
Special Lapraik John Stewart Merchant Mr. Lapraik's  
  Laurie A. S. G. Mc. Assistant Jardine, Matheson & Co.  
  Laurie P. G. Assistant Jardine, Matheson & Co.  
  Lavonier V. Merchant   14 Stanley Street
  Ledwidges M. Engineer   128 Praya West
  Leiria Hermenegildo A. Assistant J. J. dos Remedio & Co.  
Special Lemann Henry Beverley Merchant Gilman & Co.  
  Leong Wing Chuen Linguist Wo-kee Hong  
  Leslie C. Clerk Globe Hotel  
  Lewis J. W. Manager Blum, Brothers & Co.  
  Liddlelow R. Assistant Sayle, Peacock & Co.  
  Liebermann J. L. Storekeeper   94 Queen's Road Central
  Lilley Elijah Assistant Sayle, Peacock & Co.  
  Lima Joze Maria Oliveira Clerk Holliday, Wise & Co.  
  Lima Felippe Maria Clerk   13 Mosque Street
  Lind A. Assistant P. & O. S. N. Co.  
Special Linstead Theophilus Gee Merchant Margesson & Co.  
  Little Francis Innkeeper   248 Queen's Road Central
  Lochhart Alexander Engineer P. & O. S. N. Co.  
  Lotz B. Clerk Raynal & Co.  
  Louden John Shiells Accountant Hong Kong & Shanghae Bank  
  Lovett C. A. Assistant Russell & Co.  
  Lowndes R. W. Merchant   119 Queen's Road East
  Lowndes W. J. Clerk Hong Kong Club  
  Lowry George Barkeeper Richard Clarke's  
  Luz Januario Antonio da Clerk Olyphant & Co.  
Special Lynall Robert Clerk Lyall, Still & Co.  
  Lyon M. Plumber   Spring Gardens
  MacConnachie James Foreman Blacksmith Mr. Lamont's  
  MacDonald John Scott Shipwright   Praya East
  MacDougall J. Boilermaker   Praya East
  Mackenzie David Hughes Bank Assistant   Castle Road
  Mackenzie J. Engineer   128 Praya West
Special Mackintosh Charles Agent North China Insurance Co.  
  Mackintosh Lacland Assistant Hong Kong & Shanghae Bank  
Special MacLean George Francis Merchant Lyall, Still & Co.  
  Maclehose James Henry Assistant R. S. Walker & Co.  
  Macleod Alexander Assistant Gibb, Livingston & Co.  
  MacMurdo Robert Marine Surveyor   1 Bonham Road
  MacNulty Archibald Engineer P. & O. S. N. Co.  
  MacVicar Patrick Assistant Birley & Co.  
Special Magmiac Herbert St. Leger Merchant Jardine, Matheson & Co.  
  Major Frederick Assistant Wilkinson & Co.  
  Mammeldorf E. Assistant Comptoir d'Escompte de Paris  
  Manger A. T. Assistant D. Lapraik & Co.  
  Manger J. E. Assistant D. Lapraik & Co.  
  Marcal Honorio Clerk Smith, Kennedy & Co.  
  Marques Antonio G. Clerk Jardine, Matheson & Co.  
  Marques Eduardo Clerk Miss Garrett's  
  Marshall Philip Bennet Assistant Smith, Kennedy & Co.  
  Matson James Melville Assistant Oriental Bank  
  Melchers Herman Merchant   2 Graham Street
Special Mellish Edward Broker   11 Arbuthnot Road
Special Menke Julius Merchant W. Pustau & Co.  
  Mentiplay A. Engineer Aberdeen Dock  
  Methven A. Assistant P. & O. S. N. Co.  
  Meyer Adolph Broker   Queen's Road
  Meyer John Diedrich Shipwright Ferguson & Co.  
  Middleton William Nixon Broker   D'Aguilar Street
  Midlane A. Boilermaker   128 Praya West
  Millar Andrew Plumber   3 Queen's Road East
  Miller William Barclay Accountant Commercial Bank  
  Milne John Engineer P. & O. S. N. Co.  
