People tagged: BAAG

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Alias / nickname Given Family Sort descending Maiden DoB DoD Sex
BAAG No. 103 ? Unknown
BAAG No. 579 / 'Another' ? Unknown
BAAG No. 24 ? Unknown
BAAG No. 104 ? Unknown
BAAG No. 580 ? Unknown
BAAG No. 591 ? Unknown
BAAG No. 114 ? Unknown
BAAG No. 30 ? Unknown
BAAG No. 31 ? Unknown
BAAG No. 121 ? Unknown
BAAG No. 66 Benjamin ? Unknown
BAAG No. 32 ? Unknown
BAAG No. 122 ? Unknown
BAAG No. 33 ? Unknown
BAAG No. 124 ? Unknown
BAAG No. 69 ? Unknown
BAAG No. 38 ? Unknown
BAAG No. 210 ? Unknown
BAAG No. 39 ? Unknown
BAAG No. 301 ? Unknown
BAAG No. 303 ? Unknown
BAAG No. 72 ? Unknown
BAAG No. 305 ? Unknown
BAAG No. 306 ? Unknown
BAAG No. 307 ? Unknown
BAAG No. 3 ? Unknown
BAAG No. 502 / Saboteur No 1 / King ? Unknown
BAAG No. 6 ? Unknown
BAAG No. 509 ? Unknown
BAAG No. 8 ? Unknown
BAAG No. 89 ? Unknown
BAAG No. 90 ? Unknown
BAAG No. 92 ? Unknown
BAAG No. 52.i ? Unknown
BAAG No. 93 ? Unknown
BAAG No. 512 ? Unknown
BAAG No. 11 ? Unknown
BAAG No. 61 ? ? Male
BAAG No. 53.i ? Unknown
BAAG No. 513 ? Unknown
BAAG No. 95 ? Unknown
BAAG No. 516 ? Unknown
BAAG No. 96 ? Unknown
BAAG No. 97 ? ? Male
BAAG No. 54.i ? Unknown
BAAG No. 16 ? Unknown
BAAG No. 18 ? Unknown
BAAG No. 101 ? Unknown
BAAG No. 98 ? ? Male
BAAG No. 55.i ? Unknown
BAAG No. 20 ? Unknown
BAAG No. 102 ? Unknown
BAAG No. 568 ? Unknown
BAAG No. 23 ? Unknown
BAAG No. 42 Ah Mui Unknown
Mohamed Ahsan Male
BAAG No. 47 Alim Din Male
BAAG No. 1069 (?) Ping-wah Au Unknown
BAAG No. 2 / 歐輝 Fai Au Unknown
Au Fai, Au Yin Fei Male
Charles Henry Carlos Henrique de Senna Fernandes de Castro Basto Male
Charles William Baxter Male
Willliam Booth Male
Donald John Boyd Male
Ragnar Brodersen Male
George Vincent Broom Male
BAAG No. 45 (?) Ho-ka Chak Unknown
Ho Ka Chak Male
BAAG No. 56.ii Wai-fan Chan Unknown
Hung-chiu Chan Male
King Chan Male
BAAG No. 112 / CHAN Wai-Shui Kai Chan Male
BAAG No. 59 Fai-wan Chan Unknown
Cheung Yu Chan Male
CHAN Kwong Kee, Andrew Chanduloy Andrew Chan Male
Fei / Philip Chan Male
BAAG No. 17 Sau-Tak Chan Male
Cheung-yu Chan Male
BAAG No. 22 Chiu-Fan Chan Male
BAAG No. 76.i Yuk Chan Unknown
Wai Fan Chan Male
Kam Yuen Chan Male
陳榮照 Wing Chiu Chan Male
BAAG No. 88 / 陳漢基 Hon-kee Chan Unknown
BAAG No. 77 Kwok-Kwong Chan Male
BAAG No. 510 Sau-tak Chan Unknown
BAAG No. 25 / 陳養 Yeung Chan Male
Cheung Yiu Chan Male
Cho Kit Chan Male
"Dare to die". BAAG Agent #77. Kwok Kwong Chan Male
Ping Fan Chan/Chen Male
Sin Chuen Chan/Chen Male
Cleveland Elroy John Changyit Male
SHAU Fo / 仇火 For Chau Male
BAAG No. 21 / 鄭淮廉 / Cheng Wai-lim / Khan / Mo Lo Cheng William Cheng Male
BAAG No. 12 Percy Davies Cheng Male
BAAG No. 1067 Tung-choi Cheng Unknown
Kwok-wing Cheng Male
Maizee Cheng Female
To-ning Cheung Male
