1860 Jurors List

Submitted by patricia on Fri, 10/23/2020 - 12:30

A copy of the original document is available online at HKGRO.

Some observations:

  • Whilst its not so different from the 1858 list, it looks as if less men gave their address, but just their employer/firm.  I’ve changed the heading for that column from ‘residence’ to ‘firm/employer’ - although that doesn’t cover all, its more explanatory.
  • I haven’t changed the obvious mis-spellings … eg A J Reynvaan is employed by ‘Voucher Freres’ although the firm is run by Albert Emile Vaucher.
  • Of the 270 men listed, 77 describe themselves as Mercantile Assistants, 48 as Clerks, and 53 as Merchants. Only roughly 15% are not involved in commercial and or financial business - and could be categorised as working in industry or the service sector.
  • The one apparently Chinese name is still there - Wong Ashing, but he’s changed jobs in the two years (from Printer at the London Mission to Clerk with P&O.)
Special Juror Surname First Name Occupation Firm/Employer etc Street/District
  Aderjee Sapoorjee Broker   Cochrane Street
  Agabeg Avectis Lazar Pub. Daily Press Wellington Street
  Alisch Alexander Accountant   Victoria
  Allen Joseph Mer. Asst. Wetmore, W. & Co.  
  Anderson John Engineer McDougall & Co.  
Special Anderson Graham Merchant   Spring Gardens
  Andrews Francis Accountant Agra Bank  
  Armstrong J. Martin Storekeeper Hunt & Co.  
  Arnhold Jacob Merchant Oxford & Co.  
  Baker S. W. Clerk Bowra & Co.  
  Baker James Licensed Victualler   Queen's R. West
  Baldwin Robb. Henry Merchant McGregor & Co.  
  Barretto Joao Antonio Mercantile Asst. Jardine, M. & Co.  
  Beattie Robert Licensed Victualler   Queen's Road
  Beaumont F. Britain Mercantile Asst. Russell & Co.  
Special Beckwith Nelson Marvin Merchant Russell & Co.  
  Behre Ernest Mercantile Asst. Hübener & Co.  
  Blackhead Fred. John Storekeeper   Victoria Harbor
  Blake Franklin Mercantile Asst. Gassett & Co.  
  Blakeway George Clerk Vaucher Frères  
Special Block Fred. Horsen Merchant Burd & Co  
  Blydenburgh J. J. Mercantile Asst. Smith & Archer  
  Bon Joseph Assistant Mr. Lapraik  
  Bonnett William W. Secretary Hongkong Club  
  Bonney Nat. Ball Reporter China Chronicle  
  Booth Arthur Mercantile Asst. Ellisen & Co.  
  Borton James Licensed Victualler   Queen's Road
  Bosman Chas. H. M. Commission Agent   Victoria
  Bowra Wm. A. Storekeeper   Queen's Road
Special Bowring John Chas. Merchant Jardine, M. & Co.  
  Boyd Clotworthy Merchant Ellissen & Co.  
  Bradley R. Mercantile Asst. Smith, K. & Co.  
  Bradstreet Parker Hotelkeeper Commercial Hotel  
  Braga Joao J. Druggist   Queen's Road
  Brand Robert Mercantile Asst. Smith, K. & Co.  
Special Brodersen Charles Merchant Pustau & Co.  
  Brooks Jas. Alfred Auctioneer   Queen's Road
  Browne M. Clerk McEwen & Co.  
  Brunkner Henrich Mercantile Asst. Oxford & Co.  
  Burrows O. Hoffman Merchant Burrows & Co.  
  Cairns R. H. Godownkeeper Dent & Co.  
Special Campbell Patrick Banker Oriental Bank  
  Campos Eduardo P. de Clerk P. & O. S. N. Co.  
  Campos Joaquim P. de Clerk P. & O. S. N. Co.  
  Carapiet S. M. Merchant   Dixon’s Buildings
  Carr Henry John Licensed Victualler   Queen's Road West
  Catter J. A. B. Mercantile Asst. A Heard & Co.  
  Cockburn James Stwart Clerk Mr. Brooks Auctioneer  
  Cohen Henry Mercantile Asst. P., Moore & Co.  
Special Cohen Phillip Merchant Phillips, Moore & Co.  
  Costerton John Banker, Mercantile Bank  
Special Coutts James C. Merchant   Spring Gardens
  Cowasjee Nusserwanjee Merchant F. B. Mettah & Co.  
  Coxon A. Asst. Accountant Mercantile Bank  
  Craven John N. Clerk De Silver & Co.  
  Crawford D. R. Clerk Lane, Crawford & Co.  
