Wing-hong KWAN (aka BAAG codename "Domus", nicknames: Hunky / Honky / Hongkie) [1908-????]

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BAAG codename "Domus", nicknames: Hunky / Honky / Hongkie
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BAAG Agent Kwan Wing-hong code named DOMUS aka "Honky" possibly No.74 also.  He was a Malayan-born Chinese.  The father of Movie Star Nancy Kwan who mentioned her father's war service from time-to-time.  An architect by profession.  He worked in the Forward Areas mainly engaged in Evasion & Evacuation work, principally under Colin McEwan.  Said to be full of initiatives and devotion. He was said to have received the King's Commendation (whether this is equivalent to the King's Medal I know not).

Nationality British, born Malaya 1908, architect, BAAG 1943-1945. 

“This man was in charge of a forward area post from which he established safe evasion lines through a large tract of enemy territory.  For some months his post was cut off behind the enemy lines and during this time he rescued and brought to safety  an American bomber crew.  His period of service was characterised by initiative of a high order and utmost devotion to duty”.  (signed) L T Ride, Colonel.

Colin McEwan: 

“My man in the upper West River area rejoiced in the code name of Domus although after all these years I can find no reason why that particular christening came about.  Hunky Kwan was a Malayan Chinese architect whom I had known in Hongkong and many of my readers will have seen his daughter Nancy Kwan who became quite a well-known film star in post-war days.  My pet story of Hunky’s ingenuity was when Lt. Miller of the USAAF was shot down in Hunky’s area.  There was a Japanese concentration in that particular area and since he had been shot down in daylight there was a fair amount of hue and cry after him which came a bit too close for Hunky’s comfort.  So to pass a few days till this died down, Hunky took the lieutenant by night into Nanning, the biggest city in the area, which, sitting as it did on the West River, was a main Japanese centre. There they both spent a few days in one of the better class brothels which catered for the higher ranking Japanese officers but on the ‘call out’ system which meant that no Japanese apart from the odd medical officer ever called personally.”