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Chung-yee LEUNG (aka Charlie) [1914-1981]

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Lung Cancer

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I have Leung Chung-yee as No.7 (believe to have derived it from the sketches he drew and signed).  He was a Draughtsman of CE Office, China Command (?) pre-War and was Chief Draughtsman at the BAAG HQ.  He returned to work at the HQLF post-War and was a Cpl of the HKVDF..  He was awarded the King's Commendation for his war services. 

Nationality Chinese, born Hongkong 1.7.13, Draughtsman with China Command, BAAG 26.7.42 - 31.10.45.

“Before the hostilities, Mr. Leung was employed as Chief Draughtsman in the Chief Engineer’s Office, China Command, and after the surrender he escaped to Free China and continued his services in charge of the draughtsmen’s office in the BAAG and was responsible for the production of all maps, sketches and drawings for the Kweilin Intelligence Summary.  His work was of such a high order that it frequently received most favourable commendations from higher authorities and attracted the attention of other organisations who offered him no mean inducements to transfer his allegiance elsewhere. To all these offers he turned a deaf ear and this enabled the high standard of KWIZ to be maintained because at that time his services were absolutely irreplaceable.

This is an example of a long record of devoted and efficient service in the production of one of the most valuable parts of our intelligence summaries.”   (signed) L T Ride, Colonel.

I have the offical BAAG identity card of my late father, Charlie Leung Chung-Yee. It is actually S/YING/18, issued 1st July 1945. He was born on 1st July 1914 not 1913

1942, Charlie Leung Chung-Yee, BAAG
IMG_1720.JPG, by Alfred Leung

My father passed away on 19 April 1981. He received the King George VI Commendation in 1947 for Bravery Conduct, and was awarded the MBE by Her Excellency the Queen at her 1967 Birthday Honour List for his services.

Thank you for the additional information. I've updated the date of birth from 1913 to 1914, and added in the extra details above.

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I now discovered authenticated informaton that my father was actually born on 1 August 1914, not 1 July 1914.

Appreciate if David can amend this record.

Hi David,

More search of my father's record now confirmed that his birthday was as originally state on 1 July 1914. Also I have amended my earlier post of the date of his award for Brave Conduct by King Goerge VI to 1947. It was published in the Third Supplement to the London Gazette of 17 january 1947 on page 404 of item number 37858 on 21 January 1947.

Please update my father's details accordingly.

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