Yung Sam Cheung Male
BAAG No. 67.ii Po-man Cheung Unknown
Yun-lun Cheung Male
Fong Chiang/Ching Female
BAAG No. 50 / 鄭根 Bill Chong Male
BAAG No. 85 Ying-kwan Chow Unknown
Rudy Choy Male
BAAG No. 61.ii Hung Chung Unknown
Duggie John Douglas Clague Male
Robert Craig Cooper Male
Henry John Cowie Male
Carlos Ribiero Cunha Male
A. W. da Roza Male
Thomas Farrel Male
Majid Feroz Male
Douglas Ford Male
Him Fung Male
馮謙 Him Fung Male
Bei Fung Male
BAAG No. 519 (?) Cheung-lun Fung Unknown
BAAG No. 57.i / Septimus G.M-Butt Unknown
Eddie / BAAG codename "Phoenix" Eduardo Liberato Gosano Male
Alec Greaves Male
N.S. Grewal Male
Mun Lee Hai Male
Frederick Ivan George Hall Male
Ralph James Hardy Male
Frank Hinchliffe Male
BAAG No. 108 (?) Stern Ho Unknown
Yau Ho Male
BAAG No. 4 Wah Ho Unknown
BAAG No. 80 Yuk-wah Ho Unknown
BAAG No. 544 (?) Tui-See Ho Unknown
Ronald Holmes Male
BAAG No. 15.i Maxie Holroyd Unknown
Dick Ernest Derek Glass Hooper Male
Siegfried Hopstock Male
BAAG No. 26 Man-kai Hui Unknown
BAAG No. 500 / Chung Ming / Ming Chung / C.M. Chung-man Hui Unknown
Archie Archibald Hung / Hunt Male
BAAG No. 130 (?) / BAAG codename 'Shanghai Taipan' Saleh Ibrahim Unknown
Vladimir V. Illin Male
Ming-yan Ip Male
BAAG No. 14 / 49.ii, 葉錦榮 Kam-wing Ip Male
BAAG No. 1066 / BAAG codename 'Norman' George Jack Male
Chi Kong, Vincent Kee Male
Thomas Kew Male
Kam Chan Ki Male
BAAG Agent No. 120 James Edulji Kotwall Male
BAAG No. 60.i George Kotwall Male
BAAG codename "Domus", nicknames: Hunky / Honky / Hongkie Wing-hong Kwan Male
BAAG No. 128 (?) / BAAG codename 'Fat boy next door' George Samuel Ladd Unknown
Yuen-lung Lai Male
Ping Kuen Lai Male
BAAG No. 15.ii / BAAG No. 50.ii Chak-po Lai Male
BAAG No. 1068 (?) Ho-fat Lam Unknown
BAAG No. 73 David Lam Male
BAAG No. 5 Chiu Lam Unknown
BAAG No. 54.ii Kwok-yiu Lam Unknown
Lau Kok Ping Kwok Ping Lau Male
劉德愛 Tak Oi Lau Female
BAAG No. 29 Man-shui Lau Unknown
BAAG No. 36 Teng-kee Lau Unknown
BAAG No. 40 (?) Simon / Ming-sai Lau Male
BAAG No. 49.i Fook Lau Unknown
劉德光 Tak Kwong Lau Male
BAAG No. 10 Tak-sun Lau Unknown
劉光 Kong Lau Male
BAAG No. 57.ii Man-Cho Law Unknown
Hung Hoi Lee Male
Lam Lee Male
Cheung Lee Male
Yin Chuen Lee Male
BAAG No. 44 / 李立 Lup Lee Male
BAAG No. 75 / Chicken Lee / 李耀標 Francis Yiu-piu Lee Male
Raymond Harry Shoon Lee Male
Wai Lee Male
William Lee Male
Yick-chung Lee Male
BAAG No. 86 (?) Heep Lee Unknown
BAAG No. 37 Kwok-tok Leung Male
BAAG No. 81 Fat Leung Unknown
BAAG No. 82 Kam Leung Unknown
Charlie Chung-yee Leung Male
BAAG No. 76.ii (?) / "Darkie" Ting-sang Li Male
BAAG No. 78 / LIU Yau You Li Unknown
BAAG No. 84 Cheung Li Unknown
BAAG No. 55.ii Tung-sang Li Unknown
BAAG No. 538 / BAAG codename "PL" / Run Chang / 梁潤昌 Y. C. Liang Male
BAAG No. 64 Hung-Sui Lo Male