  Crawford Ninian Storekeeper   Queen's Road
Special Cryder W. W. Merchant Wetmore, W. & Co.  
  Da Silva Luiz Joao Clerk Gibb, Livingstone & Co.  
  Davis Henry Wm Accountant Comml. Bank of India  
  Davison William Clerk P. & O. S. N. Co.  
  Dawson James Mercantile Asst. Jardine, M. & Co.  
  De Aquino Maximiano Mer. Asst. Sassoon Sons & Co.  
  De Silver Charles Clerk De Silver & Co.  
  De Silver Edwin Clerk De Silver & Co.  
  De Silver Francis Storekeeper   Queen's Road
  Deacon Richard Mercantile Asst. A Heard & Co.  
  Dickson George Blacksmith, Mr. Lamont  
  Dixon Henry Dispenser, Hongkong Dispensary  
  Dodd John Mercantile Asst. Dent & Co.  
  Dunjeebhoy Ruttonjee Broker   Pottinger Street
  Duus John Mercantile Asst. Dent & Co.  
  Duus Edward Hercule Mercantile Asst. Lindsay & Co.  
Special Duus Nicolay Merchant   Victoria
  Edwards Thomas Reporter, Daily Press  
  Elliott W. A. P. Mercantile Asst. Ellisen & Co.  
  Elmenhurst J. Henry Mercantile Asst. Pustau & Co.  
  Emeny William Storekeeper   Victoria
  Endicott Henry Chas Storekeeper Hunt & Co.  
  Everett P. L. Mercantile Asst. A Heard & Co.  
  Falconer George Watchmaker Mr. Lapraik  
  Findlater George Carpenter Mr Lamont  
Special Fletcher Angus Merchant   Victoria
  Forbes Wm. Howell Mercantile Asst. Russell & Co.  
  Foster Wm. Hammond Mercantile Asst. Russell & Co.  
  Fox Samuel Crane Mercantile Asst. Smith, K. & Co.  
Special Framjee Eduljee Merchant F. B. Cama & Co.  
Special Gassett Edward Merchant   Victoria
  Gay Arthur O. Mercantile Asst. Gassett & Co.  
  Gibb F. M. Mercantile Asst. Gibb, Livingstone & Co.  
Special Gibb Hugh Bold Merchant   Victoria
  Gilfillam James Mercantile Asst. Fletcher & Co.  
  Gregory J. L. Clerk Glatz, Lammert & Co.  
  Gunter William Watchmaker Dupois & Co.  
  Gutierrez Venancio Clerk P. & O. S. N. Co.  
  Gutierrez Querino Clerk Russell & Co.  
  Gutierrez Lourenco Joao Merchant   Hollywood Road
  Hall Stephen P. Shipwright   Queen's Road East
Special Halton Eldred Merchant Gibb, Livingstone & Co.  
  Hammond Frederick Mercantile Asst. Mr. Jameson  
Special Harper Patrick Rose Banker, Commercial Bank  
  Harper George Shipwright   Victoria
  Harsant Fred. May Assistant Bowra & Co.  
  Hartman G. W. Mercantile Asst. Hübener & Co.  
Special Heard John Merchant A. Heard & Co.  
  Helland George H. Mercantile Asst. Burd & Co.  
  Henderson James Blacksmith, McDougall & Co.  
  Higson J. Mercantile Asst. Jardine, M. & Co.  
  Hogg Edward Jennar Mercantile Asst. Lindsay & Co.  
  Hogg A. J. Mercantile Asst. Turner & Co.  
  Holmes George Broker   Wellington Street
  Horder Chas. Wm. Clerk Lane, Crawford & Co.  
  Houstoun R. A. Mercantile Asst. Jardine, M. & Co.  
Special Hubener L. A. Merchant   Queen's Road
  Hudson J. Frevitt Mercantile Asst. Gibb, L. & Co.  
Special Hudson Augustus R. Merchant Gilman & Co.  
  Hughes John Mercantile Asst. A Heard & Co.  
  Hunt Wm. Henry Mercantile Asst. Gibb, L. & Co.  
Special Hutchinson Wm. Merchant Turner & Co.  
  Hyndman Henrique Clerk Duus & Co.  
  Isaac E. Mer. Asst. Sassoon Sons & Co.  
  Jameson Charles Commission Agent   Queen's Road
Special Jardine Robert Merchant   East Point
  Jeffrey James Printer, China Mail office  
  Johnston William Supt. Engineer, P. & O. S. N. Co.  
  Johnston Chas. Turton Mercantile Asst. Wardley & Co.  
  Jukes M. P. Mercantile Asst. Jardine, M. & Co.  