  Mitchell W. Groom Jardine, Matheson & Co.  
  Mody Hormusjee N. Broker   2 Gage Street
  Moody Gifford Downing Assistant Hong Kong & Shanghae Bank  
  Moore J. Groom Phillips, Moore & Co.  
  Moore Maurice Assistant Phillips, Moore & Co.  
Special Morgan C. H. Merchant Morgan, Lambert & Co.  
  Morgan Thomas Clerk Mr. Lapraik's  
  Morgan William Mostyn Broker Club Chambers  
  Morris John Badland Assistant Bowra & Co.  
  Morrison W. D Assistant Gibb, Livingston & Co.  
  Morrison William Post Assistant Thomas Hunt & Co. Spring Gardens
  Moses M. Clerk D. D. Sassoon & Sons Co.  
  Moss Michael Agent Hotel d'Europe  
  Muneherjee Pestonjee S. Broker   Castle Road
  Mur Joseph Manuel Assistant Olyphant & Co.  
  Murray F. Boilermaker   4 Leighton Hill Road
Special Murray Henry Merchant Jardine, Matheson & Co.  
  Murray Mortimer Assistant Margesson & Co.  
  Musilius Frederick Assistant Bourjau, Hübener & Co.  
  Nadershaw Nesserwanjee Assistant P. & D. N. Camajee & Co.  
  Napier J. Engineer   128 Praya West
  Neill George M. Clerk W. Pustau & Co.  
Special Neilson William Merchant Olyphant & Co.  
  Nelson Horatio H. Assistant Chartered Mercantile Bank  
  Newton Alexander Manager Hong Kong Gas Work  
  Nicaise H. Assistant Borneo Co. Limited  
Special Nissen Woldemar Merchant Siemssen & Co.  
  Noble John Assistant Mr. Falconer's  
  Norton Edward Broker Morgan, Lambert & Co.  
  Notley Walter Hyde Assistant R. S. Walker & Co.  
  Olmsted W. N. Assistant Olyphant & Co.  
  Olson John Manager Oriental Restaurant  
  Opstelten J. C. Assistant Reyvaan Brothers  
  O'Reilley Matthew Assistant Blum, Brothers & Co.  
  Oscar Adelino Clerk P. & O. S. N. Co.  
  Ottenen George Innkeeper   Queen's Road Central
  Overbeck Gustave Merchant Dent & Co.  
  Ozorio Candido Antonio Clerk Lyall, Still & Co.  
  Ozorio Candido Julio Clerk Dent & Co.  
  Parke William Assistant Gilman & Co.  
  Parker Frederick Barkeeper   232 Queen's Road Central
  Parson, Jr. Jonathan Assistant Wanchi Bakery  
  Patterson John Gas Fitter   Queen's Road
  Pearce James William Storekeeper Fawcett & Co.  
  Pearce John Blacksmith P. & O. S. N. Co.  
  Pearson Thomas Issuer of Store P. & O. S. N. Co.  
  Pepson N. F. Bookkeeper Blackhead & Co.  
  Pereira A. R. Clerk   17 Cochrane Street
  Pereira Adriao A. Assistant Dent & Co.  
  Pereira Frank P. Assistant Dent & Co.  
  Pereira Ignacio Fires Clerk Augustine Heard & Co.  
  Pereira J. A. Soda Water Maker   7 Wyndham Street
  Pestonjee A. Broker   Castle Road
Special Pestonjee Dhunjeebhoy Merchant P. & D. N. Camajee & Co.  
  Pestonjee Jehangir Merchant Ghandy & Co.  
  Petel Louis V. P. Clerk Messag. Imperiales  
  Peterson Emil Eibek Ship Chandler Peterson Brothers  
  Peterson Edward B. Ship Chandler Peterson Brothers  
  Phillips James Engineer P. & O. S. N. Co.  
