Charles William BAXTER [????- ]

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Charles William


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Charles William Baxter. Lieutenant, Royal Corps of Signals.


“During the autumn of 1944, the enemy advance south from Changsha necessitated the evacuation of BAAG HQs from Kweilin.  A small BAAG detachment remained behind to assist the Chinese in a demolition operation.  Lt. Baxter was in charge of Signals and Ciphers at BAAG HQs and was responsible for planning and maintaining W/T contact with all evacuating parties during these moves, which lasted for four months, and with forward area posts and this he did with outstanding success.  During the demolition operations he frequently had to be left with only one BOR to operate and protect his station and as permission for the demolition parties to use W/T could not be obtained, Lt. Baxter was frequently cut off from them for days at a time and had the full responsibility of deciding on evacuation of HQs should enemy columns suddenly appear in Kweilin.  In the state of chaos that existed in and around Kweilin, Lt. Baxter was confronted with a task which demanded courage and skill of a high order. 

Without his excellent work, the outstanding success of these operations could never have been achieved and throughout he displayed bravery and devotion to duty of an extremely high order.”   (signed) L T Ride, Colonel.