  Kup Antoine W. P. Merchant   Gough Street
  Lambert J. William Clerk P. & O. S. N. Co.  
  Lammert G. R. Storekeeper   Queen’s Road
  Lamont John Shipwright   East Point
  Lapraik John Clerk Mr. Lapraik  
Special Lapraik Douglas Merchant   D’Aguilar Street
  Laurie Peter G. Mercantile Asst. Jardine, M. & Co.  
  Laycock Henry Mercantile Asst. Dent & Co.  
Special Lemann Henry Beverley Mercantile Asst. Gilman & Co.  
  Lemann William Mercantile Asst. Gilman & Co.  
  Leslie Thomas Coates Merchant Dent & Co.  
  Limjee Jamsetjee Merchant P. F. Cama & Co.  
  Lincoln N. W. Mercantile Asst. Olyphant & Co.  
  Linstead Theophilus G. Mercantile Asst. Lindsay & Co.  
  Linstron Henry B. Timber Dealer   Queen's Road East
  Low Robert A. Book Keeper, China Mail office  
Special MacAndrew J. Merchant Jardine, M. & Co.  
  MacAndrew R. Mercantile Asst. Jardine, M. & Co.  
  MacDonald D. Shipwright, Hall & Co.  
Special MacDouall John Accountant Oriental Bank  
  MacDougall K. Engineer   Spring Gardens
  MacFarlane Malcolm Clerk Mr. Lamont  
  Mackay George Accountant Bank of India, China, etc.  
Special Mackenzie Jas. Joseph Merchant Dent & Co.  
Special Mackenzie Donald Wm. Merchant   Hollywood Road
Special Maclean Geo. Francis Mercantile Asst. Lyall, Still & Co.  
  Macleod Malcolm Editor and Pub. China Chronicle  
  Macpherson J. Clerk Mr. Hall  
  Magniac Herbert Mercantile Asst. Jardine, M. & Co.  
  Maine Samuel Mercantile Asst. Fletcher & Co.  
  Marques P. Clerk Fletcher & Co.  
  Marsh Henry Saddler & Mercer   Queen's Road
  Martin Fredk. Luiz Storekeeper   Queen's Road
  Maxwell William Agent, R. W. Indian Emign. Com.  
  McDermott Benjamin Master Mariner Reg. sh. Fort Wm.  
  McLean David Assistant Oriental Bank  
  Morgan Chas. H. Storekeeper P. & O. S. N. Co  
  Morrison W. P. Clerk Hunt & Co.  
  Morriss J. Auctioneer   Blackhead’s Chop
Special Murray Chas. Wilson Merchant Birley & Co.  
  Murray Andrew David Master Mariner Reg. sh. Jno. Adam  
  Murrow Yorick Jones Editor and Pub. Daily Press  
Special Neave Thomas D. Merchant Smith, Kennedy & Co.  
  Neilson William Mercantile Asst. Olyphant & Co.  
  Nisbet T. Mer. Asst. D. W. McKenzie & Co.  
Special Nissen Waldimar Merchant Siemssen & Co.  
  Nordaby George Clerk Mr. Emeny  
  Noronha Jose Clerk Oriental Bank  
  Norris George A. F. Storekeeper   Queen's Road
Special Orme Chas. William Merchant Russell & Co.  
  Ortmann L. Mercantile Asst. Schaeffer & Co.  
  Overbeck Gustave Mercantile Asst. Dent & Co.  
  Ozorio Candido Julio Mercantile Asst. Dent & Co.  
  Ozorio Candino Antonio Mercantile Asst. Lyall, Still & Co.  
  Palmer William Henry Storekeeper Jardine, M. & Co.  
  Pardon Iconeas Merchant   Victoria
  Park Robert Dudgeon Mer. Assist. Mr. A. Wilkinson  
Special Parkin W. W. Merchant Olyphant & Co.  
  Pearss James Clerk Mr. Emeny  
Special Percival Alexander Merchant Jardine, M. & Co.  
  Pereira Lourenco Jose Clerk Lindsay & Co.  
Special Pestonjee Dunjeebhoy Merchant P. & D. N. Camajee & Co.  
  Pestonjee Barzinjee Mercantile Asst. P. F. Cama & Co.  
  Pestonjee Muncherjee Broker   Hollywood Road
  Piccope T. C. Bill Broker   Aberdeen Street
  Pickenpack Vincent Mercantile Asst. Hübener & Co.  
  Plessman Bernhard Mercantile Asst. Dent & Co.  
  Porter W. H. Clerk Mr. Woodruff  
Special Purdon James Merchant Bull, Purdon & Co.  
  Ramsey Alexander E. Mercantile Asst. Dent & Co.  