  Phillips R. Assistant Mr. Falconer's  
  Plaisted Walter Wilkies Assistant Birley & Co.  
  Pode W. G. Assistant Accountant Chartered Bank of I. A. & C.  
  Porter F. H. Clerk De Silver & Co.  
  Poulsen Martin Assistant Burd & Co.  
  Poulsen William Assistant Bosman & Co.  
  Powys Edward Assistant Sayle, Peacock & Co.  
  Pringle D. Engineer P. & O. S. N. Co.  
Special Probst Theodore Merchant W. Pustau & Co.  
  Purchard William Master Mariner   2 Shelley Street
Special Purdon John Merchant Bull, Purdon & Co.  
  Radecker Richard H. Merchant Radecker, Hagerdorn  
  Rapp Fritz Bookkeeper Blackhead & Co.  
  Ray Edward Constant Assistant Ray & Co.  
  Ray Joseph Johnson Storekeeper Ray & Co.  
  Ray W. H. Clerk Ray & Co.  
  Raynal Gustave Merchant   18 Stanley Street
  Rayner George Boarding Master   194 Queen's Road Central
  Reed Charles Robert Clerk Talbot, Oates & Co.  
  Rehder H. Bookkeeper   224 Queen's Road Central
  Reimers Edward Assistant Augustine Heard & Co.  
  Relph Henry Assistant Lane, Crawford & Co.  
  Remedios A. A. dos Assistant J. J. dos Remedio & Co.  
  Remedios A. F. dos Bookkeeper D. Lapraik & Co.  
  Remedios F. J. dos Assistant Borneo Co. Limited  
  Remedios Geraldo dos Assistant Jardine, Matheson & Co.  
  Remedios J. A. dos Assistant J. J. dos Remedio & Co.  
  Remedios Jose A. dos Merchant Reynolds & Co.  
  Reynvaan William Merchant Reynvaan & Co.  
  Riack John Shipwright   West Point
  Riddell Walter Scott Manager Late Asiatic Bank  
  Ripke C. Assistant E. Schelhass & Co.  
  Rivington Charles Assistant Jardine, Matheson & Co.  
  Roberts John Boarding House Steward   194 Queen's Road Central
  Robertson R. Plumber P. & O. S. N. Co.  
  Rocha Vicente Fereira Clerk D. D. Sassoon Sons & Co.  
  Rodatz G. C. F. Mercantile Assistant   77 Praya Central
  Rodger Alexander Broker   4 Mosque Terrace
  Rogerson Thomas Clerk Bowra & Co.  
  Rogerson W. J. Clerk Lane, Crawford & Co.  
  Romano Agostinho G. Clerk J. J. dos Remedio & Co.  
  Rowland John Barkeeper   248 Queen's Road Central
  Roper H. Moulder P. & O. S. N. Co.  
  Rose John Falconer Clerk McEwen & Co.  
  Rose Thomas Boilermaker P. & O. S. N. Co.  
  Ross Alexander Shipwright   Queen's Road East
  Roza Antonio Braz da Clerk Birley & Co.  
  Roza Jose Francisco C. da Clerk Birley & Co.  
  Roza Maximiano da Clerk Birley & Co.  
  Roza Simao Vicente Clerk Dent & Co.  
  Roza Francisco do Clerk Daily Press Office  
  Rozario Marcos C. do Merchant   8 Stanley Street
  Russell Logan Clerk Smith, Kennedy & Co.  
Special Ruttonjee Dhunjeebhoy Merchant   Lyndhurst Terrace
  Ruttonjee Sorabjee Clerk Nursey, Kessowjee & Co.  
Special Ryrie Phineas Merchant Turner & Co.  
  Sa Francisco de Clerk Lane, Crawford & Co.  
  Sage Edward Josiah Merchant Club Chambers  
  Sander John Friedrich A. Merchant   15 Staunton Street
  Sands George W. Marine Supdt. Hongkong, Macao, & Canton Steam Boat Co.  
