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? ? (aka BAAG No. 61) [????-????]

Alias / nickname: 
BAAG No. 61


It is possible that BAAG Agent 61 was Lau Kwok-ping.  No.61 worked with No.60 George Kotwall.  I have little further details.

Elizabeth Ride writes:

Agent 61:

I have read Lawrence Tsui's account, which seems pretty plausible.  However, I have no proof that Lau Kwok Ping and 61 are one and the same. 

Here is what I have about 61:

  • In WIS #24 of 23 March 1943 he reports that "Japanese are watching all railway stations from Kowlon to Shumchun, and beleive the Indians' route is between Shataukok and Taipo.  Local villagers are being questioned and rewards are being offered for information".
    In the same WIS he confirms the conditions of Grayburn's imprisonment at Happy Valley Gendarmerie.
  • In WIS #26 of 7 April he reports that the Governor was angry with the Chief of the Gendarmerie who, as a consequence, has been replaced.
  • A telegram from Clague to my father dated 2 April 1943 reports his capture.
  • I attach an acount of the arrest of him and his group, five pages (please see http://gwulo.com/node/18048).  This also mentions Post Z.