  Rangel Floriano Antonio Mercantile Asst. Jardine, M. & Co.  
Special Reddie Robert Muirhead Merchant Holliday, Wise & Co.  
Special Reid J. H. Sub-Manager, Mercantile Bank  
  Remedios Boaventura Clerk Dent & Co.  
  Remedios Giraldo dos Clerk Lindsay & Co.  
Special Remedios Joao J. dos Merchant   Gough Street
  Reynvaan A. J. Clerk Voucher Freres  
  Reynvaan Wm. H. Ship Chandler   Queen's Road
  Rickett John (Jr.) Clerk P. & O. S. N. Co.  
  Roberts John Commission Agent   Queen's Road
  Roberts John (Jr.) Auctioneer   Queen's Road, West
  Rodger Alexander Mercantile Asst. Dent & Co.  
  Rogerson T. Clerk Bowra & Co.  
  Rowley - Clerk Ellissen & Co.  
  Russell Wm. F. Clerk Hunt & Co.  
Special Rutter Henry Banker, Commercial Bank  
  Ruttonjee Pestonjee Merchant F. B. Mettah & Co.  
Special Ryrie Phineas Merchant Turner & Co.  
  Sa Francisco de Clerk Lane, Crawford & Co.  
  Sanders F Clerk Schaeffer & Co.  
  Santos Antonio dos Clerk Bull, Purdon & Co.  
Special Sassoon Reuben David Merchant Sassoon Sons & Co.  
  Sassoon Solomon D. Mer. Assist. Sassoon Sons & Co.  
  Schaeffer Hermann Merchant   Hollywood Road
  Schutze Emile Mercantile Asst. Pustau & Co.  
  Schutze Francis Mercantile Asst. Pustau & Co.  
  Scott Charles Shipwright, Harper & Co.  
  Scott David Clerk P. & O. S. N. Co.  
  Seabra F. A. Clerk A. Heard & Co.  
Special Sharp Granville Broker   Gough Street
  Sherrard Robert B. Merchant   Queen’s Road
Special Sherwood C. H. Banker, Bank of India, China &c.  
  Smith F. T. Mercantile Assist. Birley & Co.  
Special Smith C. T. Merchant Smith & Archer  
  Smith R. B. Mercantile Asst. Smith & Archer  
  Soares Francisco Paulo Clerk Almeida, Soares & Co.  
  Spencer G. G. Clerk Bowra & Co.  
  Stamman Oscar Mercantile Assist. Siemssen & Co.  
  Stanford Benjamin Mercantile Asst. Mr. Jameson  
  Stanford William K. Master Mariner, Reg. sh. Circassian  
  Stearns I. O. P. Mercantile Asst. Russell & Co.  
  Stewart H. D. Mercantile Asst. Turner & Co.  
  Stiles W. Godownkeeper Dent & Co.  
  Stimsen John Clerk Mr. Brooks  
  Stokes George E. Mercantile Assist. Lyall, Still & Co.  
  Strachan Robert House Proprietor   Victoria
  Sutherland Thomas Clerk P. & O. S. N. Co.  
  Taber George Albert Hotelkeeper   Wellington Street
  Toms Richard Clerk Lane, Crawford & Co.  
  Torrey J. W. Mercantile Asst. Russell & Co.  
  Tourniere A. Storekeeper   Queen’s Road
  Trubshaw James Mercantile Assist. Dent & Co.  
Special Turner Henry Banker, Agra & United Service Bank  
Special Tyson George Merchant Russell & Co.  
Special Vaucher Albert Emile Merchant   Queen's Road
  Vicars J. M. Mercantile Asst. Gibb, L. & Co.  
  Vickermann W. H. Clerk Hall & Co.  
Special Walker Robert Scott Merchant   Victoria
  Watson Alexander J. Druggist   Queen's Road
  Watson J. B. Licensed Victualler   Queen's Road
  Webster James Assistant Oriental Bank  
  Weld Daniel Mercantile Assist. A. Heard & Co.  
  Wheeley Alfred A. Mercantile Assist. Dent & Co.  
Special Wiener George Adam Merchant Lindsay & Co.  
  Wilkins George Hotelkeeper   Queen's Road
  Willaume John Bill Broker   Old Bailey Street
  Williams Henry S. Reporter China Mail  
  Wilson Andrew Editor China Mail  
  Wilson G. Clerk P. & O. S. N. Co.  
  Winniberg Henry Storekeeper   Queen's Road
  Wong Ashing Clerk P. & O. S. N. Co.  
  Woodin E. L. Clerk Mr Sherard  
  Woodruff Samuel C. Storekeeper   Queen's Road