  Santos Antonio dos Clerk Bull, Purdon & Co.  
Special Sassoon Arthur A. D. Merchant D. Sassoon & Sons Co.  
  Schellhass Edward Merchant Schellhass & Co.  
  Schipper John Storekeeper   Webster's Row
  Schlesicker E. Clerk Deetjen & von Bergen  
  Schmidt Charles William Ship Chandler   54 Praya Central
  Schmidt Heinrich Clerk Blackhead & Co.  
  Schmidt William Gun Maker   Wellington Street
  Schoost Theador Clerk Muller & Clausen & C.  
  Schroder Charles G. Assistant Siemssen & Co.  
  Schroder J. Assistant Bourjau, Hübener & Co.  
  Schutze Friedrich Adolph Clerk Peterson Brothers  
  Scott Albert Assistant Lane, Crawford & Co.  
  Scott George O. Assistant Oriental Bank  
  Seabra Francisco Antonio Clerk Augustine Heard & Co.  
  Searle Joseph Assistant Sayle, Peacock & Co.  
  Seth Seth Avith Broker   26 Peel Street
  Seimund C. Storekeeper   58 Praya Central
Special Sharp Granville Broker   Bank Building
  Shelbourne William Clerk P. O. & Co.  
  Siebs N. A. Assistant Siemssen & Co.  
  Sievke H. Assistant Siemssen & Co.  
  Silva Claudio Ignacio da Clerk Mercantile Bank  
  Silva Miguel Antonio da Clerk Mercantile Bank  
  Silveira Guilherme A. da Watchmaker   Queen's Road
  Silveira Jose da Photographer   Queen's Road
  Simoens Nicazio Clerk Smith, Kennedy & Co.  
  Simoens Manuel Clerk Thomas Hunt & Co.  
  Simonis H. Clerk W. Pustau & Co.  
  Simons Frederick Proprietor Commercial Billiard Rooms  
  Sinclair J. Engineer P. & O. S. N. Co.  
  Slate Richard Brewster Secretary Hongkong Hotel Co.  
  Smith A. Assistant Mr. Falconer's  
Special Smith Caleb Tangier Merchant Smith, Archer & Co.  
  Smith Elliot Robin Assistant Hong Kong & Shanghae Bank  
  Smith Henry Assistant Accountant Hong Kong & Shanghae Bank  
  Smith John Storekeeper McEwen & Co.  
  Smith Peter Boarding Master   282 Queen's Road Central
  Smith Thomas Clerk P. & O. S. N. Co.  
  Souza Felippe Antonio de Commission Agent   12 Gilman's Bazar
  Souza Joao J. da Silva e Printer   Hollywood Road
  Souza Marcellino de Clerk Lyall, Still & Co.  
  Sowermann F. C. Assistant Jardine, Matheson & Co.  
  Speechley Charles Engineer   54 Queen's Road East
  Speechley Samuel Engineer   54 Queen's Road East
  Spratt William Bolton Carpenter Thomas Hunt & Co.  
  Spring C. H. Assistant Sayle, Peacock & Co.  
  Sprowle Andrew Plumber P. & O. S. N. Co.  
  Stanford Benjamin Shipwright J. S. McDonald's  
  Starkey Reginald D. Assistant North China Insurance Co.  
  Steet John Boilermaker   128 Praya West
  Sterry W. J. Manager Sayle, Peacock & Co.  
  Steward Horatio Forbes Stevedore   25 Scott's Lane
  Stiles William Godown Keeper Dent & Co.  
  Stimson John Clerk Alexander, Ross & Co.  
  Stokes George Edward Assistant Lyall, Still & Co.  
  Stone Frederick Assistant Augustine Heard & Co.  
  Storey, Jr. Charles Architect   10 Arbuthnot Road
  Studd John Architect Rawling, Medlen & Co.  
  Swan William Boilermaker   Queen's Road West
  Talbot Samuel Harris Ship Chandler Talbot, Oates & Co.  