Wing Lo/Lau Male
LUI Fook-wing / BAAG codename "M.S." / 雷福榮 David Loie Male
BAAG No. 865 Chek-kong Lui Unknown
BAAG No. 68 / 雷家仁 / Lui Kar-Yin / Lui Kar-yan / Li Fong / Ip Ming-yan Ka-Yin Lui Male
BAAG No. 501 M.C. Unknown
BAAG No. 71.i / BAAG codename "Nitram" / 馬乃光 Nelson / Nai-kwong Ma Male
馬泰 Tai Ma Male
Kay Mah Female
Eugene Mak Male
BAAG No. 1 Lum Mak Unknown
BAAG No. 51.i Lam Mak Unknown
George A McCaskie Male
Colin Mitchell McEwan Male
John Duguid Milne Male
莫華燦 Raymond / Wah-chaan Mok Male
BAAG No. 94 / CC William / K.S. Mok Male
BAAG No. 53.ii Shiu-hing Mui Female
Chan chuen Ng Male
Yan Hing Ng Male
BAAG No. 70.i Po-sum Ng Unknown
BAAG No. 70.ii / 吳德彰 / Ng Tak-cheung Tak-cheong Ng Unknown
Tak Wing Ng Male
BAAG No. 83 (?) Wah Ng Unknown
Phyllis Joan Nolasco da Silva Anderson Female
Harry Owen Hughes Male
BAAG No. 43 Kwok-yee Pang Male
John Leitch Colmere Pearce Male
V. I. G. Petersen Male
John Charles Power Male
BAAG codename "Blue" Lindsay Tasman Ride Male
J. Rosario Male
Ronald John Routledge Male
Donald Salinger Male
BAAG No. 530 Yung-han Sham Unknown
Biu So Male
Mary Wong Mary Suffiad Female
Ka-yin Tai Male
BAAG No. 100 S.B. Tan Unknown
Wilfred Stanley Tanner Male
Edmund Brinsley Teesdale Male
BAAG No. 44 / BAAG No. 74 (?) / 譚藹勵 Osler Lister Thomas Male
BAAG No. 504 Kam-wong To Unknown
Chun-fook Tsang Male
BAAG No. 48 Tak-Hing Tsang Male
BAAG No. 19 Joseph / Yiu-Sang Tsang Male
BAAG No. 87 (?) Ting-hoi Tsang Unknown
BAAG No. 63 Joseph / Yuk-cheung Tsang / Chang Male
BAAG No. 76.iii / 謝滌君 Dickuan Tse Male
BAAG No. 56.i Mark, Shing-cheung Tsui Male
BAAG No. 65 Paul Ka-cheung Tsui Male
Tin-loy Tsui/Siu Male
Alexander Urquhart Male
BAAG codename "J" William Vallesuk Male
Patrick Van der Linde Male
BAAG No. 35 Hing Wan Unknown
George Henry White Male
Hugh Basil Williamson Male
BAAG No. 58 Fo-yau Wong Unknown
Michael / Shin-on Wong Male
WONG Wang-Tim Thomas Tim Wong Male
BAAG codename PREST / PRESS Preston Wong Male
The Junk Owner William / Lin-wan Wong Male
黃文 Man Wong Male
BAAG No. 99, 黃作梅 Raymond / Chok-Mui Wong Male
BAAG No. 46 William / Kwong-Sheung Wong Male
BAAG No. 52.ii Betty Woo Female
BAAG No. 41 / Shiner / Shinah F. W. Wright Male
Wai-kay Wu Male
BAAG No. 7 / 胡榮 Wing Wu Male
BAAG No. 67.i King Hung Wu Male
BAAG No. 511 Hung Wu Unknown
BAAG No. 60.ii Kwong-tin Yan Unknown
BAAG No. 71.ii / James Kim Cheuk-ming Yan Male
BAAG No. 105 (?) / 楊守德 Sau-tak Yeung Male
Kong Yeung Male
Tak Yee YEO / Teik-ee YEOH, BAAG codename 'Vagrant' Tak Yi Yeung Male
BAAG No. 9 (?) Kwei-yu Yeung Unknown
BAAG No. 51.ii Yeung Por Unknown
BAAG No. 27 Sang Yip Unknown
BAAG No. 28 Tak Yip Unknown
BAAG No. 34 Code name 'Cyclist' Foo Yip Male
BAAG No. 79 Kwong-fai Yip Unknown
BAAG No. 62 Vincent / Wing-Sin Young Male
Fuk Ha Yu Male