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Kwok-wing CHENG [1914-????]

c.1914-01-01 (Month, Day are approximate)
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Nationality: Chinese, Born: Canton 1914, Occupation: clerk, BAAG: Oct 42 - Oct 45.

“In 1942 this man escaped from Hongkong.  He was first employed on clerical work, but he readily proved to be a man of initiative and one who could assume responsibility.  He helped to form and establish the security section, and then in Oct 43 was sent forward to the Shaping area West of Canton to set up an escape and evasion network in that area which was partly controlled by puppets and partly by guerillas.  Owing to lack of officers, Cheng had to remain in charge of this post and as a result of his work, eleven American airmen who came down in his area were all saved.”  (signed) L T Ride, Colonel.

Brother of Dr T C Cheng,Pro-Vice Chancellor of Chinese University.

I have CHENG Kwok-wing as a Clerk of the Security Office of BAAG HQ, Kweilin.  He was awarded the King's Medal for Courage. Pre-war, he was a clerk of RAOC.  Post-war, he was a clerk of Lau, Chan, Ko Solicitors.

Dr. CHENG Tung-choi was a Translator of BAAG HQ.  His borther CHENG Fook-choi was also a Clerk of the BAAG HQ Secuirty Office.  He was a clerk of Lowe Bingham Mathews pre-war and returned to work for the HK Eastern Shipping Co post-war.

I am not aware that CHENG Kwok-wing was brother of CHENG Fook-choi & CHENG Tung-choi. 

Hi, I don't know if this is still live, but I was wondering if anyone could tell me more about Cheng Kwok-Wing and any more information about his activities within the BAAG. Would be grateful if anyone could give me any more information as CHENG Kwok-Wing was my grandfather. Thanks. Howard

Hi Laurence, I was looking for more information about my grandfather's activities during the war with the BAAG and came across this site and your comments. Would you be able to tell me more about my grandfather and his brothers' activities? Many thanks. Howard

These documents come from the Lindsay Ride papers, available to the readers/public in HKU library Special Collections.

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