Siegfried HOPSTOCK [1898-????] | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Siegfried HOPSTOCK [1898-????]

c.1898-01-01 (Month, Day are approximate)
Birthplace (country): 


Nationality, Norwegian; born Norway 1898; Chinese Maritime Customs officer; joined BAAG May 1942 – May 1943.

“For 12 months this man was in charge of an intelligence and evasion post in the Kwang Chow Wan occupied area, being responsible for the safe passage of our agents in and out, arrangements for financing them and for escape routes.  Through the efficiency of his organisation, over 100 British subjects, mainly Indian, were brought out to safety in Free China.  Mr. Hopstock directed this dangerous work completely voluntarily and without any reward or remuneration whatsoever.”   L T Ride, Colonel.

Siegrfried Hopstock helped Hong Kong escaper Staff-Sergeant Sheridan enter Free China on June 7, 1942.

I got the impression from reading Sheridan's memoir that Hopstock was acting in an organised way rather than just extending a helping hand through chance, so it's interesting to learn he was working with the BAAG as early as May 1942.

A report in the BAAG papers reads:

"S Hopstock.  Norwegian.  Commissioner of Customs at Macheung.  Speaks fluent French and is very friendly with the Governor and the officials in Kwangchowan.  He remains strictly neutral on the surface and is on friendly terms with pro and anti-Vichy parties.  He is well-informed and has sources of information unavailaable to most people.  He has contacts with guerillas and smugglers;  and through his assistant commissioner, a pro-Vichy Frenchman named d'Ouzaville; in constant touch with Indo-China he is conversant with conditions in that country.

It is suggested that Hopstock be made chief agent in that area, working through some reliable Chinese.  Hopstock's value lies very much in his official position and nothing must be done to jopardise this.  He is a very capable and intelligent person and is the ideal man for the job.  Hoopstock has no wish for any remuneration."