  Talbot T. R. Assistant Olyphant & Co.  
  Talbot William H. Ship Chandler Talbot, Oates & Co.  
  Tavares J. Assistant Messag. Imperiales  
  Taylor James Alexander Assistant Mercantile Bank  
  Terry J. W. Assistant Russell & Co.  
  Thomas L. P. Assistant Augustine Heard & Co.  
  Thompson Gavin Assistant Gibb, Livingston & Co.  
  Thompson George Innkeeper   Queen's Road
  Thomson J. Assistant Mr. Falconer's  
  Thomson Samuel Boilermaker P. & O. S. N. Co.  
  Tiller Turner Broker   3 Arbuthnot Road
  Tillinghast T. De Silver Storekeeper De Silver & Co.  
  Torrey Joseph William Merchant Parker & Co.  
  Treget G. Boilermaker P. & O. S. N. Co.  
  Tripp Henry John Howard Assistant P. & O. S. N. Co. Lyndhurst Terrace
  Turner Alfred Lawrence Accountant Commercial Bank  
  Ullmann Albert Storekeeper   Queen's Road
  Umbehagen   Assistant E. Schelhass & Co.  
  Urquhart J. Assistant Mr. Falconer's  
  Urquhart William Robert Assistant P. & O. S. N. Co.  
  Vandenberg F. A. Assistant Jardine, Matheson & Co.  
Special Vaucher Albert Emile aaaa Vaucher & Co.  
  Verril E. Clerk Talbot, Oates & Co.  
  Vickers James Muschamp Merchant A. Scott & Co.  
  Vincent Charles Marine Surveyor   Pedder's Hill
  Vinton William Clerk P. & O. S. N. Co.  
  Vogel Emile Assistant Russell & Co.  
  Volkmann Christian Louis Storekeeper Schmidt & Volkmann  
  Wagner Christian Teacher of Music   Hollywood Road
  Walker J. Boilermaker MacDougall & Co.  
  Walker M. M. Accountant Chartered Bank  
  Walker Robert Assistant Johnson & Co.  
  Wallace Thomas Assistant Jardine, Matheson & Co.  
  Ward Lawrence Pearson Clerk Thomas Hunt & Co.  
  Wards W. Carpenter P. & O. S. N. Co.  
  Warren Samuel Innkeeper   Queen's Road Central
  Webster R. Clerk Sailor's Home  
  Weeks Charles David Assistant P. & O. S. N. Co.  
Special Weller George F. Merchant Augustine Heard & Co.  
Special Welsh David Broker   4 Pedder's Hill
  Werlick R. Assistant Siemssen & Co.  
  Wheeler Frederick A. Hair Dresser   Wellington Street
  Wheeley Edward Assistant Dent & Co.  
  Whistler James Assistant Sayle, Peacock & Co.  
  Whitehouse George Clerk Lammert, Atkinson & Co.  
  Wilkie James Clerk P. & O. S. N. Co.  
  Williaume Nicholas Assistant Messag. Imperiales  
  Williams Charles Steward   258 Queen's Road Central
  Willoughby Digby Assistant Mercantile Bank  
  Wilson Alexander Merchant   7 Abuthnot Road
  Wilson F. Bookkeeper Commercial Billiard Rooms  
  Wilson G. Carpenter   8 D'Aguliar Street
  Wilson William Clerk McEwen & Co.  
  Winder William Engineer P. & O. S. N. Co.  
  Withers G. Assistant P. & O. S. N. Co.  
  Witson W. Engineer P. & O. S. N. Co.  
  Woodin Ed. Littlefield Assistant P. & O. S. N. Co.  
  Wye Akwong Compradore Mercantile Bank  
  Xavier Innoccncio Anto. Clerk Captain Heaton's  
  Xavier F. M. D. Clerk Chartered Bank  
  Xavier Joao P. Clerk Chartered Bank  
  Xavier V. F. Clerk Blum, Brothers & Co.  
  Young William Christie Assistant Gibb, Livingston & Co.